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Why You’re Not Getting Sales On Your Blog

I’ve often wondered about this and I’ve even tried to compare blogs to real word businesses in order to find an answer. Let’s consider a couple of real world businesses to see where some differences may lie. The first one that comes to mind, probably because I’ve been associated with this type of business for most of my life, is the supermarket or corner deli. As long as their premises are neat, tidy and welcoming and their staffs attitude is professional and friendly they’re likely to convert almost every person that comes into their store into sales. The main reason for this is people who come into this type of store are looking for something that they need then and there.

Now lets look at a store that sells TV’s, Hi-Fi systems and the like. They may find it a little harder to convert because not everyone that walks into their store is ready to buy a product then and there. Many are window shopping or even looking for the right product at the right price. However, it is possible to convert these casual shoppers as long as you have the properly trained staff. Staff that are able to approach the prospects without scaring them off. Who are able to get out of the prospects what it is they are looking for and then convince them that they are not only able to offer the best deal but the best after sales service as well. Done correctly, even if the prospect leaves the store many will come back, especially if they do not receive the same service elsewhere, to complete the sale. I know this to be a fact because it’s happened many times while I was working in such a store.

Knowing Who Your Customers Are


In the above examples, as in other such businesses in the real world, they have the advantage in that people walking into their stores know what they’re selling and more importantly are probably wanting to buy something from them, if not now at a later date. This is generally not the case for our blog visitors, especially if the blogger has been using the wrong keywords to attract prospective customers.

Are You Using The Wrong Keywords?


This is something every good blogger must ask themselves. How often have you left in disgust because you landed on a site that had absolutely nothing to do with what you were searching for. While some may blame Google for it the problem usually lies with

Keywords are Important!

the site owner for using the wrong keywords. Their mistake was all they were interested in was traffic rather than getting a lower amount of targeted traffic which has more chance of converting. While traffic may be good for lowering your Alexa ranking its pretty useless unless the people who land on your site are actually looking for the products you have on offer. Traffic that isn’t targeted can be likened to customers who rush into a store just to get out of the rain. They may look around while there but they’re not likely to buy anything and once the rain stops they will continue their journey to the store which has what they’re looking for and are therefore more likely to make a sale.

I have to admit that before Market Samurai I never used to worry about keywords because it was all to hard and I know now what a great mistake that was. It’s better to do some keyword research than to not worry about it at all because otherwise you’re not getting the right traffic reducing any chance at converting traffic into sales.

Knowing Your Audience


An important question to ask yourself is who exactly is reading your blog. This is

Preaching to the wrong audience is like talking to the wind. It’s a waste of breath!

because if you know who your readers are then you have more of a chance at selecting the right products to sell to them. The real reason many bloggers are failing when it comes to marketing is because they’re pushing the wrong products to the wrong people.

Say for example you know that your audience consist mainly of teenagers then you would want to provide products that would interest them. This could be anything from ways of treating acne to the latest iPhone. Find the right products and then you’re finally on a winner.

Take this blog for example, it’s not a niche blog and yet it still provides me an income. Most of my readers are bloggers and therefore most of my money comes from selling blogging related products. My biggest seller to date has been the FlexSqueeze theme and other products include the plugins like CommentLuv Premium and even Andy’s latest IM Graphics plugin. The reason for my success with these two plugins is getting in early and being able to offer them at a discounted price. I’m sure that those who purchased the plugins from me in the early days also offered it to their readers thereby recouping their costs and perhaps even making a profit.

Just so you know those images you see in this post are all thanks to Andy’s latest updates to his IM Graphics plugin and if you act quickly you may still get it at the introductory price. My last post not only explains how it works it also shows you.

So, if you can find out who your audience is you will have a better idea at what products you can market to them Having a niche blog makes the job a lot easier but niche blogs can be boring resulting in poor posts and therefore poor conversions.

The question for many of us is how do you work out who your audience is? The obvious answer is by interacting with your commentators. I’m afraid that alone may not be enough and so I ask you, my loyal and knowledgable readers, how to we learn what category or people are reading our blogs so we can successfully market to them?

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  1. Getting better at keyword research is something I know I have to get better at, and like you, I have Market Samurai, but have never really got the hang of it yet. It’s time to have another gander at the videos I guess. Is it just me, or does it appear a bit complicated?

    1. It can be complicated Bruce if you try and understand how it gets the results. It’s like when I was doing math at school I used to struggle because I tried to work out why the formulae did what they did. When I gave up on the why and just accepted it for what it is I actually did quite well.

      1. You got me thinking with your comment on my blog Peter.
        “Oh my Google”, look what you’ve done to me…

        1. Hope you didn’t mind Bruce. I just figure, us being neighbours and all, that I would pass on a bit of neighbourly advice :drunk_tb:

  2. Twitter:
    Hey, who’s the guy writing this stuff and what did you do with Sire? lol Interesting stuff about keywords and the like. Of course I’ve talked about keywords over the years and I still do that and my brief bit of SEO. However, I’m still not close to being as niched as you when it comes to some of my blogs, while others I seem to have it down fairly well. I knew you’d come around one of these days. :-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…The Power And Danger Of Social MediaMy Profile

    1. As bloggers we really have no choice. What I failed to understand at the beginning was that even though I wasn’t worried about keyword the search engines are and if they’re not pointed to the right keywords they will latch onto anything send you the wrong traffic.

      1. Twitter:
        True. I finally inactivated that post I wrote years ago about cleavage, the one you really liked, because it was sending me traffic I didn’t want and traffic that didn’t want to be there. In just over a month my traffic has actually increased and people finding me through proper keywords are staying longer. I even sold a book! :-)
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…The Power And Danger Of Social MediaMy Profile

        1. What you could have done is rewritten the post take advantage of the traffic you were getting buy offering products that may appeal to said traffic.

          1. Twitter:
            Yeah, Google would have loved that. They already won’t let me have any Adsense on it, who knows what sneaky think they would have done to me after that. Lol
            Mitch Mitchell recently posted…A MLM RantMy Profile

            1. Firstly, why would you care when you don’t have Adsense on that blog anymore and secondly Google should be kissing your butt for providing readers with the proper relevant content :wink:

  3. Sales totally depends on market research.More you know about the market more you get chance to promote your product. Increasing sales on blogs needs to influence more people. It require to have sufficient knowledge about the targeted audience More you know the audience more you can make sale.
    I consider knowing the people who are targeted audience is the prime factor of increasing sale on blog.

    1. Which is why companies spend millions of dollars on market research. While we do not have access to that amount of resource we can at least take a bit more time with our posts working on those all important keywords whenever possible.

    1. Some of these so called gurus Keith want you to believe this because they usually have something to sell that will make it easier for you to achieve so called miraculous results. Unfortunately in the real world nothing of value comes easy unless you win the lottery.

      Having faith in a product is a great point which is why I like to try it first and only make a big deal of it if the product excites me. :thumbup_tb:

    1. That’s probably because as soon as someone has developed a useful tool Google changes the parameters causing the tool to fail. The guys at MS are having this problem at this very moment. Hope they resolve it soon.

  4. I’m not getting sales on my blog, but honestly I think it is because I am not getting enough visitors yet. Once a couple of my keywords get to Page 1, I think this will all turn around. I’m not giving up hope yet.

    1. Never give up Katie. Just keep trying different things like different products, keywords and placements of your ads etc until you find the right combination.

  5. Great information! I agree, it’s really important to know your customers, use your keywords, and know your audience as well. Thanks a lot. This helps me keep motivated and be more productive in the next days. =)

    1. Glad you liked the post Jane and that it kept you motivated, at least for awhile. :tongue_laugh_ee:

  6. Keyword research is the most vital thing to consider, we should focus on the keywords that could drive traffic. Long tail keywords are more appropriate with the right targeted niche, it would work fine to get sales. Social media could be an option to find potential lead.

    1. Keywords are very important. The problem with not worrying about keywords is that the search engines will select the wrong ones sending you the wrong traffic. Not only that it could also affect your Adsense earnings.

      1. You’re right Sire, keywords along with keyword research is very important. consequences might be SE would send wrong traffic to you send NOTHING because of it. Google keyword research and Analytics is quite helpful and free.

        1. The wrong traffic is just as good as having no traffic at all Anton so you may as well as use keywords

  7. There maybe actually lot of reasons why you are not meeting sales on your blog. maybe because of the content or so, but you always have room to change and for improvements :)

    1. That’s true, there is always time to change things up a bit and the earlier the better.

  8. Hello Sire,
    I recently started a small startup which deals with Logo Designing and Graphical Designing, but I’m not getting any sales although I have built a site with services page and contact page.

    Do you think I should start a blog, if so then how will it affect my business?? I’m very new to this blogging world, so would like to know how should I start and from where??

    Rahul Jain
    Color Jam

    1. Hey Rahul,

      I think linking to a blog from your main site would be a great idea for at least two reasons,

      • ……..It allows you to provide fresh content which will boost your Google ranking
      • ……..It allows you to interact with your commentators and potential customers
      • ……..It shows prospective customers that you know what you’re talking about

      OK, thats 3, now-one said I could count :laugh_tb: Just make sure that the blog is on the same domain to get the best benefit.

    2. when we are talking about sales, we are talking about every aspect of your blog/site. The design is a very important aspect… you said you solved it. The blog is also a great idea if you have time to always keep it updated with new content. People love to rad information but it must be original and useful information for them. Good luck!

  9. I really loved the two analogies of the supermarket and the hifi store. It’s odd how as human beings we need metaphors to “get” things. After reading your post, I’ve seriously had an “ah ha” moment and will start writing my blog for people instead of what I’ve been doing all along, writing for search engines. thank you

    1. Hi Michael, people should always come first and as for the analogies, I used those particular ones because I have worked in both types of stores.

  10. True.. Wrong keywords and wrong visitors will never generate sales on your website…Moreover even if it is about making money from ppc you need to have targetted visitors to make more money

    1. Yep, having targeted visitors sure will help as far as converting your traffic into paying customers.

  11. By relating blogging to the real business is a very good comparison. In blogging, it is very important to know the right audience for the blogs. But keywords are the most vital factor of blogging. If the appropriate keywords are not selected then, it is very difficult to get the desired amount of sales for the blogs. You have posted perfect tips to avoid this.

    1. I’ve always found that relating real life situations to the online world sometimes helps to get the idea across better. As to keywords they’re important to any online site, not just blogs.

    1. Your blog provides a great resource for all things crystal and art and craft Khaled. It shows your readers that you know what you’re talking about which would inspire confidence in them.

  12. Good point about getting the wrong result while searching for some keywords. I hate when Google redirects you to irrelevant page just because the owner of the site uses wrong keywords to get more traffic

    1. Yep, and knowing that should be inspiration enough to do the right thing so other don’t get that same awful feeling when visiting your blog :wink_ee:

  13. If you decide to sell on your blog, its important to have focused audience. This helps you get a better ROI.

    1. Focused? I suppose that’s almost as good as being targeted :whistle:

  14. This is some sort of a feasibility study. You have to analyze your market first before offering your innovative products. The mentioned tips are necessary for a blog to succeed. It’s very kind of you to share this to others.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Johny Sy
    Johny Sy recently posted…Sweet Pork Salad with BBQ RanchMy Profile

    1. I think it applies to more than just blogs John

  15. “Knowing Your Audience” might be twisted like this: knowing who uses your products/services helps you gather the right audience. What I’m trying to say is this: think about the usefulness of the product and then search places where you can find interested readers, thus places to promote your articles.
    Tony recently posted…Central Vacuum Cleaners – A Simple Way to Have a Cleaner HomeMy Profile

    1. That’s OK if you want to look for customers Tony. I prefer to help them find their way to me :smoke_tb:

  16. Good points here Sire. I am going to go back to my older posts and up more relative keywords. I can tell by what type of adsense ads that appear with my posts.

    I have it set to show only relevant ads.

    1. Actually Justin, trying different keywords on old posts to make sure Adsense is displaying ads relevant to it is a pretty good idea :thumbup_ee:

  17. You said it! I completely agree with your 3rd point about targeting to the right audience. Not only is it important to target the right audience but it is also important to say the right thing to the right audience. For example, if your target audience mainly comprises of youngsters, it is essential to talk in the language and tone they can relate to and also share content that will be useful to their problems they go through in that age group…

    1. Exactly right Raj and I do believe I said that very thing in one of my previous posts. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  18. You need to have good content on your blog as well as coming across as an industry expert for people to trust you into buying your products.

    1. So true Matt

  19. This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of conversion. I think sometimes people believe that just being “online” is a magic bullet. Sorry guys, your content STILL needs to be compelling and connect in an emotional way with the visitor. People make purchases based on emotion not flashy graphics, we must understand their fears, concerns, and needs.

    1. Yep, and you also want to attract the right clientele.

  20. Twitter:
    I do think the biggest part of getting sales is about your research and how much you know your audience and their needs. get these things right and you have got sales. Thanks Peter.

    1. Yep, that is of course working on the assumption that you used the right keywords to get the right audience :wink_ee:

  21. Twitter:
    You must not have read the new privacy policy, which basically means they see all and get to rate all and do all with whatever information you have or show. You can opt out, but you have to opt out of everything. So, I’d rather not be alienating them if I don’t have to, though I didn’t remove the post necessarily because of them as you know.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…5 Blogging Lessons Learned From The Harry Potter SeriesMy Profile

    1. Nope and even if I did I wouldn’t let it change the way I do things.

  22. Hi,

    Im really struggling to get some sales on my newish blog, my traffic is good enough (i think) but nothing seems to be happeneing, I do get sign ups to my RSS and Subscribers but no sales, I hope you dont mind me putting my site on here, but wondered if you could have a scan and tell em what you think…

    1. Well, I had a quick look Danny and you blog looks relatively new and according to Alexa your traffic isn’t all that crash hot :wink_ee:

      Perhaps you should give it more time. Also, I think that offering reviews on fishing products might be a good idea also. You should check out my review on WP Zon Builder as it offers reviews on products complete with a star rating.

      1. Sire, thanks for getting back to me on this.

        Well I took your advice and had a quick spike in traffic on another one of my blogs so now is time to replicate and multiply!

        Thanks Sire!

  23. I think keyword research is the key of success, because of knowing your keyword you will understand what the customer want and they will make your income with truth!

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