I know that a lot of you out there don’t upgrade your WordPress platform as often as you should and I reckon that most of you don’t do it because your scared that it may screw up your blog. Surely it’s not because you’re just too lazy to do it? Anyway, as I said in a previous post, having a test site is a great idea as it allows you to test a whole heap of things, like plugins and upgrades etc., before going live.

So, why should you upgrade to WordPress 2.8? Well I can think of seven important reasons why you should do so.

  1. Security: Keeping your blog updated makes it that much more difficult for hackers, and when you consider that a lot of upgrades are due to a security issue that someone has uncovered, you would be mad not to, especially when you consider this upgrade apparently fixes over 790 bugs.
  2. Improved database performance which would suggest a faster blog that utilizes less resources.
  3. Widget area great improved which means that it is a lot easier to organize your widgets as all your sidebars are now on the same page.
  4. Browse and install themes from the admin area. Works in the same way as the plugin feature. A great idea for those who love to change themes. Not me though as FlexSqueeze is so configurable and flexible I doubt I will ever have to change themes again
  5. Plugin page has been revamped so that you can separate active from inactive and those needing to be upgraded. A great time saver.
  6. The edit post page now lists all the comments on a particular post allowing you to edit each one.
  7. For those of you who like to edit files straight from the dashboard you’ll be pretty happy with the new codepress editor which is so much better than the previous editor as it now highlights the syntax and shows the line numbers.

Well, if that hasn’t convinced you to set up a test site and upgrade to WordPress 2.8 I don’t know what will.

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