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Why You Need A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If You Go Online You Need A VPN

You Need A VPN! I never used a VPN (Virtual Private Network) because I never thought I needed to. Then again I never used to use a plugin to protect my WordPress blogs until after one got hacked! Now all my WordPress blogs are protected.

The same thing is true for VPN! Most people don’t sign up for one until it’s too late. I could have been one of those people if I wasn’t given the opportunity for a Free Premium Trial with ZenMate.

Before I go into why you need a VPN I’ve made a simple diagram using the Creator to show you how a VPN works.

You Need A VPN

Now, there are a few very good reasons why you need a VPN. Here are the most important ones.

  • Hiding Your Identity: There are many times when you want to keep your identity secret from prying eyes, like Big Brother. Why should they be able to track who you are and what internet sites you’ve been frequenting. So much better than masking your IP and stuff. Besides, with a VPN you have a different IP anyway ;)
  • More Access: There are times when you are blocked from certain sites because of where you live. With a VPN you gain access to those countries.
  • Protection From Hackers: Whilst you may be fairly well protected whilst at home your protection level is almost nil when accessing the Internet via those businesses that offer free Wi-Fi. A VPN protects you from hackers whilst using free Wi-Fi.
  • Personal Information Protection: I already mentioned the dangers of using free Wi-Fi. Having the protection of a VPN ensures your online activities are hidden. This makes it so much harder for those unscrupulous people who will try to steal important information like banking details etc.

Banner Data Protection
Importance of a VPNFor those of you who use the internet a lot whilst travelling I highly recommend getting a VPN!

Anyway, when my Free Premium Trial expired and I was offered the Premium at a 33% discount I jumped at it. I’m now completely protected from home and whist travelling.

You can see from the image on the left that at the moment I seem to be coming from the United States. Clicking on the drop down menu lets me choose from any of a number of countries.

Once a Premium member the first thing I did was to download the iPhone App so that I’m always protected while away from home. I then downloaded the IOS platform app to protect my MacBook Pro. This means that I’m now free to use any browser and that it will also keep me from prying eyes while I download stuff using any torrent.

Luckily they use PayPal as well as other methods of payment so paying for it was a cinch.

Another bonus is that there’s nothing to set up. No stressful configurations to worry about at all. Just download the software, run it and you are good to go.

If you really want to save money then you should take advantage of their super special offer.

Are you protecting your online privacy?

PS. Once you’ve joined and you realise how good it is they have a great affiliate program so that you can promote them, just as I am doing now.

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    1. Twitter:
      I have no idea Mitch. I know I would never pay $59 a month though. That sounds a little too much. With the discount I’m paying about $7 per month. That seems pretty reasonable.

      I like that there was nothing to set up on my end. When using Chrome it was just a matter of using an extension! Once I downloaded the software for my Mac it did it all automatically. I did notice that once the software was installed it changes countries at random.

      One thing I did notice is that when making changes in WordPress I need to turn it off because the IP is always changing lol.

        1. Twitter:
          When I was using the free trial period it was browser based. Once I joined as a premium member I was able to download the software to protect my computer as well as an app to protect my smartphone.

          Now my smartphone and my Mac are protected no matter where I take them.
          Peter Pelliccia recently posted…People’s Sense Of Humour Friday Funnies #209My Profile

  1. I’m using Zenmate, i think this is the best.
    But, I have a issue, i’m a Google Adsense publisher, is it Ok using VPN to access my account?

  2. Twitter:
    Hi Peter,

    Yesterday one of my blogging friend has asked for help on social media as his site just got hacked. Some of his pages were redirecting to different urls. It was really shocking.

    Some of the techy people have given many suggestions like using a security plugin, resetting WordPress & hosting password, resetting htaccess files etc. He did contact the hosting company (shared), but they were not able to solve the issue till now.

    True it is. We don’t tend to opt for the security measures, until unless it’s too late. Thanks for sharing this useful info along with the diagram. Take care.
    Manidipa recently posted…60% Discount SEO PowerSuite Summer Sale 2016 [Review]My Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing this Peter. Will check out Firewall soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

    P.S. Hey, I just wanted to thank you, but the comment system was not allowing for enough words :P

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