Why The The Struggle For PR Is A Waste Of Time

Before I go any further I would like everyone to know that I’m not all fussed about PR. My normal readers would know this but I am just stating it for those who happen to stumble upon this post. There’s a reason for this post, and that is because I believe there are a lot of bloggers out there whose efforts to improve their PR may actually be hampering their blogging efforts.

This could be because they may be stuffing their posts with keywords thereby cramping their writing style or in an effort to getting backlinks they resort to spamming other blogs, specifically those dofollow blogs and those wanting to reward their commentators by using such plugins as commentluv and keywordluv.

As far as PR is concerned I think it’s the following people who are most preoccupied with it.

  1. Bloggers and Webmasters who like to parade their ranking in front of everyone as symbol of their SEO prowess.
  2. Bloggers and Webmasters and Companies who pay others for links pointing to their sites, much to the disgust of Google.
  3. Paid To Review Sites who act as a medium between advertisers and those people selling links on their sites.
  4. SEO experts who amongst other things promote their capability to provide amongst other things a good PR and to have their site appearing on the first page of Google and other main search engines.

Honestly, it surprises me that the largest and most important group of people actually don’t give a stuff about PR. Come to think of it they probably don’t even know it exists let alone know the reasoning behind it all. I’m talking about your average  surfer who bounces from one blog/site to another completely oblivious to it’s PR.

So, if PR is supposed to display a site’s prominence in a particular field or service and the casual surfer has absolutely no idea as to it’s relevance or even existence one has to ask the question; Whats the bloody point of busting your gut trying to get a high PR when those important surfers, the one most likely to click on your adsense ads, haven’t got a clue as to what it is?

Personally I think you’d be better off trying to improve your SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) because that’s what’s going to send people to your blog, not a high PR. As far as I’m concerned the only time PR would be a factor is if it affected my SERP! Say, for example, there were 6 or more sites all relying on the same search term and Google decided that the one with the highest PR went to the top of the page, only then would it have some value for me. Other than that I reckon it’s all a waste of time.

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  1. PR is only one of the ways they use to determine how easily your blog will be searched by their spider bots. Good content, time and a bit of SEO are needed to help you get a better SERP. Even then, I find most of my search traffic to date has the highest bounce rate by far.
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..The Three F-words You Must Know To Succeed. =-.

    1. You reckon Gordie? I always thought that those spider bots were too dumb to know good content from bad. :laugh_tb:

      1. If that’s the case, then I’m relieved. :)

  2. I choose to improve both my SERP and PR if possible but if i must choose one, i choose SERP for sure.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Update´s last blog ..Having Killer Content for Blog Easily =-.

    1. You go for it Dana, but don’t you dare come back crying to me that going for a higher PR has given you nothing but a headache. :nono_tb: :tongue_rolleye_ee:

  3. I thought, eventually, we all get PR one way or another and I do not know how to use those PRs on my websites since mine are mostly about writing.

    Well said and I do believe that you raised excellent points, Sire.

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Praying for a Miracle =-.

    1. Yep, PR is like women and shoes. Once you get it you never have enough and the husband is always scratching his head as to why she goes through so many.

  4. It’s dangerous to be overly concerned about PageRank. This may lead one to be sidetracked in delivering useful, relevant and brilliant content. PR is a chameleon – changes color every time. Bound to drive one nuts figuring it out.

    1. A chameleon, yes, that’s a perfect description of Google’s algorithm. :thumbup_tb:

  5. PR is a factor for me because sometime several blogger cover same topic and usually Google choose the highest PR for top but I don’t want to put much effort on it as it is an occasion fact and I have the ability to produce unique content, I don’t need to depend on those news article. So I take it casually and just tell myself,”Let it come the way it want to come.”

    I prefer to spend time on SERPS as it is most important factor to me. PR is just another matter and usually blogger who wrote tutorial on blogging and SEO are mad about this. However, they have the reason for this as this help them to sell their service.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Download Logon Editor For Windows 7 To Customize Your Logon Screen =-.

    1. Possibly, and the ones buying their service are those concerned about PR, and are they getting their money’s worth? Who’s to say if it was the SEO or their unique content that got them the PR anyway?

  6. PR, SERP, SEO, I think they’re all just CRAP. Completely Random Assinine & Pointless. There, it just had to be said. Now on to promote my CRAP Blog! :drunk_tb:
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Parenting ~ How Involved Do You Get In Your Teenager’s Life? =-.

    1. Anne, you kill me, and there’s nothing crappy about your blog. :smoke_tb:

      1. Why thank you, Sire. I really wasn’t fishing for compliments, but I will take them all the same. :innocent1_tb:
        .-= Anne´s last blog ..Get Healthy ~ Get Naked =-.

  7. i guess one day Google will finish off the visible PR, which will kill all the link buyers and sellers in a go, will also help bloggers to stop worrying about such a pointless thing as PR.

    Am not saying Pagerank is a waste, but there are more important things like quality content, serps, authority etc. which bloggers are over looking just because they are obsessed with PR…
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..DOCOMICS – Read Comics on Cell Phones =-.

    1. My sentiments exactly Uttoran.

  8. I think PR is still a factor. Most people who comment on our blogs are other bloggers, and some, unfortunately, won’t give us the time of day unless we have a certain page rank. Then again, do we want to build our communities on page rank snobbery? Will page rank snobs be there for us when Google suddenly and unceremoneously strips us of our PR without explanation?

    I thought PR was the main factor in SERPS. (Thanks for explaining that. I’d heard the term but had no clue what it meant.) How can you have a low PR and still have high SERPS? Oh, never mind lol. It’s so confusing.

    I just want like-minded folks to be able to find my blog so that I may interact with them. Blog commenting and networking that way has worked best for me. I’ve found a lot of super cool people that way. (Like you!)
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..We’re in Texas! Finally! =-.

    1. I’m not sure if PR is a main factor or not Anne.

      I’m not sure if there are page rank snobs, I know I don’t worry about it, especially as PR hasn’t much to do with quality from what I can see. I read a post, not looking at PR, dodollow or commentluv, if I want to say something I do regardless of any of those factors.

      1. The name’s Heather, Buttbrain. :P
        .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..I can’t see =-.

        1. :doh_tb: I noticed that and just laughed! Poor, Sire, I sure hope he doesn’t do that with his wife. :huh_tb:
          .-= Anne´s last blog ..Get Healthy ~ Get Naked =-.

          1. Shit I hope not. Still it ain’t my fault I always get tongue tied when surrounded by beautiful women.

  9. Personally, I don’t care for pagerank. It’s important but I don’t seek to ramp it up. As is, it is where it is and if it goes up, so be it. I don’t focus on artificially inflating mine nor do I suggest that to others. Besides, from what I’m hearing about Google’s Caffeine engine, pagerank will be moot.

    BTW, you caught me off-guard with your blog post title as I thought you were writing about public relations.
    .-= Ari Herzog@Onlinemedia Strategies´s last blog ..Why Do You Subscribe to Blog Comments? =-.

    1. :laugh_tb: Public Relations, that’s an entirely different kettle of fish, that is very important.

      I’ve seen Google’s Caffeine engine mentioned a few times and I may have to look into that but I reckon it’s just another Google term I ain’t going to worry about.

  10. I do agree with you when you choose SERP over PR. But I wonder how strong the relationship between both is. PR as such is certainly not a goal, but it might have its effect, I suppose.
    .-= Luc J´s last blog ..Remote PC Support for Your Relatives – Netviewer =-.

    1. I wonder, is there a relationship at all?

  11. I agree Sire. I don’t care that much about PR. Maybe I will when I start doing paid ad placements, but for now, I don’t care at all. All I care about is whether or not people are discovering my blog, and if they are enjoying the content that I put on it. Everything else goes by the wayside.
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Top 10 Twitter Links of The Week #1 =-.

    1. Even in regards to ad placements Trey, if I was to fork out my money I would prefer a site with good traffic over one with a higher PR and lower traffic.

  12. I like tracking my PR because well, quite frankly it fun to see the little green bar move to the right. I’m sure there is some kind of importance to it otherwise why is it there. I don’t obsess over it and heck that my come back to bite me in the butt sometime down the road later….

    Hey I see you are running Amazon ads on your blog, how is that working for ya?
    .-= Ms. Freeman´s last blog ..Carry a Notebook Everywhere You Go =-.

    1. Heck, if it rocks your boat then I reckon it’s cool. I don’t have that little green bar so it has no effect on me.

      I’ve had a couple of sales but nothing major.

    2. >quite frankly it fun to see the little green bar move to the right.
      Yes it is. But as soon as you see it going to the left you will start writing posts about how it’s unimportant. Right Siire? :laugh_tb:
      .-= Ned Carey´s last blog ..1099s Are Due! Have You Sent Yours Out? =-.

      1. Only if it has some value Ned. The reason I don’t display the bar is I don’t care. Advertisers do though so I boast about my PR when it’s up on the Advertise Page, and when it makes for a good post I do the same.
        .-= Sire´s last blog ..Netherland Star Prize Lotto A Lot Of Bullshit =-.

  13. I know that you know my feelings on PR (I have written recently about it too) but in all honesty, it really does effect your SERP’s for more competitive keywords, and Google plainly says that a higher PR site will fair better in the SERP’s “most” of the time.

    What I am sick of is people drooling on “toolbar” PR which is most likely outdated.
    .-= Keith @NeedInformation´s last blog ..Add Multiple Feeds to Facebook Fan Page =-.

    1. I thought that might be the case, but even so I’m still not going to let that sway the way I run my blogs. Sort of makes me wonder though why my Load Of Bullshit blog does so well in the SERPS ever since it was Google Slapped to 0 and hasn’t budged since?

      1. Sire you had to go bring up the PR argument again. lol I keep saying it, but no one is listening.

        Keith, you’re wrong……..Pagerank is not used by Google to determine your rankings for keywords.

        PR is determined by how many links are pointing to your blog. The more backlinks over a given period, the better your PageRank may be.

        Everyone please repeat after me

        PR has nothing to do with keyword ranking. I’m going to forget about PR. I’m not going to worry about it.
        .-= Rose´s last blog ..Weird Underwear for Men =-.

        1. http://www.google.com/corporate/tech.html

          Quoted From Google: “important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.”

          I still feel the same about PR and won’t change my mind, but it has SOME importance, I just try not to worry about it, it will come….
          .-= Keith @NeedInformation´s last blog ..Add Multiple Feeds to Facebook Fan Page =-.

          1. Quoting from http://searchenginewatch.com/3629775

            “Google PageRank is one of many things to be considered for your SEO efforts. It may be a consideration as to how authoritative your Web site is, but it’s not why your Web site will or won’t rank in the Google search results.”
            .-= Rose´s last blog ..Weird Underwear for Men =-.

            1. Sorry Rose, but I believe what Google says over SearchEngineWatch, even though SEW is very reputable, Google is clear on this and I think they would know what they are talking about.

              I am certainly NOT saying it is as important as some bloggers make it out to be, but it IS a factor.

              Personally, your content will speak for itself, along with some basic SEO practices, it isn’t hard to get sites to rank well for terms on Google. But PR DOES in fact play a role, I really don’t see how it can be disputed when it comes straight from Google.
              .-= Keith @NeedInformation´s last blog ..Make It Easy To Promote YOU: =-.

          2. Typical Google, it’s all about what they deemed to be of value, too bad if those landing on pages recommended by them have a different opinion as to it’s importance.

        2. Can’t help myself Rose. Perhaps I’m still suffering from some of that old teacher training I got all those years ago.

          1. Quoting from Google:

            “Pagerank is just one of over 200 signals that can affect how your site is crawled, indexed and ranked.”

            “By the time you see newer PageRanks in the toolbar, those values have already been incorporated in how we score/rank our search results.” (Quoting from Matt…Keep in mind there are 200 factors used.)

            While Google may say “important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.”

            More likely, but THEY DON’T always do.

            A high PageRank does NOT mean you’ll get better placement in Google for keywords. You can have a high PR and still rank low.

            A low PR will not give you poor search ranking. In fact, many websites with low Page Rank have high search engine ranking.

            A patent application discusses other factors that Google considers when ranking a page.

            Quoting from Google:

            “we use many factors besides PageRank. For example, if a document contains the words “civil” and “war” right next to each other, it might be more relevant than a document discussing the Revolutionary War that happens to use the word “civil” somewhere else on the page.”

            .-= Rose´s last blog ..Weird Underwear for Men =-.

            1. Sire, I know you are not. Hope you don’t think I was arguing with ya.

              I’m done discussing it here. Said all I need too. :)

              Nice to see Mitch and I agree on something though. lol
              .-= Rose´s last blog ..Google Ranking Factors =-.

            2. I ain’t arguing Rose, I know better.

    2. I am going to side with Keith on this one. Rose if page rank does not affect where you wind up in the search results then why does Google even bother with page rank?

      On Page SEO is absolutely more important in how you rank for specific keywords but all things otherwise equal (they never are) the higher page rank should show up higher in the SERPS.

      If Page Rank had no affect on where you site shows up in the serps then why would Google do it all all – just as an intellectual exercise? I don’t think so.

      I guess I’ll have to check out your Google Ranking factors post.
      .-= Ned Carey´s last blog ..2010 Baltimore Tax Sale Date =-.

  14. Thats very interesting Sire. I will admit when I first started blogging I was concerned with PR. I think its because thats what I read about. I read about keyword researching and stuff. And honestly I tried at the beginning, but now that I have been blogging for a little while, really not too long, I just kinda decided to write what I write not worrying about proper placement of keywords and everything. I mean does it matter? Seriously like before all this internet stuff people would pick up the paper to read the news. Now did the newpaper editor worry about putting in the proper amount of keywords. I don’t think so. Like you said I think if you worry about that stuff too much you loose the creativity and I think thats what people really want.
    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..5 Spice Chicken Blog =-.

    1. It’s not just the creativity Jim, in my opinion it also takes the enjoyment out of it, and if you’re not enjoying what you do the quality will suffer.

      1. So true. I think I was worrying too much about that stuff in the beginning. For a while I think it was driving me crazy because I would keep checking Alexa rating etc. Now I don’t check as much. Sure I take a peak for fun, but I don’t worry about it.
        .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..5 Spice Chicken Blog =-.

  15. I agree, screw PR – who needs it anyway :) In October (I think) I received my first PR for TechPatio, it was “2”, after starting the site in the Summer. And now, sometime within the past few weeks I think, I received PR “3”. I haven’t done anything to increase it, but apparently Google feels that I should have a higher number – well thank you :)
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Linux, Windows & Mac – As Seen By Fanboys =-.

    1. Yeah, I went from a PR3 to PR4 and then to PR3 and I have no idea why I keep going up and down. I’m honestly getting sea sick and I’ve a feeling that Google is toying with me. :guns_tb: :laugh_tb:

      1. I have this business site that, as of December 30 last year was #2 on google’s SERP and has PR2. Come January, it stepped up to PR3 but doved down to #19 in the google SERP. What have I done to get promoted in PR but got demoted in the SERP? I tried googling for an answer but so far haven’t got some proper answers.
        .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..AmplusnetPrivacyTools.exe Eating Up CPU Resources =-.

        1. And I bet you there’s no actual answer although people will offer different explanations. I bet you even Google couldn’t tell you.

          1. PR drop can be from the do-follow links which your blog has , many SEO companies target good PR blogs and start commenting on them and this way they try to get higher PR, Google doesn’t like this and hence it lowers the PR [As happened in my case :( ]
            .-= Sunil Jain´s last blog ..How to use different Themes for WordPress posts or pages =-.

  16. Thank you for writing this post. This quote of yours is one of the best snippets I have ever run across with regards to PR. I agree with you completely and think “visible PR” is on the way OUT:

    …you’d be better off trying to improve your SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) because that’s what’s going to send people to your blog, not a high PR. As far as I’m concerned the only time PR would be a factor is if it affected my SERP! Say, for example, there were 6 or more sites all relying on the same search term and Google decided that the one with the highest PR went to the top of the page, only then would it have some value for me. Other than that I reckon it’s all a waste of time.

    .-= Damien Riley´s last blog ..Coffee Vocab: Home Edition =-.

    1. Thanks Damien, it’s always a good feeling knowing that people appreciate your post.

  17. After seeing some example I now do not much attention on PR, recently I have read one article on someone’s blog where he expressed that he got PR4 within 4 weeks, so why it is? PR4 means comparatively very high PR and a site within 4 weeks get such a high PR, really surprising.

    So I think for gaining high PR do not require to work much for link building, just concentrate on writing. But for get SERP rank is not so easy like gaining PR.
    .-= chandan@work at home jobs´s last blog .."PHP Dir Submit" Directory submission service =-.

    1. PR is just a ranking Google places on a site depending on information gathered by it’s spiderbots. Google runs the information gathered through it’s algorithm to obtain a ranking, which I feel a lot of the time is far from accurate. Still, I suppose they have to work it out someway and this is the best, ever changing, method they could come up with.

  18. I know I have posted a few times about my PR which has bounced from PR1 to PR2, then up to PR4 and now it’s down to PR3.

    The way I see PR, it’s just a bonus to me and thats cool. I don’t get upset or run around naked for that matter. I try and concentrate on content and what matters to me.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Simplified Post Interlinking using Insights WordPress Plugin =-.

    1. That’s the way George, just take it as it comes but don’t let it affect the way you blog.

  19. Even the naked eye will tell someone two of the biggest niches there is are, “MMO” and “Blogging Tips”, neither of which cater to the average joe surfer.

    A possible flaw in your plan?
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..7 DAYS ONLY – ProBloggers-31 Days To Build A Better Blog- + 3 Awesome Bonuses! =-.

    1. I didn’t know I had a plan Dennis, just telling people what a waste of time, in my opinion, it is trying to get a good PR.

  20. Its not the one and only factor to decide about a site value. Its one of the factor to determine. There are many quality sites with less PR.
    I think we should decide a site value only with PR. Only great content of site is valuable. what do you say friend?
    .-= Deepika´s last blog ..How To Lead Stress-Free Blogging Life =-.

    1. True, what point is it if you have a good PR but your content is substandard.

  21. Twitter:
    Yeah Sire, you just HAD to start the page rank discussion again, eh? :doh_tb: :wallbash_tb:

    Rose is absolutely correct; page rank will NOT give anyone more sales, and it will NOT help anyone rank better in the search engines.

    What it will show you is how well your linked both within your own site and outside. Even that’s somewhat suspect, though, because it also depends on the sites that are linking to you and how they perform. And that’s just not a number anyone can control.

    So, it might be something interesting to look at from time to time, but even Google is devaluing it and making indications that they might stop it at some point so why bother?

    Then again, in the case of my blog, it means that on a particular day they said “okay, you’ve been behaving for awhile, so we’ll remove you from this arbitrary sandbox we put you in.” And to that I say “I’ve moved on, so there! :tongue2_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Is Your Tech Failing You? =-.

    1. Thank you Mitch! I’ve been at this a long time. While I may no longer have a high PR (because of paid link selling) I do rank very well for certain keywords.
      .-= Rose´s last blog ..Weird Underwear for Men =-.

    2. Thank you Mitch! I’ve been at this a long time. While I may no longer have a high PR (because of paid link selling) I do rank very well for certain keywords. A higher PageRank does not mean you’ll have better Search Engine Results Placement.
      .-= Rose´s last blog ..Weird Underwear for Men =-.

    3. Actually Mitch it appears Google does use page rank when allocating the importance of search results. I was shocked but the facts were there when I followed Keith’s link. :bigsurprise_ee:

      Even so, I’m not letting it sway me in regards to the way I run my blogs.

      1. Twitter:
        I’m still not buying it. When you look up the definition of SERPS, it doesn’t mention page rank at all: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SERP

        When you look up the definition of page rank as it applies to SERPS, it says this:

        “The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the actual result returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. The SERP consists of a list of links to web pages with associated text snippets. The SERP rank of a web page refers to the placement of the corresponding link on the SERP, where higher placement means higher SERP rank. The SERP rank of a web page is not only a function of its PageRank, but depends on a relatively large and continuously adjusted set of factors,[11][12] commonly referred to by internet marketers as “Google Love”[13]. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is aimed at achieving the highest possible SERP rank for a website or a set of web pages.”

        Also, I find it incredible that, if you go through Matt Cutts site, the only real thing he’s said about page rank all year is that sculpting doesn’t work. He’s said many times that the most important thing for any site is its content and nothing else.

        So, I stick by my thoughts on it, and of course neither one of us cares all that much about it anyway. As a little test, I decided to go look for CNN in the search engines. As a page that has a 10 page rank, what terms would you look for if you wanted them? I started with “internet news”; not in the first 50 listings. I put in “television news”; not in the first 50 listings. I put in “world news source”; they finally come up, but in 7th place.

        So, it seems that even having a 10 page rank doesn’t serve you any better than anyone else; I rest my case. :happy_tb:
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Disappointed In Ning =-.

        1. Mitch I just wrote about this! Would love to hear your input & Sire’s

          I too proved having a 10 page rank doesn’t serve you any better than anyone else.
          .-= Rose´s last blog ..Weird Underwear for Men =-.

        2. Cool, which is what I’ve been saying all along, PR isn’t worth the hassle.

    1. The question is also should you let it affect the way you run your blog? Each to his own, I prefer to have complete freedom and not have to worry about it.

      1. I also want to ignore PR. But I do see blogs with higher PR rank higher in Google with same keywords. Anyway, focus on content is important than PR. ;)
        .-= Jayce´s last blog ..How to bypass megavideo time limit? =-.

  22. I couldn’t agree with you more, Sire! I could care less what my PR is, as along as I rank well in the SERPS.

    1. Thanks Matt. I know a lot of people probably won’t agree but then you can’t please everyone.

  23. Hi Sire,

    PR is hardly a factor in SERP because there are plenty of sites with no PR that are on the first page and above sites with high PR.

    If PR was a big factor in SERP than this wouldn’t occur at all.

    So I do agree with you on this. I’d still want a higher PR but have no clue as to how to get it. It’s seemingly not influenced by SEO or keyword placement either.

    Even the number of links do not correspond to the level of PR.

    I’ve seen at least one site that has very few ordinary links and yet it has higher PR than sites with many more links of at least the same quality if not better.

    I’m still learning and don’t claim to be any expert.

    Still, in my opinion SEO is way more important than PR.

    PR to me is about prestige or bragging rights amongst a tiny minority of people who even have some clue of what is means, with little or no other practical significance.

    .-= Vance@Earn Money Blogging´s last blog ..Earn Money Blogging, Get Traffic Without SEO, True Or False? =-.

    1. You know Vance I sometimes wonder if even Google knows what it uses in it’s algorithm for working out PR, especially how it’s always changing it.

  24. You know, PR really doesn’t do too much good. For example, If I am writing a SEO niche website and happen to write exceptional keywords – it will outrank a PR 5 site easily that doesn’t have good keywords. So, a website with PR 0 can potentially be the first place in Google above the PR 5 site.

    Thanks for all your advice, wonderful information
    .-= Adrianne I´s last blog ..Dog Behavior Modification =-.

    1. Yep, just goes to show that PR isn’t all that it’s made out to be. Thanks and welcome to WassupBlog.

  25. Most viewers that will benefit from a website or blog won’t even know about page rank.

    Your last paragraph is the only reason to have PR in mind.

    Blog organically. I am sure that search is going to move more organic as we move forward too.

    I keep hearing that Google may or may have already built page load speed into the algorithm. I will be looking at my blog to improve that feature. I’m sure there are ways to optimize it.

    I’m trying to stay current in this kind of information because I want to be able to help people with starting their blog great right away.
    .-= Scott Webb´s last blog ..Emergence of A Democratic Renaissance =-.

    1. There are quite a few ways of optimizing your blog. One thing that slows it down a lot is images. Optimizing your images improves speed a whole lot. Then there are also plugins and scripts that slow things down as well.

      Shouldn’t do it for Google though, do it for your readers.

  26. Great post Sire. Personally I focus more on the people that read my blog and that are signed up to my email list than on PageRank. I believe that when we reach out and care that the PageRank or whatever other factor plays into the algorithm will naturally work itself out.
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Discover the Power of Allowing Yourself to Cry =-.

    1. People are always more important than material things like PR Eren, and it’s better that you try to please them than something Google cooked up.

  27. Lol, great post Sire, I completely agree. Traffic does not even know what PR is, it only feeds the egos of us marketers, the only people on the planet who even know it exists.

    Keyword stuffed posts, are classic, lmao, they are always so obvious and so noobie, since the SE’s are smart enough to distinguish what your post is about without seeing the main kw appear like 10,000 times before the 1st paragraph is even finished, it’s really a pointless activity and makes your stuff read like it’s from Mars, lmao. Thanks for the laugh!
    .-= JR @ Internet Marketing´s last blog ..One Stop Shop to Get and Receive Guest Posts for all Niches =-.

    1. No worries JR, I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much, and with not a bit of keyword stuffing in the post at all too.

      1. No keyword stuffing?? :eek_wp: :eek_wp: How will you ever get a PR increase the next update???????????????
        .-= JR @ Internet Marketing´s last blog ..One Stop Shop to Get and Receive Guest Posts for all Niches =-.

  28. What you say really makes sense. I have to admit my PR0-1 used to depress me sometimes. Its probably a lot more effective to build useful new content that people actually seek out.
    .-= Sam´s last blog ..A simple and green do-it-yourself storage solution =-.

    1. That’s pretty well what I reckon Sam, and I know I’ve felt a lot better ever since I stopped worrying about PR.

  29. I couldn’t agree with you any more. I have some sites with great PR, but still rank at the bottom of the first SERPs page. On the flip, I have some articles that have very little PR and still rank higher than others with double the PR as mine.

    It just all depends. I stopped worrying about it a long time ago. Now, I strictly focus on the content at hand.
    .-= Jeff Flowers´s last blog ..Neil Young singing the ‘Fresh Prince’ theme song =-.

    1. Naturally I agree with you Jeff and I think that there would be a lot more happier stress free bloggers if they would do the same.

  30. I was going to comment that you are ALL wrong! Yep, everyone is wrong about PR. Then I decided that would piss everyone off at me. So, I would go with Everyone is right about PR…But, that would make me a kiss ass & I just can’t do that.

    Suddenly I noticed that THIS page currently show NO toolbar PR…Therefore I am not going to post because my link would get no juice. Take that!

    Hmmm, this page does have a recent cache date so, I’ll let you have the pleasure of my comment.

    That’s what I think!

    ooo, maybe I should go game Alexa for awhile (I can do that in my sleep) & I can post a pic of my Alexa rank to impress everyone. ROFLOL
    .-= Sheryl´s last blog ..I’m In but Passionless =-.

    1. Sheryl, you absolutely kill me. I love it when you decide to grace my post with one of your witty comments, even though half the time they make absolutely no sense whatsoever :lol_tb:

      Just pulling your leg, you know I can’t help myself. Say, on a more serious note, why would I want to put a PR toolbar on my page?

      1. No, please don’t put a toolbar PR on your page…that would make me gag. I run the SEO Book toolbar & it shows the page rank of any page I visit.

        I use it to easily find the Cache date of a page & 1 click to see the backlinks of a domain or page. It has all kinds of handy dandy tools. (you can find the link to that post under my name on this comment).

        ALSO, everything I say makes perfect sense to me & anyone else with a warped mind – you likely fit into the latter group. LOL!

        1. Does it work with Chrome?

  31. I own up to worrying about my PR. Now I’ve read this and all the comments I’m feeling much different about it. Less time worrying about my PR, and more time blogging!
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Creative GigaWorks T40 2.0 Review: The ultimate sound system! =-.

    1. Cool, it’s good to know that there are times when a post of mine actually changes the way people do things, as long as it’s in a good way that is :wink_ee:

  32. PR can give you a rough estimate of the strength of the site. I wouldn’t say it is a waste of time, but to give you a general idea. The 4+ PR with fully optimized websites and anchor text links are pretty tough to beat in rankings.
    .-= Kai@seo blog´s last blog ..Keywords That Sell =-.

    1. Naturally I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and those who want to hold on to the importance of PR are quite welcomed to do so.

  33. >why would I want to put a PR toolbar on my page?

    PR is a measure of how liberal you are. That is why it is green.

    You want proof? CNN mentioned above is a 10 because they are very liberal. Your recent posts about earnings made them drop you a point and Mitch, well golly he is a real mercenary so he doesn’t get any green points.

    Blog about energy efficiency and global warming and your will get more PR and a little more green next time.
    .-= Ned Carey´s last blog ..2010 Baltimore Tax Sale Date =-.

    1. Your kidding right? As an Aussie it’s hard to tell when you Yanks are pulling my leg or not. :ponder_tb:

      1. Hey you figured out that Sheryl was pulling your leg. :tongue1_tb:

  34. SERP over PR all day, everyday. Ask 10 of my random family members what PR is and they will look at you with a blank look. Ask 10 of my friends and MAYBE 1 will know what you’re talking about. They’re all very familiar with click on sites on page 1 though!
    .-= Josh@Joes Provocateur´s last blog ..Where to find cheap Joe’s Jeans Provocateur =-.

    1. That’s exactly right, those that matter don’t know what PR is and so PR shouldn’t matter.

  35. Really the importance of page rank is long gone. I have articles that I have never promoted on the city of Bath that gets loads of hits from serp because the content is good. It wasn’t written with serp in mind, rather in delivering a really good article and Google just picked up on certain phrases all by themselves.

    Good position in search engine results is far more important and analysis of websiyes in top 10 for your keywords often reveals that a lot of these sites have low pr, not that many backlinks and not necessarily the highest keyword density.

    What they have is good content and quality backlinks on relavent sites.

    1. I’ve always believed that position is way better than PR, and it will get you more traffic as well

    2. I’ve found articles of mine getting hits for words and phrases I would have never even considered to be “keywords”. I don’t write just for SEO, I try to write good content the reader will enjoy. If some keywords and phrases get picked up by the SE’s, then even better!
      .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Metacom Newsletter and Invoice / Resume Redesign =-.

      1. That’s exactly how I look at it Ryan, and I think the fact that I don’t worry about thinks like keyword research makes blogging all that more enjoyable.

        1. Glad you feel the same way, Sire! I find that “natural” keywords work the best for me. I write the same way I would write if I had to do an essay or story out on paper. My main goal is entertain or entice the reader. If I am focused on a certain topic, keywords will just naturally happen as I write.
          .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Free Texture Pack by Metacom Creative – Cardboard, Notebook, Paper, Envelope, etc =-.

          1. Exactly right. Once I’ve written the post, if I feel like it I pick out some keyword that I think may be appropriate and whack them into Platinum SEO. Usually takes less than a minute. Sweet.

  36. A few months ago i finally realized the same thing. I think alot of people get so caught up with PR that they forget about the simple things that count. Like others have mentioned, i just concentrate on getting quality links and creating quality content and just let the chips fall hwere they may.

  37. I dont care about pr as I concentrate more on long tail keywords.I usually find them easy to dominate and most of them have a pr of less than 1.I even managed to beat a pr 2 website despite having a page rank of 0!

  38. It has always amazed me how much people get consumed by page rank. You hit the nail on the head…the only thing that matters is where you appear in the SERPS!

    1. That’s what I keep telling them Bill

  39. I couldn’t agree more with this post. My PR jumped from 3 to 5 about a month ago which did absolutely zero to my bottom line and the amount of traffic I get. I think it’s more a a status thing or ego rub for the site owner, but in terms of the things a blogger really wants to measure (conversions, profit, comments, etc…) I think it’s relatively pointless and will come as a result of the proper actions being taken anyways.
    Ryan recently posted…7 Tips for Creating WealthMy Profile

  40. PR by itself is of no major importance but a PR will certainly help you rank higher on search engines, additionally a high PR will help you sell ad space in a higher price to advertisers

    1. True, but I’m still not going to stress over it one way or the other.

  41. The pagerank affects those who want to monetize their website by selling links or other business practices, without any effort regarding placement and / or quality of content

    However, Google has tried to maintain over the years a certain objective value of pagerank, penalizing spammers in various ways

    1. That is true, page rank is important for those who want to sell links and yet by doing this they could well forfeit their rank and so this should not be the main reason of obtaining the ranking.

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