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Why I Will Never Be A ProBlogger

I’ve just been over to The InfoPreneur where I read his post, My Promise To You. In this post he’s outlined how he intends to conduct himself as a blogger, a lot of which I am in total agreement, many of which I’ve either posted about or left a comment on another blog.

His post got me to thinking about probloggers. To me a problogger is someone who has attained independence via his blog, enabling him to leave his day job so as to concentrate on his blogging full time. He is now a Professional Blogger. When thinking of probloggers I usually tend to think of a person who’s earning a six figure income, mainly because that’s what most of them tell you.

This six figure income is what attracts many people to the blogging in the first place. The thing is that all that money does not come from blogging alone. Many of these probloggers have over time built up huge mailing list which they use to sell products to their subscribers. I know this to be true because I subscribed to a few and then unsubscribed when all I got was solicitations to buy something that they were pushing.

So, why will I never achieve ProBlogger status?

No Email Lists

I have no, nor intend to ever acquire an email list for the sole purpose of peddling a product on my unsuspecting subscribers. I’m sick and tired of subscribing to a news letter or for some free eBook only to be hounded at a later date by useless spam emails trying to sell me something. I will not force on to someone else something that I find personally distasteful.

No Interaction With Commentators

I keep hearing from these guys that the reason they don’t interact with people who comment on their blogs is because they either don’t have the time or because there is no money in it. They believe there is more value in another content rich post than there is in interacting with commentators.

Personally I love that interaction, and if becoming a problogger means I have to lose that then I have no interest in becoming one.

So it looks like you guys are stuck with an Aussie blogger who doesn’t give a shit about reaching problogger status if that means that I have to compromise my standards in my effort to get there.

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Peter Pelliccia

I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Well I had heard the way to make money with a blog is to create a mailing list. Honestly I actually did give it a try at the beginning. Of course being a new blogger there was nothing but cobwebs and dust in my mailing list. You could hear the Echo in it. “Hello, Hello, hello”.The only person in it was me and I wouldn’t even buy from myself. So anyways I dropped that idea and just started to concentrate on content.

    Ever since then I can say I honestly I really love the interaction between my readers. I am having a lot of fun with it. I may never reach problogger status, but I am really enjoying creating posts and interacting with my readers.

    In my eyes Sire you are a Pro!
    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Nutrional Value of Baked Stuffed Post =-.

    1. Funny anecdotes about the Email lists guys!


      – Don
      .-= Don Power´s last blog ..How to Make A Jillion Dollars =-.

    2. Years ago I did try sending out some emails to the small list that I had. I once got two replies, never a sale, asking to be removed from the list and that’s when I stopped doing it.

      As to being a Pro, thanks for the compliment Jim.

  2. Blogging is communicating, if you’re not doing that, it isn’t blogging.
    I agree with your opinion.

    1. I totally agree with that! The enjoyment I get out of my blog is interacting with my readers. To see them commenting let’s me know I am somehow making a difference -and I want to value your time my giving them a deserved response.

      1. That’s the whole idea Tom, good on you for getting it, not everyone does.

  3. Well, being a professional at not making money as a blogger I understand your points. I blog because I want to type until my fingers fall off.

    I am lucky that my business allows me to have time to blog. I blog about blogging, I blog about networking, and I blog to blog. Blog, blog, blog. If you look at it that way, it seems kinda boring….. but I frickin love it man!

    I think at some point most (notice I said most) bloggers start blogging for money. They realize it takes hard work and either give up (most do this) or try harder (very few make it).

    I like to think of it as an avenue to express all my thoughts and say what I really think, if you don’t like it then change the channel (sheesh, I don’t even know where that came from!).

    Bigger point here, I write because I like it. I don’t really care if I make money doing it or I wouldn’t be here at 11pm (my time) commenting and wondering what my next post will be about.
    .-= Keith @Need Information´s last blog ..6 Twitter Do’s and Don’ts: =-.

    1. Yeah Keith, I reckon we’re all pretty good at not making money :laugh_tb:

      As to blogging, like you for me it’s the enjoyment factor. If I make any money it’s a bonus.

  4. I’ll never be a problogger either Sire. Heck I just recently added adsense to my blog.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Twitter Etiquette =-.

    1. At least we’re all in good company Rose.

      1. We’re on the same page on many topics Sire. Nice to be acquainted with someone with the same outlook and values. It’s refreshing.
        .-= Rose´s last blog ..A Pretty Woman Shopping Experience =-.

  5. Hi Sire,
    There’s no shame in not attaining to be a ProBlogger. One of the things I’m sick of being recommended is Aweber. They say it is the only email subscription management system to use if you want to market to your list. I’m like you. I don’t want to turn into a marketing machine. I will limit myself in future to how I try to market to my email list. I’ll mainly use it for updates.

    By the way, at the end of you second paragraph, “six finger income” should be “six figure income.” :)
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..How Self-confidence Can Strengthen Your Lifestyle Design And Personal Development. =-.

    1. Thanks for catching that typo Gordie, Mitch will probably thank you for it later. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      Yeah, I get those Aweber offers as well. I’ve never considered it either. I just love to blog and occasionally I’ll come across a product that I like because I use it or because it sounds cool, and I’ll do a post of it. If I get some sales well and good if not, that’s cool too.

  6. I couldn’t blog just for money. If I had the time I might consider one pro blog. I have a number of niched blogs around the traps that interest different people ie my green blog THE GREEN PLANET

    Your blogs, Sire, are so professional, if not pro blogs. You make a few bucks I’m sure, but six figures? You would have to concentrate your life on such an enterprise.

    Carry on my Aussie friend,


    1. Hi Peter, 6 figures may be a bit of a stretch, but I don’t think I would ever bother to reach that goal if it meant compromising my standards or beliefs.

  7. Hey Brother,

    Great post and thanks for the brilliant mention.

    I wrote that post purely as a mission statement to myself the readers and as a way of saying ‘hey you don’t have to push aweber or a new landing page onto your readers’

    I will monetize my site in the coming months, but it will be done respectfully and properly. I won’t be pushing for a sale every two minutes.

    Good to know you are keeping it real.
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..My Promise to You =-.

    1. James, it was a pleasure linking to your post, especially as how it gave me the inspiration to write this one.

      You know, if enough of us get together we could actually start a blogging revolution where replying to peoples comments will become the norm

      1. You are absolutely right, I’m doing a post tonight that will talk about how you can actually do it, which will include Gary Vaynerchuk as an example.

        If you ever fancy guest posting for me just send it in, I would like to guest post for you
        .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..My Promise to You =-.

        1. If I ever come up with an idea I will gladly run a post by you. Anytime your ready feel free to send me one.

  8. i think its hard to become a pro blogger, which means to earn money by blogging. that requires a well followd blog with a lot of readers. to sell products by mails then will end in losing trust in my opinion. the only way to become successfull is to have a blog with interesting content, a lot of followers and communication with your users!!!! than you can make money with advertisement or freelancer for specific news.

    1. That makes a lot of sense, especially the part about it not being an easy road to blogging success.

  9. I’m actually trying to build a mailing list for the first time on a Swedish site now and as long as you can bring good value to it I think it is a perfect method to keep your visitors. (my thoughts on it) At the same time I agree with you and I also hate all of those forcing you to subscribe to get a free eBook and then continue to spam you.

    About the comments then. I only have great experiences from this. Even though I sometimes just publish a quick unedited post it can create marvelous discussions thanks to my readers. Unfortunately I hate spam and I’m actually thinking about closing my posts 30 days after I publish my post in an attempt to get rid some of it.
    .-= Stefan´s last blog ..Why You Don’t Want to Lose Weight =-.

    1. Naturally Stefan, lists are great when they are used properly, to provide information to your subscribers. This is why they have subscribed in the first place, and if you promote something every now and again because it’s something you believe in, that’s fine too. What I don’t like is the constant, “Hey, have you seen the latest? If you buy this it will increase your income/subscribers/some other bullshit by some astronomical amount.

  10. Sire, your article is a great follow up on TheInfoPreneur’s article. And since I totally agree with his article, of course, I also agree with yours :-)
    I don’t mind seeing ads on a page. Not even multiple ads. If I don’t like them, I ignore them.
    I hate the emails and popups with buy this get this free if you do that and stuff. They clutter up my screen and my mailbox. I need to delete them. They cost me time. Time I could be spending earning my own money, or time I could spend with my family.
    And last but not least: Interaction is what makes it all worthwile!
    .-= Bjorn | iCan’t Internet´s last blog ..Adsense tip: First Impression is everything. =-.

    1. Well Bjorn, at least you know that you won’t have to worry about any of that from me.

  11. I don’t think any blogger makes 6 figures just from his blog, its mainly his network or his services, even shoemoney agrees that his blog makes peanuts(and he is an adsense premium publisher), however am sure his peanuts would qualify as a good lunch for most normal bloggers :P but the real money still comes from the networks and the companies that they setup.
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..10 Tips on How to Gain Search Engine Trust =-.

    1. Some of them do quite well because of the sheer amount of traffic that they get, they’ve even posted their adsense checks to prove it.

  12. Ha! That’s what you’re saying now.

    Just wait a few years, then you’ll be all like: “Oh, I was just too busy driving my Ferrari round my private racetrack to take care of the rabble today…”

    Lists: Since I test marketing stuff, I’m subscribed to about a billion lists. Out of all those, four or five are worth being on. Lists where you get interesting information and only the occasional, worthwhile offer. I don’t mind being sold to on a list at all, as long as not every mail is a sales-pitch (that, I don’t see the point of).
    Some clever marketers also offer acutal, genuine bonuses (like lower prices for stuff) to their list, which I also think is quite nice.
    Again, I know I might be more relaxed about this as I seem to have an above-average tolerance for being sold to.
    Which is maybe because I know I’m not an impulse-buyer. ;)

    .-= Shane´s last blog ..New “About RichQuickReview” Video =-.

    1. Shane the difference between me and them is that they post about how important it is to interact with their commentators and then get too busy to do it. I’ve made a commitment to them that I won’t forget how important they are to me, and if it looks like I am heading that way, feel free to get at the end of the line behind Mitch to give me a swift kick.

  13. Wow, anyone that says there’s no money in interacting with your commenters has missed the boat entirely! Wow, just wow! In a world of social media, where the commenters turned clients understand that the it really IS all about them, any site that relegates commenter input to a back corner is destined for the trash can! Today the question is, how much value can I give? What questions can I answer? What problems can I solve? …. and most importantly, how can I build a deeper relationship with my readers. Thanks for not forgetting about your readers!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..January 1st 2010 – Happy New Years! – New Blog Launch! =-.

    1. Hi Kimberly, welcome to Wassupblog. Surprisingly enough they have their supporters in this but I’m sure these are either sucking up or hoping that they will one day be probloggers themselves and naturally when and if they ever get there they will be following the wrong example.

  14. I have to say I am with you Sire, I don’t base my decision on interacting with my readers on the monetary value of it. I enjoy the interaction with my readers and all though I might not answer every single comment, I come pretty close.

    As for the whole “Pro Blogger” thing, I don’t even take it serious. I’m weird like that, I don’t know why I just don’t. Either you do it or you don’t, whatever name you wanna throw in the mix doesn’t matter to me. Bloggers either wake up and do it and have a commitment to it or they don’t.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..27 Things Your Position Requires =-.

    1. Hey John, I reckon we’re on the same page on a lot of things. Maybe it’s because we both deal with customers/people in the real world business situation that we know how important they are.

  15. I won’t ever consider myself a problogger. The term is not accurate at all in my eyes.

    Not all of these people are making 6 figures. However, it is achievable, and the 1000 fans thing is no joke.

    I have an e-mail list – it’s got 23 people on it. I send out some tips from time to time or mini updates. It’s nothing extraordinary yet. I don’t ever want to get to the point of being spammy. I had it broadcast my blog posts – over every so often and I felt that was too much even. I do want to send weekly newsletters but I want to follow the model or Chris Brogan or someone that treats the newsletter a bit different – a behind the scenes discussion, things to think about, cool things I came across. It is about building community and helping people with similar interests.

    I agree the ‘free ebook’ and then spam each following day is stupid. I do believe in the free ebook sent after signing up though. It’s like yes, I’ll give this to you for nothing and if you like it – you’ll get more, but if you don’t you can unsubscribe. Dan Pink, Author of “DRIVE” his newest release – sent codes for amazon, and other bookstores in his latest. We all have to make a living, just don’t be creepy.

    Problogging term is soon to be useless and eroded. Anyone can have a blog – and being a problogger to me seems as if you only make money from advertising/affiliates. Which is boring.

    There is something important to point out too about the commenting aspect. I believe it’s super important to reply to comments – even a thanks. Or if there are a great deal, you can comment back saying thanks to all the feedback. You need to be there. I start to wonder how “in the trenches some of these major bloggers are” but I actually don’t think they’re bloggers at all. That’s another discussion. There are a great deal of people that, sadly, ask ridiculous things and expect responses. I know this from working in call centres – people can, and are crazy. I think a pro should be able to recognize potential though. Being in the trenches would have them find new bloggers.

    Imagine the impact on your blog if Brian Clark showed up and said ‘hey this is really great!……” and something smart.

    Maybe they do comment often and I just miss it.

    Did you see the “30 bloggers to watch in 2010?” on problogger? if not I’m posting on my blog about it soon aka a response.

    The wording of Problogger is dead – we’re all doing so much more than blogging – we’re just using a blog format to present it.
    .-= Scott Webb´s last blog ..Annual Review 2009: My Top Photographs of the Year =-.

  16. Since when do wannabe bloggers want to earn six figures? News to me.
    .-= Ari Herzog@Onlinemedia Strategies´s last blog ..What I Did For 5 Minutes Last Night That Could Have Changed How Blog Comments Are Added =-.

    1. You’ve lost me Ari? I would have thought that those bloggers who are in it for the money would all want to earn six figures.

      1. You wrote, “This six figure income is what attracts many people to the blogging in the first place.”

        Again, news to me and the bloggers I know.

        1. Fair comment, but I still think that a lot of bloggers originally take it up because they think it’s an easy way to make money, and perhaps some of those dream of a six figure income. Not surprising considering the amount of stuff out there that promotes it that way.

  17. Twitter:
    Man, I didn’t get here soon enough to catch your mistake; glad someone else is taking care of business for me. :lol_tb:

    Sire, I will always be shooting to be a problogger, and when I get there (power of positive thinking) I’ll still do what I do now because that’s the right way to do things.

    I want to make tons of sales; I want to be rich. I don’t care how I get there as long as its ethical. Now, my first goal is to be totally self sustaining through my online activities, and when that happens, life will truly be sweet.

    So, I’ll go for the wealth, and you can hang back and ride my coattails! :drunk_tb: Then again, look at your Alexa rank getting better again while mine just sits there; I’m not doing something right. :wallbash_tb: :doh_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Post #601 – Time For More Changes =-.

    1. Mitch, I wouldn’t mind achieving problogger status, but not if it compromises the way I conduct my blogging and I’m sure you are the same.

      If I ever achieve that type of income I’ll do my best to continue the way I am at the moment. If I ever stray from that I hope someone will give me a swift kick to bring me to my senses.

  18. I think the reason probloggers don’t bother to make conversation with their commenters is that they are making their email list subscribers their top priority. Of course, some commenters are most probably subscribers also but a majority of their list subscribers are not commenters. I remember JC once writing about how a lot of readers are just wasting bandwidth (that he’s paying) because they just read and don’t make him money. He must be thinking that commenters belong to this category of readers. He would rather interact only with those who bring him money (by sending them tons of sales letters :)), and that’s his list subscribers.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga =-.

    1. That’s just a typical comment that I would expect from someone in his position. I surprised he didn’t offend some of his readers.

      Thanks for joining the conversation James.

  19. I can’t help but see the cartoon Jaypee posted in his 2009 recap when I read your post. That’s all I have to add. :blink_tb:
    .-= Anne@AnneOnLife´s last blog ..Auto Speak with Dip Stick =-.

    1. Not too far off the mark Anne, I’m a blogger with lots of boogers. Want I should flick one your way :lol_tb:

      1. Let’s see, this week we’ve discussed snot and flatulence. Yeah, that sounds about right. :thumbup_tb:

  20. In the real world I have been a manager in a mid level position.
    At one point I was given an opportunity to assume the role of the top level position reporting to a board of directors.

    While I did the job for a little over 2 years I never really enjoyed it. There is a different mindset with people who are in those positions about what is fair game.

    I never resented the people for thinking the way they did.
    It just wasn’t for me. Not my personality type I suppose.

    I’m assuming ,by reading this article, that you have made a conscious decision regarding how you want to conduct your online life and I think it’s honorable.

    I personally don’t resent those that see their online lives differently though. If they are making 6 figures using shady techniques, that must appeal to a certain grouping of readers/ purchasers, then whatever.

    To each his own I suppose.

    Like you, I’m not interested in pursuing those techniques to gain wealth (I haven’t monetized anything on my blog)but I don’t resent those that are doing it..

    I really enjoy reading your posts and I appreciate that you respond to your comments.
    It’s the reason I keep coming back here..
    .-= Glen´s last blog ..Putting the Social Back in Social Media =-.

    1. I’m not sure I would call it shady exactly, just something that I’m not interested in.

      I’m glad you keep coming back Glen, it means I’m doing something right.

  21. When you say about problogging, I say one of the blog that is, the blog gain so many comment, but I do not see any communication with the commentators.

    As you said might be they have not much time for communicate with commentators or might be they do not want to disclose their secret.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..How to get anchor text link without asking =-.

  22. To me a problogger is someone who live through his blogging and to me blogger means a person who have more knowledge on something than any average people and love to share it and interact with it in every possible ways. So if somebody claim himself or herself a problogger, s/he must be a blogger first. Earning is not enough to prove someone problogger like someone can’t claim himself hunter if he have some animal dead body in front of him. I hope people like you will able to wash out those baseless problogging definition.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Get a Recycle Bin for your portable USB device with iBin =-.

    1. That’s an interesting way of looking at it Arafat, thanks for your point of view.

  23. I just had a quick look and I only recognize 6 out of the thirty. I’m going to check out some of those others when I have the time to see how many of them actually interact with their commentators.

    As to lists, they can be essential if they’re uses properly, it’s just unfortunate that a lot of them seem to get abused.

  24. I’m a rookie blogger, who can count my list members on her fingers, but who nonetheless dreams of being a ProBlogger. I’m looking for the mobile lifestyle, the chance to travel the world and share it with anyone who cares to read my writings.

    But I agree with you, Sire, and most of your commenters, it’s all about the interaction and connection. After all, that’s the Social part of Social media.

    As a newbie, I signed up for every free ebook and report out there, only to be inundated with so many ‘offers’ that I lost all respect for the so-called guru and unsubscribed.

    The best thing about this was that it taught me what NOT to do, and to value my connection with and the advice from bloggers who show integrity and authenticity by what they Don’t do as well as what they DO.

    Bliss and blessings, and thanks for being one of those bloggers
    The Goddess known as Jacqui

    1. Don’t worry Jacqui, you are not the first nor will you be the last.

      I wish you all the best in you blogging career, may your posts be plentiful, your content splendid and your commentators endearing.

  25. You wouldn’t make a fortune with Adsense either. You could get disabled even for an accidental transgression they refuse to discuss.

    1. Yeah, that’s a bit much Hutts, reckon you will have to look for another source.

  26. Problogger, Social Blogger, Mommy Blogger, Blogger Blogger. They are all kind of a shade of the same color. Some people call turquoise – blue, some call navy blue – blue. But really they are all different and unique in their own way. You don’t call yourself a problogger but you are. You are not the same type of blogger as JC, Shoemoney or Darren. But really you live breath and interact online via blog, day and night with hundreds of other people. I don’t know how you couldn’t call yourself a problogger. I think it would be best to say that you are a problogger that doesn’t spam people for financial gain. Or you wont sacrifice interaction with you community for an extra buck.

    People like Garyvee do this well and frequently. Of course it would be impossible from him to respond to everything but everyone recognizes that he tries his best to. So they don’t fault him for not getting to everything. With the probloggers mentioned above we know they don’t try to respond to everything because they don’t feel like they have to. That is the distinction. What shade of blue are you?
    .-= The Real Josh´s last blog ..I’m In the Business of Helping =-.

    1. Funny I don’t feel like a problogger :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      I understand what you’re getting at Josh, it’s all a matter of perception. You are what you and others perceive you to be, unless what others perceive is negative, then they can all go jump :devil_tb:

  27. Well dude its true only that Probloggers are nothing but Niche Affiliate Marketers ;)
    Probloggers do not reply to their comments but they can hire some good moderators at least to reply them , this way they can make more and more network with others and this will surely help me both personally and professionally ;)
    What do you think about this?? :) :)
    .-= Sunil Jain´s last blog ..How to use different Themes for WordPress posts or pages =-.

    1. I’m sure there is a lot that they can outsource. That would be the smart thing to do.

      1. Even you can do more by taking suggestions from others ;), being a Problogger is not a crime , but also you need to hire many officials for each and everything you do :) , what say???
        .-= Sunil Jain@gupshup´s last blog ..How to effectively write a blog post =-.

  28. Sire – you crack me up. This is the first time I’ve been by your blog though I have seen your name and Gravatar on a few of the blogs I frequent so I wanted to stop by and read one of your posts.

    I agree with you on the interaction – it does take time but for me and who I am – it’s all about engagement! (check me out on Twitter if there are any doubts!)

    On the other hand I do have an email list but I don’t use it to sell my services. I use it as a means to deliver interesting info that may be of use. (though my blog could be the primary vehicle for that too)

    Happy 2010 to you and you’ll be seeing more of me since we have some mutual buddies in our blogging communities.
    .-= Michelle @ Your Virtual Assistant´s last blog ..2010 Goals for Your Virtual Assitant =-.

    1. Phew, I was starting to worry that perhaps my Gravatar was putting people off from visiting my blog, and now I have an attractive woman saying, in a roundabout way, that it’s attracted her here. Thanks Michelle, you’ve made my day. :wub_tb:

      Happy 2010 and I look forward to a lot more interaction with you.

      1. OMgosh that is hilarious! Yes, that is what pulled me here the profile. Had I known you were an Aussie with a presumably really sexy accent I would have come around sooner!
        .-= Michelle @ Your Virtual Assistant´s last blog ..2010 Goals for Your Virtual Assitant =-.

        1. I don’t know about the accent being sexy, I reckon you’ll have to be the best judge of that. There’s a video on the blog I posted ages ago called Sire’s Icebreaker Pickup line that you may or may not like, depending on your sense of humor. The post actually comes with a warning notice :devil_tb:

  29. Color me confused. No one wants a list becsause they don’t want to spam it with sales pitches…hmm, tricky one, if only there was a way around that…

    Oh I know! Umm, don’t spam it with sales pitches. Oh my that was a toughie, huh?

    Y’all realize you can have a content rich newsletter as easily as a content rich blog, right? ;)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Updates – Latest $10 Domain Winner, Latest Move News, and more. =-.

    1. Sure, we’re just discussing how not to use lists. It seems too many people use it to promote their affiliates and little else.

  30. Right on, Sire! You keep sticking it to the man. In this case, “the man” is the establishment of the blogging community, who tells us the rules of blogging. Well, their way of doing things is tired and lacks passion. I’d rather make less money and have more blogging friends, than to be a “pro blogger” who doesn’t have time to do anything except focus on his bottom line. Viva la Resistance!
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Self Improvement Through The Workforce =-.

    1. It’s not like I’m trying to stick it to anyone Trey, it’s just how I feel. Viva La Resistance does have a nice ring to it though.

  31. Providing valuable content will render the Professional Blogger Status.

    You’re earnings estimates are correct but in the same time they shouldn’t dictate your problogger status.

    Judging by the amount of comments this post has I presume you’re a pretty good blogger dedicated to his community making you a pro blogger.

    Glad I’ve commented on this post!

    .-= Cristian´s last blog ..What I know About Nofollow Tag – Shared Here =-.

    1. Thanks Cristian, it’s nice of you to say so, and thanks for your comment.

  32. Hi Sire,

    Email list can be used for interaction in conjunction with a blog.

    There is a proper way to use it and having a list can be used for the benefit of everybody.

    I know what you mean when you mention that all you ever got emailed to you was a sales pitch. Some people use their list as their ATM and they openly admit it.

    In such cases all that needs to be done is unsubscribe.

    I have done that with most marketers. But there are few who send free valuable info for the most part and an occasional promo. I can live with that just as I can with some promos and ads on most blogs, yours included.

    It’s not the amount of money that one makes from their blog that determines their professionalism.

    You are a pro as many people here already expressed and I think that you do like to make money even if you would do this for free.

    .-= Vance@Email List Building´s last blog ..Email List Building, Opt In Email List, Online Giveaways =-.

    1. Hey Vance, I agree that there is probably a good way and a bad way to use lists. I’ve only ever been exposed to the bad ways. Even so, I personally have no use for them as anything that I have to say in a list I would use in a post.

      1. Hey Sire,

        I’m glad you are not bashing list building indiscriminately and recognize the possibility of good list usage that doesn’t bug those who opt in to death with a constant push to buy something.

        Nowadays most lists are a double opt in so people can think twice whether to opt in.

        And they can unsubscribe any time if they don’t receive what they thought they would.

        I think it’s great if you put everything on your blog.
        There are people who advise against it but I’m not sure why.

        Oh, I think I know. They say that posts can’t or shouldn’t contain all the information, partly because people have short attention spans.

        For those who want more detailed info they can get most or some of it in a newsletter or in email broadcast.

        In any case I’m no expert and I believe that the beauty of blogging is in the freedom to do things as one see fit.

        .-= Vance@Opt In Email List´s last blog ..Email List Building, Opt In Email List, Online Giveaways =-.

        1. They say that posts can’t or shouldn’t contain all the information, partly because people have short attention spans.

          More like if you give them everything in a post what’s left to give to your list subscribers. As I’m not worried about that my best bet is to give them all the information while they’re here.

          BTW, your subscribe to comment seems to be working now.

  33. To be honest, i wanted just to take advantage of your commentluv :).

    But, i have read your text, and to be honest, found it very interesting.

    I especially liked the “No Interaction With Commentators”. It’s a very important part of a website-visitor communication. You can’t just expect people to write something in the comments, and not give any kind of feedback. The lack of time is understandable, but for those kinds of stuff you should always have a little time

    1. I don’t mind people taking advantage of the commentluv Robert as long as they leave a good comment. That is what it’s there for you know :wink_ee:

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