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Why I Love WP Zon Builder

Why I Love WP Zon Builder

The thing with blogging for money is that the best way to make money from a product is to actually buy it and then, providing that you really do actually like it, tell your readers about it. This is because readers can usually tell by your written content whether it’s just a sales pitch or coming right from the heart. I know this to be true because I make a fair bit of my income from promoting things that I love like the blogging theme I use and plugins such as CommentLuv Premium.

The problem is that not everyone can afford to buy every product that is available just to see whether or not its good enough to promote on their blog. That being the case bloggers resort to reading what others are saying about any given product and then write their own post telling others how great it is hoping that it will be good enough to get them a sale or two. Unfortunately it rarely works because most people will see it as pure sales copy and they generally move on. What people are looking for are honest reviews.

WP Zon Builder Provides Customer Reviews

That’s where WP Zon Builder comes in. Just take a look at this video I put together that shows you how easy it is to use.

This remarkable plugin not only pulls the product right out of the Amazons site it places it onto your post complete with customer reviews and lets not forget that all links have your affiliate code embedded in it.

Let’s say for example that I wanted to promote ProBlogger’s newly updated book, one that I haven’t bought and am not likely to ever buy it. Not having a copy I couldn’t just write a post telling people how great it is because that would be dishonest. I could however let WP Zon Builder pull actual customer reviews right from Amazon’s site.

People are more likely to believe what an actually customer says about Chris Garret and Darren Rowse’s book than they would a blogger who they know will say just about anything just to make a sale. What follows is all thanks to WP Zon Builder and it took mere seconds for it to do it’s magic.

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income


There you have it. WP Zon Builder even places your very own shopping cart icon. It even works out your heading and places the tags into your post. Having this plugin virtually makes any of Amazon’s vast range of products available to its owner.

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Peter Pelliccia

I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Good on you Pete, you are providing some credible advice that potential pro bloggers will find very useful and helpful too.

    1. Perhaps Pete, but you don’t have to be a pro blogger to use the stuff I write about on this blog.

  2. Sire,

    I’ve been an Amazon associate for about five years now. I use it on various sites. I found the key to doing well there is to link often. I’ve only linked to products that I’ve actually used. Because I’m a tech junkie I have linked to a few pricey items, since I do own them; however, others I’ve stayed away from since I’ve never used them.

    It looks like WP Zon Builder helps in this area, since it does include reviews from others. I might try it on a few sites. It looks as though a reader can add their own review from the WP Zon Builder too.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Opal recently posted…Rose; Fading BeautyMy Profile

    1. What I like about it Opal is it allows me to write whatever I want at the beginning and the end of the Amazon product and review adding to the quality and the information available to the reader.

  3. It goes without saying that WP Zon Builder is a great solution for a webmaster and I like it very much. WP Zon Builder provides a lot of important competitive advantages.

    1. That it does and it is so easy to use. There are even aspects of it that I haven’t used yet. I must try them out one day.

  4. Wouldn’t duplicate content be an issue here Sire, SEO-wise? Of course, if you already have a considerable following of readers, then you don’t need to lean on Google for traffic and so you are not obliged to follow Google’s SEO guidelines anymore. :)

    1. It would only be an issue James if all you did was imported the review and nothing else. If on the other hand you were to introduce new original content both before and after the Amazon content then I’m sure Google will see it as enhancing old content.

      I’ve used it on my photo blog and those posts are doing pretty well in the SERPs

  5. Hmmm… interesting. As you say, like magic! don’t know that I have any immediate use for that but definitely worth remembering should I start down that path. Thanks!

    1. I actually purchased it so I could use it on some of my other blogs Allan, but I though that, considering how I have it an all, I may as well use it on all my blogs.

  6. Wow! its really amazing what you can do with wordpress. I wish it was something like this for the swedish market but unfortunately their isn’t anything that can compare, WP Zon-builder seems to make the whole affiliate game a lot less troublesome. Time to learn code..
    Carl recently posted…GI-Dieten – Hur du kommer igångMy Profile

    1. Who knows Carl, one day Amazon may become available to the Swedish market and when it does you will be able to use WP Zon Builder as well.

  7. It’s an amazing plugin that I’m going to buy for sure.
    I liked it since your first review of it, it offers an incredible amount of ways to integrate it on every websites

    1. I’m sure that when you do get it Albert you’ll love it as much as I do.

  8. It is usually the case where a blogger will say anything good about the product without even using it themeselves. But a true consumer will always suspect everything that you say especially if all you say are only good things. To show our customers how sincere we are in marketing the products, its a good idea to supply them with a testimonial from someone who really have used the product. That plugin you introduced there is good. I will check that for my amazon products.

    1. The problem with testimonials Gary is that unless you know the person giving the testimonial you can’t be sure that it’s legitimate.

  9. That is a pretty sweet plugin. Amazon has a great affiliate program, I use it quite a bit – thanks for the tip!

    1. Sweet doesn’t begin to describe it James.

  10. I’ve used this plugin and i can vouch for it. It’s awesome and it doesn’t slow your site to crawl like some of the others out there.

    1. Which blog do you use it on Herbert?

  11. Hey Sire,

    First of all GREAT SCREENCAST!

    And second, I have been wanting to get a solution for creating micro niche sites built around Amazon products but I still can’t find one that I REALLY like.

    WPZon Builder looks very cool although I would definitely have to do more research on it.

    I think it is GREAT how easy it is to include the products and reviews into your posts but I’m still looking for something that can create a complete store on its own.

    Does this tool allows you to do just that?

    Thank you for sharing this, really looking forward to your feedback! ;-)

    1. Hey Sergio,

      I’m pretty sure it won’t actually create an Amazon store for you. It can however fill a brand new blog with hundreds of posts promoting Amazon products of your choice. It can post them instantaneously or you can set it to post them at a prescribed rate. I prefer the latter as it would give you time to add your own content.

      As to the store, I though that Amazon allowed you to set up a store using one of their widgets or something?

  12. Twitter:
    Having actual customer reviews incremental the likelihood of people actually buying the product makes total sense, especially when it comes to amazon. I and I know most people do read those reviews and those reviews play a big deciding factor when it comes to amazon products.

    I dont have any immediate use for it, but I will keep it in my “feature use” bookmarke file. Thanks for the heads up Peter.

    1. Yep, those Amazon reviews can be all it takes to swing someone from being a window shopper to a buyer.

  13. Twitter:
    Great video my man, but I have two questions. One, does it only work with Amazon, for whom I don’t have an account (they don’t like New York)? Two, if you wanted could you remove any of their text? I ask the second one because that becomes a really long post and looks just like it would look on Amazon, so if you could remove the reviews and write about it directly, if you knew the product that well, while still keeping the images and such, it would be an even bigger benefit for its users.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…So Much For My “Klout”My Profile

    1. Yes, it only works with Amazon.

      No, you can’t edit the text as it imports it directly from the Amazon site although you could pick a product with less reviews.

      Yes it will just pull the image. As can be seen from this post it will get the image, title, star rating as well as home many people have reviewed the product which should encourage the readers to check it out.

  14. Wow! WP Zon Builder sounds really cool. I might have to try it if I can think of an Amazon product I can’t afford to buy that I want to sell.

    1. It’s not that you have to be able to afford to buy it Khleo, it’s more like do you want to buy everything that you would like to sell on your blog. If you did that it wouldn’t be long before your house was full of Amazon products that you would never use :wink_ee:

  15. I don’t find this plugin very useful, don’t get me wrong its just a personal opinion. I’ve discovered that you will need to have a very popular website to sell stuff with amazon and make some decent amount of money, therefore you probably have other ways of monetizing that specific website. I love wordpress and its plugins but when it come to amazon I prefer using free blogger with costume domain on micro niches.

    1. No worries Cristian, it’s obviously not for everyone, just like everyone doesn’t like the Premium version of CommentLuv or Market Samurai. However, I’ve yet to find anyone who has those products that doesn’t like them.

  16. Hi Sire. It has been a while, but me being an Amazon fanatic, cold help but notice about WP ZONBuilder. I have been using this plugin for a while now and I have to admit that it is one of the best investments I have ever made on WP Premium plugins. It delivers and after going through the learning process, one can build niche sites, with this plugin in a matter of hours. BTW, when I purchased this plugin, it also came with the free Gazette Theme by WOOThemes. Two in one :) Is that still on?
    DiTesco recently posted…Black Friday 2011 Deals: For Bloggers And Home Business OwnersMy Profile

    1. Yeah it’s great isn’t it. I love it and I see it as a great investment. It was on when I got it as well but I didn’t need the theme as I like this one way too much.

  17. I love this pluggin. I think readers really enjoy be able to see what others are saying about a product. Especially if they notice that the same questions they had about a product is being asked by others; and if they feel like those questions and concerns have been answered they will buy.

    1. Very true Liza and one of the reasons that made me buy WP Zon Builder

  18. More and more people are using Amazon today. That is exact the reason why there are useful stuffs like wp-zon builder available in the market. I wonder if you know other products similar wp-zon builder with no cost at all? I believe, this could help newbies to minimize their start-up cost.

      1. Yeah! Nothing can beat wp-zon. I’ve seen it used by others who are building their niche websites. Yet, the costing remains to be important with others who wanted to try their like with affiliate marketing. Great you’ve shared the link!

        1. I know it’s working for be Christina because the click rate has risen dramatically and I have made my first sale.

  19. This would be very useful for those who want to build their own wordpress site where they could also set-up selling different amazon products. Its much easier to use this than to build it on their own.

    1. It’s also great for bloggers such as myself to include products within a post.

      1. Yeah! Especially if you could relate your post with the product. In that way you could maximize your earning potential in your blog. Though not all bloggers have that kind of strategy.

  20. Hi Pete,

    took me a while to get round to reading this one – but good advice, I’ll add it to my (ever growing) list of things to look at!

    take care buddy,

    1. Hi Alan, if you ever get the plugin I’m sure you’ll love it.

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