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Why I Chose MailChimp Over Aweber

Now you’ve all heard about Aweber and how it’s supposed to be the bees knees of auto-responders? Well I decided against it because I just couldn’t see the value in it. These guys are so up themselves they won’t even offer a free trial! Instead you have to pay $1 to sign up for the first month and after that the cheapest rate is $19/month and if you have more than 500 subscribers you can expect to pay a lot more, up to $149/month. No wonder people using them have to keep shoving stuff down your throat, if they don’t they’d be losing money.

I sampled several auto-responders, more about them in a future post, and once I was through trialing them I decided that my list would be powered by MailChimp. As long as you don’t have more than 1000 subscribers and you don’t send more than 6000 emails a month your account is absolutely free. That knocks Aweber completely out of the ball park as far as trials goes.

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What I love most about MailChimp is that you still get so much even though it’s a free account. I’ve actually had list members compliment me on the quality of my ‘newsletters’ and it’s all so easy to do because they have a large collections of templates that you can use to design absolutely stunning campaigns. You can even design your own templates.

There are so many features available to you with a free account, some of which include;

  • Multiple Lists: If you want to run more than one campaign targeting different lists then you’ll be happy to know you can do this with MailChimp
  • Good Reporting Features: There are so many reports you can keep track of. You can see who opened the mail, who clicked on what links. Whether or not any got bounced. Who’s unsubscribed. You can even connect it to Google Analytic and check whether a particular campaign has increased your traffic.
  • Connect With Twitter: Not only can you send your campaign to your lists, you can also send it out as a Tweet or via other social networks including FaceBook, Digg, Delicious, Buzz and MySpace. This is a Tweet of my last campaign.
  • Video Tutorials: I love the fact that they have video tutorials that help you to get the most from their site.

As far as I’m concerned these guys offer me all that I need to run a campaign and it’s all for free! If I ever grow my list to the extent that I need to pay for their service then I’m more than happy to do that.

Email Marketing Best PracticesThere was one point that was brought up by Ben Wan who mentioned that their TOS didn’t allow the use of affiliate links in the campaigns. This didn’t bother me all that much as my list was more for informing my subscribers of new posts than it was for promoting affiliates. Still, I could see how this would be important   for others so I decided to email support.

I spoke to a bloke called Edwin and I asked straight out about affiliate links and their TOS. This was his reply.

Hello Peter,

It’s nice to virtually meet you.

In the general sense we can only support affiliate content that is being sent to a list that is current and has been collected through a double optin process.  Also affiliate content can compliment newsletter content but can not be the entire focus of a message itself.

We would have to see an example of your newsletter to be able to say for sure if we could support it or not.

Feel free to email us back if you have specific questions or comments beyond this that we can assist you with.

Edwin / Client Services

Well, I thought that was entirely reasonable. It’s obvious these guys are as much anti spam as I am, and let’s face it most of those guys that have lists send out so much crap it may as well be spam. These guys want to make sure people don’t give their product a bad name and I can understand that. Anyway, I purposefully put in an affiliate link into the next campaign and emailed him a copy.

He got back to me the next day saying that the example was fine but warning that the word “affiliate” in the content could have some spam filtering issues.  No worries then, that means I had absolutely no reason for not using MailChimp, I could even use affiliates in my campaign as long as I wasn’t a complete ass about it.

So, have you joined my list yet? If not you really should. As a member you will be listed on the My List page. You will never miss out on a post again. I will always try to include a link or two to other members blogs so that they also benefit from my campaigns. As a subscriber you may even learn a thing or two about what makes Sire tick, something that others will not be privy to. :wink_ee:

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  1. Oh, I like the level of service you are getting from these guys. I mean they could have just as easily fobbed you off saying: Read the TOS, no affiliate links, dingus!

    I don’t see how pretty your newsletters are because I believe it is a mortal sin to use anything other than plain text in an email. :-)

    Thanks for the review, mate. I’ll keep them in mind, but I think my control freakiness would prefer I handle my lists myself.

    Did you say you were going to review some of those other auto-responders you tried? I’d really love to read those.

    Thanks, mate!

    Kind regards,

    1. I’m the complete opposite Steve, the more bells and whistles the better. You can choose to just send plain text if you so choose so the option is there for those who want it.

      I will be reviewing the ones I knocked back.One was totally free once you purchases the script, or you could run the free version, and it would give you absolute control because you own it.
      Sire recently posted…Are Your Goals For 2011 AchievableMy Profile

  2. Exactly the topic I’m interested to know more. Frankly, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Aweber. I agree it is quite a prestigious service especially for bigger brands with huge number of subscribers. I only get to check out MailChimp after a client is requesting me to embed her newsletter opt in form in her page. I was quite impressed that we can actually add Like button inside the Newsletter. Agree with the video tutorials, very user friendly.

    Very thoughtful support team, I can see why you’re a happy customer. :-)

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  3. Well, you sold me Sire. The only question now is whether I need a mailing list; since I have nothing to sell. Yet. I hope to eventually, so I suppose it would be better to install a list manager early on. When I do make the change from feedburner to MailChimp I’ll have to ask everyone who subscribed via Feedburner to re-subscribe via MailChimp… unless MailChimp has thought of that too!?

    The only negative I can see here is that I will have to go back to manually composing and sending e-mails each time I post, whereas Feedburner sends the notices automatically. But those notices don’t allow me to include anything extra or to send special notices or information to my subscribers.

    (drums fingers on desk top)

    Yeah… I guess I’d better get on board with it before I get any deeper in than I am.

    Thanks! And thanks for the link on the list page, too!

    1. OK Sire, I have The Chimp working for me at The Write Stuff and at Simple Life Prattle. It was a fairly simple thing to set up, although I’m sure I have lots to learn yet about harnessing it’s full potential.


      1. Cool Allan, it was easy to set up wasn’t it?

        You can import your Feedburner subscribers but I wanted to start from scratch as that way I knew I only had those who wanted to subscribe.

  4. Hi Sire

    Sounds like you have chosen exactly what fits for you. I have gone with Get Response which Ben set up for me. You know me and anything techie lol

    Just got my first newsletter up thanks to Ben. Really pleased with it as if read online he has done great graphics. I love good graphics and very happy with what Ben has done. Geeks are geniuses in my book :-)

    Things are already moving along for 2011 and I’m really expectant for what will unfold this year.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. I remember Ben’s post and I did look at Get Response but I just didn’t see the point of paying for an autoresponder when I could get one for free. Especially as I wasn’t intending to make any money from it just yet.

      Heck I may not make any money out of my list at all. I really only intend for it to increase my readership and to guarantee that all subscribers get notified when I do a post.

      1. If MailChimp wasn’t free, you’d be with some other email newsletter solution, then? It’s not about the company, the testimonials, the customer service, or the features — but the cost?

        There are plenty of other free solutions out there. Why this particular one?

        Oh… and when you go food shopping, do you always buy the cheapest can of soup? ;)
        Ari Herzog recently posted…Is Age Verification on Beer Websites EffectiveMy Profile

        1. Ari, it doesn’t matter where you go, people always try to get the best value for their buck. In regards to the can of soup, if I could see that all the ingredients were the same then the answer would be yes.

          In regards to MailChimp don’t let the fact that its free fool you. I went with them because I saw that even though they’re offering a free service for the first 1000 subscribers they weren’t cutting back on the features at all. In other words, at least from what I could see, you get everything that the full paying members were getting.

  5. Hey Sire

    I have never used Mailchimp, but instead opted for aweber and I have found them extremely helpful whenever I had a support question.

    I also like the light box opt in form they do, which has increased my optins greatly, not sure if mail chimp have that?

    I also like the fact I can customize both my confirmation and thank you page links too, again I dont know if mail chimp offer that.

    Plus I also use my aweber rss feed to plug broadcast archived emails sent into my facebook and twitter too, as well as them initially being connected obviously.

    Your review is excellent, but for me Aweber is the right choice, Alex.

      1. Hey Ange,

        I saw the ‘Evil Popup mode” and I had a fair idea what it was, I just didn’t know that was the same as Alex’s light box form.

        Good to know that the guys at MailChimp have it on offer but they warn people that it may piss off their readers. I hate it when I’m reading a blog and then that crap pops up. No wonder they call it evil.

        Thanks for clearing that up.

        1. I agree.
          But let’s take it differently.

          Some people say that it really helped them to grow their list faster.
          If your irresistible offer (free ebook, email course, etc) delivers great/real/incredible value, you are increasing your opportunity to help more people by being evil (!).

          If your audience knows you, your readers will gladly signup.
          The problem is :
          – new visitors don’t know you and don’t want to be tracked when they are reading your articles for the first time
          – is there some way to disallow the popup when a visitor has already signed up (I don’t think so).

          1. Sure, I’ve seen those posts, and usually they’re trying to push a particular product because they’re making some out of it. :tongue_laugh_ee:

            If I want to promote something to my readers I will tell them about it in a post. I won’t subject them to something that I personally detest.

            That doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t use it, that’s up to the individual to decide. If a blog that I visit regularly decides to use it I will continue to visit but I won’t read the offer as I usually close them immediately.

            If one was to pop up on a blog I don’t normally visit I usually just leave.
            Sire recently posted…Are Your Goals For 2011 AchievableMy Profile

  6. I usually recommend mailchimp to all my clients who are starting to build their lists because its free for lists up to 1000 subscribers and 6000 mails per month.
    If they grow past this number and need to use more sophisticated solutions they can still transfer their lists.

  7. My team always uses Campaign Monitor– you should do a write up on how MC differs from CM. (Funny they are opposites in acronym, eh?)

    1. It is funny isn’t it. I can’t see myself doing a writeup on any differences though as I’ve never used CM. Perhaps that’s a post that you could put together?
      Sire recently posted…There’s More To Helium Than Meets the EyeMy Profile

  8. Sire,

    Thanks for the great review of mail chimp. I have been a user of AWeber for four years now and I love it, but you make some great points about Mailchimp. The cost is certainly a large benefit you have heard many other people being happy with it but never such an in depth review.



    1. really, I’m shocked no-one else has done a review. Great to be the first, but then again, the Internet is so vast I bet someone did beat me.

      Never mind at least you saw it first here. :drunk_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Sometimes It’s Better To Just Not Give A ShitMy Profile

      1. I’ve used Aweber for a while now too, but it seems that I really should give MailChimp another look. Thinking back it might’ve been their affiliate content policy that held me back. It’s nice to see that you’ve clarified that issue with MailChimp support. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot. Thanks Sire.

        1. Jeremy, if Aweber isn’t cost effective for you, I would definitely give MailChimp a go.

          1. Yes the price is the major reason I am considering switching. I am still a beginner with e-mail marketing. So I haven’t really used my e-mail lists to full advantage. With my current level of effort, it probably makes more sense to use a free service for now. Now if only I could get off my ass to make the switch.

  9. I want a newsletter provider like aweber but at the same time I was looking for an alternative. I believe MailChimp will best alternative :)

  10. Hey there, Sire!

    Having been an AWeber customer for eons, I’m currently enjoying a much better monthly rate. In addition, I use a banner that links to a free trial, though they may have changed it – I don’t bother with affiliate marketing right now.

    As for the service, it’s top-notch. The learning curve back then was horrible and, I must say, usability has improved considerably.

    I noticed your exchange with Steve Youngs regarding plain text vs. HTML email. AWeber easily lets you compose both and it sends out both. Steve would see the text version, and folks who set their email to receive HTML would get to see your bells and whistles. Hopefully, you don’t have to choose only one format with MailChimp?

    I think a vital infrastructure component like an Autoresponder needs open dialog that you have provided. Thanks for sharing! If I ever become dissatisfied with AWeber, I know to at least give MailChimp a try!



    1. Hi Mitch,

      I remember the first campaign I sent out not all that long ago. It highly recommended that I send out a plain text version before sending it out. Actually I don’t think I could send it out unless I had a plain text version. Anyway it was easy to do as they supplied one, all I had to do was check to see if it was OK before sending both of them out.

      What I really loved about mailChimp was the learning curve was so small. I didn’t need to go past those helpful videos. I had my first campaign out in next to no time at all.

      I’m not trying to convert anyone here either Mitch, just sharing my experiences, and fulfilling the request of some of my subscribers who wanted my thoughts on it.
      Sire recently posted…The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Lists & List BuildingMy Profile

      1. Hi Sire,

        Great! Another plus in the MailChimp column. One of things many of us miss out on as small businesses is benchmarking. When I worked for the city of Philadelphia, the Police Department wouldn’t spend a dime until at least three vendors delivered proposals on the requirements of whatever hardware or software was needed. Once a contract was signed, the City had the power to hold the vendor’s feet to the fire if they didn’t put the required specs into the product.

        The only way to confirm compliance is through benchmarking. I use product reviews as a starting point, since I can’t really do benchmarking. Based on the reviews that I trust, I toss a coin if there is no clear leader. :) Not exactly scientific, eh?

        Of course, being able to switch is a lot easier for us than it is for governmental departments.



        1. Sounds to me like government departments are the same no matter where you go Mitch, and they usually don’t make the right choices. Probably because they know all they have to do if they want more money is to raise the taxes.

          I also pay attention to reviews and I get pissed when I found the product wasn’t exactly as reviewed, which is why I try to be as accurate an honest as I can when reviewing a product.

  11. I never tried aweber because of the fact they wanted to charge you a ridiculous amount. When i started searching for a free auto-responder, i found some ok stuff but it really lacked some features and a appealing UI. MailChimp is pretty awesome, i don’t expect to have to pay them because my list should be pretty small so i’m happy, for now.

    1. MailChimp is bloody awesome Josiah and the fact that they’re allowing you a subscription list of up to 1000 is more than generous. If mine grows above that I’ll be happy to give them some money.
      Sire recently posted…The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Lists & List BuildingMy Profile

  12. Hey,I definitely agree with you. although, i may say aweber is more popular because it has so many users than mailchimp. like everyone else says, one disadavantage of aweber is the cost. Instead of getting a free service with MailChimp, you will by somehow end up paying $20 or more. Thanks for the post.

  13. Hi Sire,

    A couple of weeks ago I had to change email managements systems because the free one I was using “FeedmailPro” closed down. Before doing so, they set up a deal with MailChimp where you could transfer your list without having to have your subscribers re-opt in.

    It’s interesting because FeedmailPro was set up about a year and a half ago in response to the high cost of Aweber.

    So far I’m very impressed with MailChimp.

    1. Hey Gordie, it’s pretty damn good isn’t it? That and the fact that it’s so easy to work your way around it meant so much to me. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up a campaign.
      Sire recently posted…There’s More To Helium Than Meets the EyeMy Profile

  14. Yeah, I definitely agree with you that MailChimp is much better than Aweber in so many ways. What I like most about MailChimp is it’s simplicity. It is very easy to use. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes indeed, keeping things simple is very important in this busy world of ours as it allows people to get things done quickly and efficiently.

  15. We are one in the same! I LOVE MAILCHIMP! I recently got a free t-shirt from them in a promotion they were doing and it’s my favorite shirt BY FAR.

    The service that they provide is hands down the greatest user experience in mailing list management. I’ve used Constant Contact and Aweber in the past and they don’t hold a flame to what MailChimp does. Affiliates push the Aweber name so they get an affiliate commission – they have the money blinders on I guess you could say.

    I look forward to watching your blog grow in 2011 and see those beautiful newsletters you create.


    1. It’s good to hear from someone who’s tried other autoresponders and still loves MailChimp. I haven’t tried those others so I can’t make a comparison and so your comment is of great value to this post. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Sire recently posted…DoFollow NoFollow War Compared To The Toilet Seat SagaMy Profile

  16. It really goes down to what you really want or look from your autoresponder.

    Some prefer 100% control over their list thus they like self-hosting or software solutions(just like Steve)

    Others like third party autoresponder.

    I use AWeber myself since 2005/6. Tried MailChimp and GetREsponse and others, and nothing comes better, easier to use and more reliable than AW.

    It’s my opinion after testing these solutions, and you might have a different view based on your testings, not on what others say about a service.

    I’d like to see more opinions, anyone guys?

    1. Hi Codrut,

      I can not judge Aweber because I have never used it. I have used MailChimp though and it more than meets my needs. I’ve also found it extremely easy to use.

      Still, being free others can always judge for themselves and if they find it lacking they can always export their list for another autoresponder.
      Sire recently posted…There’s More To Helium Than Meets the EyeMy Profile

  17. Hi Sire,

    First, thanks for mentioning me in the post with a link to my site and also listing me (2 links).

    We keep hearing, you need to build a list, the money is in the list etc. I know it’s true, because I manage the email list for some clients using Aweber, Infusionsoft and GetResponse.

    When it comes to choosing an autoresponder service, I think Aweber is very good and charges a premium price for it but I wouldn’t recommend it for a newbie who wants to do everything themselves, because Aweber only give you 1 month to master it, most newbie requires more time than this to learn to do emailing (unless they hire someone to do their email list management for them).

    Your post makes me really want to try Mailchimp myself now.

    Now, I think the time have come to see a different kind of email marketing being done, we hate the ones we know. Lets create a new generation of emailing that is done with taste, giving our subscribers a pleasant experience and that is welcomed by all.

    Ben Wan
    Ben Wan recently posted…How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through Social BookmarkingMy Profile

    1. Hi Ben, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have known about how they felt about affiliates and so I would never have thought to ask. In essence a great part of this post is due to your input and therefore I owed you the link. That second link was a reward for subscribing. :thumbup_tb:

      As for the email marketing, yes I think it’s time for a new breed of INTERNET marketers.
      Sire recently posted…DoFollow NoFollow War Compared To The Toilet Seat SagaMy Profile

    2. I completely agree with you and Sire about the need for a new breed of list owners. I am through with list owners who flood my email with crap sales material.

      As to MailChimp, I already have an account with them, the free account, which I have yet to do something about. I hope I can do something about it soon.

      I shall be watching out for Sire’s follow up posts regarding his experience with list building. Credibility-wise, you Sire is tops. :cool2_tb:

  18. Thanks for the info on Mailchimp / Aweber.

    Important part…

    “As long as you don’t have more than 1,000 subscribers and you don’t send more than 6000 emails a month your account is absolutely free.”

    Don’t think that I’m likely to have 1,000 subscribers for some time yet. LOL

    I’m already on your list.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Practice- practice- practice…My Profile

    1. You and me both Keith. I also don’t see myself making money out of my list, especially as I’m not going to be forcing stuff down my subscribers virtual throats like some people do.

      All I want is a little group of people who have joined because they want to be part of my list because they want to see blog updates in their inbox and because they like to hear what I have to say in those emails I send out.

      Thanks for joining mate.
      Sire recently posted…Why The List Hater Has His Very Own ListMy Profile

  19. Sire – I thought I was the only one who noticed a lot of people were recommending Aweber. I have only heard of mail chimp before but after reading your experience with it I think I might give it a try too.

    The features you get with mail chimp is great, but what really impressed me is the fact that you get all this with a free account.

    I haven’t really started to utilizing my mailing list yet, but when I do I will be using mail chimp instead of Aweber. Thanks for the honest review Sire.

    1. These guys have a reason for promoting Aweber so much John, one surrounded by Dollar signs. You can’t blame them really because they have to get their money back somehow.

      A lot of them defend using it too and that’s probably because they know they can’t use MailChimp because their campaigns are so full of affiliate links they wouldn’t be accepted anyway.
      Sire recently posted…The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Lists & List BuildingMy Profile

  20. Just want to toss out that I’ve been using MailChimp for a little while now, and I’ve got to agree with you. I’ve received some really great customer service from them.

  21. Twitter:
    You almost had me thinking about it Sire, as I don’t use anything right now. Then I thought and said “heck, if I can’t get him to set goals, I’m not going to use an autoresponder” and that was that. :cool1_tb:
    Mitch recently posted…Why We Don’t Trust Sales PeopleMy Profile

        1. Strange how things don’t work for you at times Mitch. It works fine for me :devil_tb:

          It supposed to highlight the next similar post in the same category which is supposed to lower the bounce rate.

  22. Well, well… quite a review Sire! I did one between Aweber, MailChimp and Constant Constant some months ago and I opted for Aweber, although all three had their own benefits.

    As I said before, I really liked that MailChimp was free up to 500 subscribers, although at the time I found Aweber easier to use.

    However, recently I’ve heard many great things about them from trusted sources (including you :-)) and understand they’ve really made some huge improvements as of lately.

    I think I will have to take a look at this again as I’m not quite yet at my 500 subscriber mark. Might as well as take advantage of a free service for as long as I can, right? ;-)

    Thanks again for the great review! Based on your recommendation, I will definitely be looking into it again.

    All the best.

    1. Hi Michelle, it probably wasn’t a totally fair review as the only thing I knew about Aweber was the price structure. Obviously I did use MailChimp and I simply couldn’t fault them so I saw no reason to pull out any cash to trial Aweber.

      Considering I’m not expecting to make any money out of my list I don’t see the point in paying for their service.

      Thanks so much for dropping by.

  23. I have heard a lot of good words about Aweber. Many of my friends are using it and they are even recommending it. Well, I guess I will have to check out MailChimp now. The free trial of 1000 subscribers looks extremely great!
    Jasmine recently posted…Malaysia Web Hosting WebServercommy ReviewMy Profile

    1. Jasmine, naturally it’s entirely up to you, but if you’re just starting up a list, who knows how long before it starts making money for you or if it ever does? Me, I’d be going for MailChimp.

  24. Twitter:
    I use to use MailChimp, but sadly I lost my account to the fact that their rules about “affiliate” was not clear. Now I am with awber and I love it.
    However, for a beginner, I think MC is great since you get so many things with the free version. But, if your niche has anything to do with affiliate marketing, or you are planning to use affiliate marketing words in your emails, you may not want to go that rout.
    Its really sad though, because I think MC is really great, but I think they lose lots of customers due to their rules about affiliate marketing.
    Anyway, thanks for the comparison.

    1. I suppose in a way they’re not worried about losing that particular type of customer because they’re trying to protect their image. I think they stick to their policy because they’re getting enough customers to get by on and their customers probably feel the same way about marketing that they do.

      I dislike the emails I get from people using Aweber because you never know where their link will take you. They’re as bad as cloaked links and I’ve yet to click on one.

      BTW, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn’t find a comment form?

      1. Twitter:
        Yeah, I guess I could understand the image protecting factor and it is true, they are very concerned about it.
        But, the problem is that most (well not most, maybe lots of) people who have lists, do sell affiliate products, at least once or twice, so thats why I think they lose a lot of customers who may very well be legitimate and law biting marketers.

        Thanks for visiting the blog. If you are talking about the sticky post (53 ways…), yeah, I was getting so many spams there that I had to disable comments for a while. But all the other posts are open for commenting. Sorry for the hassle and thanks again for visiting.
        satrap recently posted…How to Make Money on CraigsListMy Profile

        1. Well according to the response I got from them you can include affiliate links as long as…

          Also affiliate content can compliment newsletter content but can not be the entire focus of a message itself.

          The trouble for most people is that their newsletter is filled with nothing more than affiliate links or is entirely focused on them. I think that’s not necessary and I think my subscribers will appreciate me a whole lot more if I do things differently from the crowd.
          Sire recently posted…Are Your Goals For 2011 AchievableMy Profile

    1. Kimi, I would definitely try MailChimp first, and then if you don’t like it you can switch and you won’t have lost a cent. Personally, I think you’re going to love it.
      Sire recently posted…Are Your Goals For 2011 AchievableMy Profile

  25. You also have “knocked out” this post with an excellent review of MailChimp. I am also using it and up to now, I’m still on a free account. I’ve used their pre-designed templates on xMas and New Year and they worked like a charm. I can really say a lot about MailChimp but that defeats the purpose of your brilliant post :) Great! Go Chimp
    DiTesco recently posted…How To Make Your Visitors Spend More Time In Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Those templates are unreal aren’t they? The good thing is that you can alter them and then save them as your own for your own personal use. Sheer magic. :thumbup_tb:

  26. Sire~
    As always I learn a ton every time I visit your blog! Yes, mailchimp sounds impressive, just like some of your other commentors, I haven’t heard a lot about it! Thank you for opening my eyes!
    You have an awesome day!!

    1. Hi Linda, I do hope that you’ve been looking after yourself and that you’ve started 2011 off with a bang and that it turns out to be a very good year for you.

      I’m glad that you find my posts informative, at least I know I occasionally get it right.
      Sire recently posted…The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Lists & List BuildingMy Profile

  27. I have not yet tried Aweber, but started with Mailchimp and it works great.
    I can send 600 emails in month that is fine for me. Getting a service free of charge for which website like aweber charge high is some thing very special.

    1. As long as you have MailChimp Bilal I don’t think you’ll have any need for Aweber.

  28. I am now using Feedburner for my Feed and subscribes via email. Can I just export the email from Feedburner and import to mailchimp ?

    1. You sure can Tony.

  29. Sire@ MailChimp has lots of great features, so i think yes, i don’t need to leave it and try Aweber.

  30. Mailchimp is cool. I use it too for my online home business email marketing. It’s very easy and simple to use, second to madmimi. Aweber I have tried in the past, but I think it’s very complicated to use. For me I love simple systems to get things done faster and the emails can be automated in less time.

    1. I love keeping things simple, especially because at my age I don’t like to waste time learning something new unless I absolutely have to.

  31. Omnistar Mailer is the best email marketing software around. I increased by sales by 15 %

    1. Unless you’ve tried every email marketing software that’s around I don’t think you’re qualified to say that Scott. Notice I never said MailChimp was better than Aweber, I just gave reasons why I chose of over Aweber.

  32. See I just read a review yesterday about AWeber and how great they were, so I was convinced to use their service. But it was just glowing about them. With your review though, now I’m not so sure.

    Thanks for the comparison and not just the positive review. It helps much more.

    1. Aweber probably is very good Margaret, but the thing you have to keep in mind when reading reviews about it is that more often than not the person writing the review is probably an affiliate.
      Sire recently posted…Rotating Banner Problem Resolved By Max Banner AdsMy Profile

    1. So I take it the pros won Justin?

      1. Yes, though I didn’t compare it to Aweber as I hadn’t used the service, there were almost all pro’s with Mailchimp, the only con’s being that there was no way to bulk import from a CSV file and have it do a “confirmation email” to those bulk uploaded. So moving many RSS subscribers from another list into MailChimp could be improved.
        Justin Germino recently posted…10 Fantastic Windows Freeware ApplicationsMy Profile

        1. How long ago was it that you moved to MailChimp. I transferred my Feedburner subscribers to them without a problem but didn’t email them because I decided not to use that list, preferring to start a brand new one instead.

  33. I haven’t used Aweber in the past, but I have used MailChimp for quite a few different purposes. The use interface is easy and actually fun to use. The analytics are very in depth too. And hey, free under 500 subscribers? That’s a price I can deal with as well!

    1. Hey Ryan, you’re now actually allowed 1000 subscribers as part of you free account

  34. Hi Sire,

    I’ve been working with email lists for quite some time (over 20 years, at least). I designed and programmed the first two systems I used. (Yes, I’m an old dinosaur.)

    I’ve been a very happy customer at Aweber for quite some time and I’m pleased with their service.

    Over the last year, I’ve been investigating various email list management services so I’d know what to recommend to my clients (many of whom have local brick and mortar businesses).

    I’m recommending Mail Chimp to most people who ask me. They have a good service, lots of options, and good deliverability rates (depending upon what is included in the mailings).

    The main reason I’m recommending Mail Chimp, however, is that they “get” social networking better than their competitors and offer more features for interacting with Twitter and Facebook, which are important sites for many of my clients.

    I’m still fighting the “chemo fog” which makes it very difficult for me to think clearly and to do new things, but I have only one more treatment left and I’m looking forward to being able to implement some of the things I want to do, and that involves using both Aweber and Mail Chimp for myself and my clients.

    Most of my clients won’t surpass the number of subscribers and mailings that Mail Chimp allows with their free memberships, but, if they do, the rates are very reasonable for such a good service.

    Act on your dream!


    1. Hey John,

      it’s great to hear from you again mate. It’s good to hear that you’ve only one more treatment left too. I bet you’ll be glad to put all that behind you? It will be good to see you properly on your feet doing all those things you love best without chemo or anything else holding you back.

      I noticed that MailChimp let’s you connect with other social sites and that’s pretty important these days. I reckon it will take me a while to hit the magic 1000 number but until that happens it’s good to know that I’m getting all those features for Free.

      Look after yourself John.
      Sire recently posted…Rotating Banner Problem Resolved By Max Banner AdsMy Profile

  35. Hello Sire,

    I came across your comparison while searching for “aweber vs getresponse vs mailchimp reviews.” And I’m glad I did! Though familiar with Aweber (many of my clients use it) and GetResponse, I haven’t really put MailChimp through its paces. Today, I thought I’d give it another go.

    Your excellent review actually reminded me of why I left off giving it a thorough try-out. I ditched it because of the restrictions on affiliate links in the TOS.

    I use my own self-hosted autoresponder (ARP3) so affiliate links — if I want to use them — is not an issue. But I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any of my clients’ accounts getting shut down due to including an affiliate link in their emails to their customers or newsletter subscribers. It’s not likely that clients will revisit the TOS or remember such a restriction.

    It’s nice to know you were able to get a review of your newsletter from MC support and it was vetted even with an affiliate link. Maybe it would be good to train clients not to send subscribers anywhere from within their newsletter that isn’t a part of their own domain?

    1. Hi Vernessa,

      I’m glad you found this post of some value. In regards to affiliates, the affiliate link I included was to MailWasher Pro, the anti-spam software that I use to filter all the crap I get in my inbox.

      As you can see that link has nothing to do with my domain but it was still acceptable because it wasn’t the focus of my campaign. What they’re worried about is that people will send out campaigns whose only focus is to promote affiliates, which many find annoying, and they don’t want their image stained by that.

      I hope that makes sense.
      Sire recently posted…Rotating Banner Problem Resolved By Max Banner AdsMy Profile

  36. I’ve been using Icontact which is cheaper than Aweber but more expensive than Mailchimp. Never heard anybody recommend it before or I would probably be there too.

  37. I long ago killed my relationship with aweber. it was a suck. terrible!!!!

    Mailchimp was exactly me and while it’s free up to 1K subs, I’m paying the 10$/month right now anyways. It’s freaking so nice.

    They are a company I adore, love, and trust. They are a company I look up to as I build my own.

    I just got my free t-shirt in the mail today too. Going to pimp it this weekend when I meet Chris Guillebeau!

    1. Way to go Scott. I heard they gave that t-shirt to all paying members. Who knows, if my list ever gets so big I have to join I may get one as well.

      Nice to hear from someone who’s been using them for awhile.
      Sire recently posted…Of Good Hosts And Bad Hosts- Beware The Bad HostsMy Profile

  38. Hey Sire, I missed this post, but just saw it in your Cluv signature and had to check it out.

    I still didn’t set up my subscription box but I signed up for MailChimp the other day.

    I wanted something but aweber sounded too expensive for something I had no idea if it will work.

    So I am very glad I read this, it shows me so much more even before I started using it.

    I still need to set it up but this will help me focus on certain thing. Thanks!

    1. Brankica, you’re going to love it. It’s so easy to get started and you don’t need to have a product to sell to your list. Do as I do and use it to keep your subscribers updated when you do a new post. Don’t use it to simply try and sell them stuff, but if you do come across something that you think they will like, and you use it yourself, then include that your campaign along with the link to your post.

      I reckon if you keep the campaigns short and personal they’ll love you for it.

  39. Nice one sire and I too have heard some great customer support review of Mailchimp but for now I’m stuck with Aweber and only thing which I hate about them is they charge a lot… Specially with the speed my list is growing..I’m kind of getting anxious …and finding it a trouble in long run..!!

    1. I can see a lot of people using Aweber who would find that it’s just not cost effective because their list isn’t producing enough income to cover it’s cost. This could cause them to try harder thereby spamming their subscribers and ruining their reputation.

      I prefer not to go that route which is why I settled for MailChimp.
      Sire recently posted…Of Good Hosts And Bad Hosts- Beware The Bad HostsMy Profile

  40. Hey Sire! Wow, I didn’t realize I was getting so ripped off by aweber. I thought that my monthly fee went up from $19 at some point and it may have been when I reached 500 subscribers. Wish I knew about mail chimp (or other autoresponder services) when I first started.

    First time here, cause you found me on my site! Looking forward to learning from you!

    1. Welcome Susan,

      it’s not that you’re getting ripped off it’s just that you could get have had a free service for up to 1000 subscribers.

      Well done on getting over 500 subscribers, but then I’m not surprised considering the wealth of information on your blog.
      Sire recently posted…A Collaboration Of Bloggers- The Synergy Of Blogging And BusinessMy Profile

  41. I’m a huge fan of Mail Chimp also. I was using FeedMail Pro, but they shut down. When I was looking at where to migrate my list to, it was a hands-down easy decision to go with Mail Chimp. Maybe someday I’ll switch over to Aweber, but since I have a small list at this time, there is no reason not to go with the awesome free service at MC.

    1. Todd, even once I reach the 1000 subscribers I still see no reason to change. Shit, what if I made the change only to find that I didn’t like what Aweber had to offer? Nah, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it is what I always say. :smoke_tb:

      1. To be honest, I’m probably right there with ya. :)

  42. As a mail chimp user myself I have to agree. Far lower bounce rate than other services I have tried.

  43. Sire, that’s a decent quota allowed within the free membership level. It is certainly very attractive for anyone just starting out as free is a pretty good price to pay. I wonder if you can create multiple accounts – maybe I should just read the TOS. Michael.

    1. It is pretty good isn’t it?

      You can have multiple lists Michael and choose between lists when sending out campaign so you don’t need to set up multiple accounts.
      Sire recently posted…How To Make Money Off A Popular PostMy Profile

  44. And it is even now has more value for been free…2000 email subscribers and 12000 emails per month
    But Sire, what I do not understand is that 12000 emails per month, does that if I have 2000 subscribers, I can only send 6 emails to each monthly? am confused, am pretty new to this, thanks…trying to prove if the money is really in the list for a new niche…

  45. Really good article and I was referred over to read it by Kim Castleberry when I was concerned including the occasional referral in my own email may violate the ToS. Based on the reply you have I should be in compliance with my own newsletters which like yours are more about showcasing content and providing content than selling products to my readers.
    Justin Germino recently posted…Add Social Sharing Buttons with Custom SharebarMy Profile

      1. So far been using them a little over a year but only do a newsletter every month or two. I really like the social media sharing ability and even retweeting old newsletters can net me new subscribers to my mailing list sometimes.
        Justin Germino recently posted…How Technology Bloggers Can Deal With Writers’ BlockMy Profile

        1. Yeah, it’s a real winner as far as I’m concerned.

  46. Hey Sire, I have been using Aweber for a year or 2 and after reading this blog post from you, it really tempts me to change to MailChimp. Do you have any idea on how difficult is it to switch from Aweber to MC?

    1. I don’t know how big your list is Gal but if it’s within the free limit why not join and give it a try. If the transfer works you can always leave Aweber later,

  47. I just had a discussion with one of my subscribers about MailChimp, Sire – he definitely supports you on this one.

    However, the big point here is what’s the purpose of your list, IMHO.

    MailChimp definitely wouldn’t be able to support my Traffic Generation Cafe list; it would actually be more expensive in the end, last time I checked.

    That’s why we have alternatives I suppose. :)

    Ana recently posted…How to Build an Email List 101My Profile

    1. That is what choice is all about Ana. Everyone’s situation is different and it’s good that different systems exist to satisfy their needs.

      I would be a fool using Aweber as I would merely be throwing money away as my list is so small and it will be ages before it grows so big that I would have to pay.
      Sire recently posted…Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your ListMy Profile

  48. Aweber is certainly very expensive but it has the most features than any other auto-responder, anyway I agree that people who have a small list should probably choose an auto-responder like mailchimp

    1. Yes, and those who like myself do not expect to make money from their list.

  49. We’ve used mailchimp and I think it is great, just seems to be all there, most mailing systems promise everything but this one actually delivers and makes it easy. they also do it with a bit of style, the chimp complimented me on my new shirt today! Just seems like it is run by humans, you can ask a question and they give you an honest response, if there is a problem they just explain why and what they ar doing to sort it. top marks from me

  50. I was actually looking to implement a newsletter opt in form and even tough I’ve previously heard about Aweber (who hasn’t) I’ve decided to look for some alternatives (ok, ok cheaper alternatives) and so I’ve stumbled on your article about MailChimp.

    I must say it does sound really good considering the fact that I’ll probably won’t have as many subscribers…at least at first. Looking at Mail Chimp’s pricing page I see that the free account supports up to 2k subscribers and 12k mails/month. Of course there are some features that the other (paid) subscriptions are offering but for a small blog (or one that is just getting started) I think the FREE FOREVER account is more than enough.

    1. It still has a lot of features divatz, I’m sure you’re going to love it as much as I do.

    1. That’s true Bill and if my list ever gets over 1000 I’m happy enough to pay to keep their service.

  51. I have just been researching this for 4 hours and have committed to MailChimp. Folks seem quite stoked with it, after signing up and looking around, excited to get this going. Thanks for the confirmation review that I made the right choice. Ahoy!

    1. I’m sure you did Scott :wink_ee:

  52. I am using Mad Mimi for email marketing purpose which i think is better than Aweber and MailChimp for newbie bloggers. This guide is also help. Keep it up !!

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