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Why I Bought The Ajax Edit Comment Plugin

G’day guys! welcome back to WassupBlog. This post is all about introducing you to the paid version of Ajax Edit Comments. Many of you have probably come across this plugin in your travels and I’m sure you appreciate how it allows you the opportunity to correct your comment once you’ve published it. Depending on how the blogger has set it you may be able to change your email, url or even delete the comment completely as long as you do it within the time constraints set by the blogger.

Other features that are built into it include a spell check as well as the facility to increase the comment box so that you’re not typing in a constrained space, if you so wish. What I love about this plugin is that like CommentLuv Premium it also has certain features that reward the blogger. Although I’m going to list those features that sold me on this plugin I’ve also put together a quick video so that you can see some of them in action.

Ajax Edit Comment Features

As the blog owner you now have power to manage those comments that have strayed from your comment policy. Don’t have a comment policy? :nono_tb: Perhaps it’s time that you put one together. Anyway, here are some of the things that you can do with Ajax Edit Comments.

  • Edit, moderate, and manage comments from a post or a page which comes in really handy saving you a lot of time by not having to do it from the dashboard when you’re in the middle of replying to your commentators.
  • Bulk-mark comments as spam through the Blacklist feature which is great for those people who constantly spam your blog.
  • Move comments from post to post:  I never thought I would use this feature until I came across this comment that had nothing to do with a particular post but was perfect for another one.
  • E-mail the user directly from their comment comes in handy when you want to thank a commentator for leaving a spectacular comment or chastise them for leaving a piss poor comment.

Being a premium plugin it also allows you many ways to configure the plugins enabling it to work the way you want it to as well as allowing you yo customise the way it looks.

As good as the plugin is I asked in the forums whether they would be able to build a feature into it that allowed a user to submit a comment without the page reloading which would save a lot of resources. They thought it was a good idea but wondered how many users would want this feature? Sounds like a great idea for a poll.

Would You Like To Submit A Comment Without Having To Wait For The Page To Reload?

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  1. Sounds like it offers some nice features that would be handy for blogs with a high degree of comment traffic. Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. Always a pleasure Allan, you know that :drunk_tb:

  2. Hi Sire,

    I installed this plug-in after seeing it on you site. A few years ago, I had an Edit plugin on one of my sites, but I disabled it since it was buggy, and some of my users had issues leaving a comment. I’m loving this plug-in, and have went ahead and installed it on a few of my other sites too.

    Because of this plug-in, I’m able to disable a few plugins like the ‘move comment’s plug in that I had installed. I didn’t have to use it often, but it sure was handy when a person put a comment in the wrong place. Anything that decreases the amount of Plug-ins I use is ‘pure win’.

    With my gaming site, I get a ton of normal comments, and lots of spam too. Do you have any suggestions of a good plugin? I used to have one that remembered the spammers info and automatically tossed them in the spam bin. Unfortunately, the developer stopped updating it.

    Regarding your poll, I voted yes. I’d love to see that feature added in an upcoming update.
    Opal recently posted…Natural glass cleaner; earth friendly recipesMy Profile

      1. No worries Opal, it’s always nice knowing you can answer your own question :laugh_tb:

  3. Hey, cool features but i guess it’s only worthwhile if your get A LOT of comments. In addition, I’m pretty sure commentluv has some pretty nifty comment editing features?

    1. Nope, I don’t believe CommentLuv has editing features at all Sandip, apart from allowing you to remove the luv that is.

      1. My bad – well this just ups the value of this plugin in that case. But we never know when it comes to Andy – he’s already releasing a bunch of extra features and this might be something in the pipeline for CL. In the meantime though, this is cool for those that get a lot of comments like you

        1. Yep, Andy is pretty remarkable and I’m sure he always has something up his sleeve. I even contributed a suggestion when he asked his subscribers for ways of improving it so something will certainly happen soon. People who haven’t purchased it yet should be considering it.

  4. Spell check looks to be a killer feature, it is so annoying to visit sites with comments full of spelling mistakes.

    1. Yes it is James and it’s there for those who wish to use it.

    1. The smileys are actually another plugin that I use Roz and I have always loved using them. :wub_tb:

      As for the time limit that is configurable by the blogger. I’ve set it for five minutes but it can be set to whatever you want.

      As to correcting their spelling. That’s not for me to do, especially now that I’ve installed this plugin. :smile2_ee:

    1. Hey Saidul,

      no, I don’t think you can. I’m pretty sure it only works on WordPress. It’s one of the reasons I love having a WordPress blog, there are so many plugins available for it.

  5. That’s a nifty little tool with some great features.I’ve never heard of it up until now.
    Having the opportunity to correct your comment once you’ve published it is a really useful feature to have.

    Please take a look at my recent post:Humax Foxsat HDR

    1. I think so too Will. :smoke_tb:

    2. The wordpress dashboard already has a few basic editing features built-in in the comment section. For a blog such as mine where the comments are well within manageable levels, it is good enough (although, of course, I have to endure the trouble of getting into the wp dashboard just to edit comments). :) But I’m sure that for blogs like Sire’s which is teeming with life from so many commenters, this plugin is very handy and makes things easier to manage.

      I’m wondering though how the creators of this plugin could call it an ‘Ajax’ plugin when, as you wrote above, it lacks the feature of submitting a comment without the need to reload the page. Because I thought Ajax is all about ‘no-need to reload’. :)

      1. I think James it’s because the editing features work without having to reload the page :wink_ee:

        1. Ooops, I forgot it’s called ‘Ajax Edit Comment’ plugin. The ajax part is in the editing, not in submitting comments. :)

          Anyways, I voted Yes in the ‘Would You Like To Submit A Comment Without Having To Wait For The Page To Reload?’ poll. :)

          1. I think it would be a great feature James. I even mentioned it to Andy to see if he could include it in the next update of commentluv premium. It will be interesting to see who comes up with it first. :wink_ee:

  6. I noticed this plugin the first time you installed it, and I must say that I like very much!

    I just voted “yes” to your survey

    1. I’m glad you like it Albert because I installed it for you guys as much as I did it for myself.

  7. i noticed you already have commentluv installed on your blog, so I was going to ask you wat ajax does, but after submitting the comment it gave me an option to edit, so no need to tell that.. :p

    But do you still need comment luv in spite of having ajax.?? I mean doesn’t it provide the functionalities provided by comment luv. Am asking you this cuz I was thinking about buying commentluv for my blog.

    1. Yes you do omar as they do two completely different jobs. One allows the user to edit their comments and the other rewards them for leaving a comment.

  8. I hope other bloggers will do the same thing. You’re also investing in your ‘comment section’ because honestly, readers/ visitors are also interested in the discussion. I think it balances the blog post.
    Claire recently posted…Date Night at MT’s ChophouseMy Profile

    1. I’ve always believed in making it as easy as possible to leave a comment Claire and giving them the option to correct any mistakes they may make is just taking it that little bit further.

  9. Our blog receives about 5 comments a day, so I wonder if there’s a need for us to buy the Ajax software. Either way, it seems to be a fairly straight-forward simple program to use. Thanks for the heads-up!
    Corey recently posted…Evolving Interactive News Open for Guest Blog PostsMy Profile

    1. Apart from the obvious features for the blogger don’t forget that it’s also comes in handy for the commentator.

  10. Great Plugin! Saves a lot of time if you can manage your comments right from the frontend. I love it :)


    1. Glad you like it Jasmin.

  11. This is a great plugin, especially if you’re moving a comment to another post. Seems pretty handy too! Thanks Sire for letting us know about this plugin!
    Sanjay recently posted…How to Create Plastic Buttons in PhotoshopMy Profile

    1. You know me Sanjay, always happy to pass on any useful information that I come across.

  12. AJAX plugin is undeniably useful especially for the commentator. I personally find myself benefited from the use of it before. I actually type in a wrong email I think and was able to edit it since the site is using this plugin. It would really be a great idea if sites will be able to add this plugin not only for the benefits of the commentators but also of the site owners too.

    1. Yep, that’s the one thing it has in common with CommentLuv Premium, it benefits both the commentator and the blogger.

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