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Why Google+ Will Give FaceBook A Run For It’s Money

I’ve done two posts concerning Google’s +1 button, namely Google+1 Showing Others Their Stamp Of Approval and Which Is Of More Value A Tweet Or Google’s +1? The funny thing was that a lot of people were comparing the +1 to FaceBooks like button and I thought it was so much more than that. It’s still my opinion that Google will factor people’s +1s into their search algorithm.

Google+ changes all that now that they’re live and FaceBook should be worried because unlike +1 Google+ is their direct competition. I’ve only joined Google+ today and already I’m loving it better than FaceBook. While there are similarities it’s features are so much better. So much so that I’ve heard FaceBook are so worried they are working on some major revamping just so they can remain in contention. So let’s look at some of the features:

  1. Circles: This is the best thing about Google+ and is one of the reasons it will leave FaceBook for dead. Once you’ve joined you can organise all the people you follow into ‘Circles’ As you can see I have one Circle just for my Blogger buddies. I’ve also got one for Family, Friends and Acquaintances. You can have as many circles as you want.
  2. Selective Streams: This is directly related to your Circles. When you post something in the stream you can select exactly who sees it. It can be made completely public or you can select a particular Circle or even several Circles giving you complete control of who sees your posts.
  3. Self Promotion: When adjusting your profile you can add as much of yourself as you like thereby selling yourself to whoever is viewing your profile. Make sure when you do this you do not forget adding links to those sites you wish to promote
  4. Google+ Hangouts: This is so cool that it probably has FaceBook and Skype quaking in there boots. Who knows, perhaps Skype sold to Microsoft because they knew this was coming. When youstart a hangout you can invite up to 10 people to have a video conference and it’s absolutely free. Completely unheard of in FaceBook and you have to pay to use this feature in Skype.
  5. Sparks: Is just like your news reader. Clicking this presents you a selection of categories of what’s hot now or you simply type in your search term to find what you’re interested in.
Creating your circle is as easy as dragging the photos of the people you know into the circle of your choice. If they’re not lucky enough to be a member yet you can invite them by clicking on the ‘Add a new person’ icon on the left while you’re in the Circle page. If it doesn’t recognise the name you just type in their email address. Nothing will happen though unless you complete one more step. Click on the Home icon which will take you to the ‘Stream’ page (FaceBooks newsfeed) where you will post something making sure you share it with your new invites. Google will then send them an email of your post complete with link for them to join.
Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure there is a lot more to learn but considering I’ve only just joined I reckon I’ve done pretty well. Heck I know more about Google+ than I do about FaceBook and that’s alone says a lot. If you haven’t joined yet do it now because this is one social media group you don’t want to miss out on.
Have you got anything interesting about Google+ that you want to share with everybody?
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  1. I really wasn’t looking at Google’s +1 this way. I thought they were replicating Facebook’s Like button, but apparently they have a lot in mind then just doing that (after all we’re talking about the great Google here).

  2. Thanks for the info Peter – you’re a man with his finger on the pulse.

    Question about your Google +1 button.
    Notice that you have it in two places.
    I’ve given you a +1 in both places, so does that count as two?

    And… have you used the Google code or a plugin for the +1 buttons?

    Cheers Peter

    Keith Davis recently posted…The Coolest Voice on the InternetMy Profile

  3. I’m on Google+ as well. I like it, but I have to admit that I’m a bit confused about some of the features. That’s okay, I was confused about Facebook features/privacy settings at first as well and now they seem like second nature. Still wondering what “hide” and “block” is all about.

    Also, will Google+ have an answer to Facebook Pages for promotion of one’s business, service, or blog? I’ve seen some people create separate accounts for their websites, wondering if that’s all there is to it.

    Not exactly sure how the +1 “like” type feature works, either. It seems to be more a combination of Facebook like and Stumble, but I’m not certain about that.

    I do like that I can import my Picasa Web albums and share them with Family. I’ve used Picasa’s free photo editing/upload service for years. What I don’t like is how easy it is to click on the wrong circle when adding new friends to a circle. I could easily click on “Family” by accident when I mean to click on “Following”.

    Oh, and I see that some people have added me without adding me to a circle. Not sure how that works.

    All will become apparent in time, hopefully. :) As for now, I’m still a little wary until I gain a full understanding of the privacy features.

    1. For now Heather I’m going to use Google+ about page as my ‘FaceBook’ page. I reckon most people who check out your profile will click on that link. Should prove more popular than the FB page in the long run.

      If you accidentally put someone in the wrong circle it’s very easy to remove them, just highlight and click remove, then put them in the right circle.

      The +1 is exactly like FB’s like, just click on it whenever you find something you like.

      Like you said, it wll all become second nature soon enough.
      Sire recently posted…How Art Can Make The Naked Form More AcceptableMy Profile

      1. Heather, Google is working on business pages for Google +. They said that they will take down any G+ pages that are about business soon. They want to keep the personal pages personal.

        So if you set up G+ under your business name…don’t get upset if they shut it off. I would say it would be better to set it up as you and not just push your business…if all the links you post lead only to your own site, it is possible they will pick that up and delete you. (I am not positive about linking to your owns site only but, you just never know with G and it would be terrible to build it up just to loose it.)
        Sheryl recently posted…Board statisticsMy Profile

          1. Yes, I think having some is fine as long as you have a mix of them with links to other sites also.

  4. Facebook can easily adapt and implement the new google features like circles within 1 or 2 month, so this alone is no reason why google plus would be superior because the essential function, the recommendation, is existing at facebook a long time ago.

    1. I’m sure they will adapt but I’m afraid by the time they do it may be too late. I say this for the following reasons;

      • It’s been my experience that once you lose market share to a new idea it’s very hard to win it back
      • The amount of dissatisfaction with FaceBook right now. I hear a lot of people complaining because they don’t like some of the changes. They will jump at the chance to try something new and if they like it they won’t move back.
      • Too many kids and non professionals on Facebook which isn’t helped by the amount of games they have made available. Google+ may attract a different crowd, perhaps one that is more likely to appeal to the business orientated

      No, I reckon FaceBook will be to Google+ what MySpace is to FaceBook.
      Sire recently posted…Las Vegas More Than Just CasinosMy Profile

      1. Very solid points Sire and I agree with all of them especially the third one. What would you advertise to people who love to waste all their time on farmville? Fertilizer? :)

        I bet Facebook knows what’s coming for them they had to hire that hacker guy George Hotz. Who would Facebook want George to hack?

        1. James, perhaps Google doesn’t want those sort of people? :laugh_tb:

    1. Hey Mitch, you will see the hangout icon on your right when you’re on the Home page.

      Don’t worry too much about it, we’re pretty well all still learning about it and I’m sure Google has some more ideas it will build into it as time goes by.
      Sire recently posted…How Should You Treat Your Affiliates?My Profile

  5. Ah, me… yet another social network to try to learn. I can see where it would beat out Facebook, while some claim it bo the be-all, end-all of marketing tools, I really have had little use for it. Maybe I’ll shift my facebook time to Google+ and just dump FB.

  6. I have never been much of a facebook person even though I checked it everyday. I just couldn’t find silly things to post like “On my way to work” and such. Google+ seems to give you not only the connection to family and friends Facebook gives you but also the people you like to follow like on Twitter. Basically it’s like having Facebook and Twitter rolled up into one nice place. All the other features simply make this concept even better. I look forward to figuring out how to connect my youtube, Blogger, Reader, Picasa and Gmail sites all with Google+ and have one central location to control them all.

    I know there are no “Fan pages” on Google+ yet but Google does have Google Sites which can be somehow connected and used as Google Fan pages if Google mixes it up with Google+. I think this could be a great idea.

    1. Chuck, I’ve never been much of a FaceBook fan either, in fact if I go on more than once a week I reckon I’ve been over doing it.

      I have a few ideas for Google+ myself, heck I may even write a post about them.
      Sire recently posted…Your Guest Poster Breaks The Rules! Now What?My Profile

  7. I think Google+ is more comprehensive and targeted than Facebook. I just joined Google+ and am excited to check out what amazing things it has to offer.

    1. Hi Anne, I have to agree with you. :thumbup_tb:

  8. Fb is going to have a hard time. It should start looking for buyers else we might have another myspace in the making. I guess it is not their problem, social networking sites are short lived in most cases.

    1. I don’t think they will give up without a fight shans.

  9. You have given a completely different picture of Google+ which is different from what I have imagined and heard. As an internet marketer I am loving the option of video conference. It means that we can easily conduct a webinar without paying this is something really AWEsoMe.

    1. Sounds good doesn’t it Stephen, and to think it’s early days so who know what other goodies Google has in store for us.

      1. Obviously Sire and yeah Google has already facilitated us by different services like analytics, webmaster tools etc but sometimes Google seems like a threat for my privacy :(

        1. Your privacy was threatened the minute you made yourself available online Stephen.

  10. I am not a fan of Google trying to get into the socail market but I guess to each his own.

    1. Why not David?

  11. now facebook also has video chat but i think many are not using or maybe many dont even know that facebook has launched videochat!
    but in google plus u can have groupchat unlike facebook

    1. Video chat alone is old hat, you can even have that on MSN, but conference calls, now that is pretty good.

  12. I like google + but I still think they will have an up hill battle to be anywhere near as popular as facebook. Once its completely open it may have a surge of popularity but I don’t think it will last.

    1. Personally I think they will become a major player but only time will tell.

  13. I like everything about google + I ve been using it since my friend sent me an invitation and I think it will be a tough competitor to facebook.

  14. We can’t deny the fact that these days, facebook has a lot of followers or users. So, I think Google sense great money about it, which in fact very true. Facebook and Google working side by side could become very powerful, no one can argue with that.

    1. I can’t see them working side by side Antonia, if anything they’ll be trying to shove each other out of the way as they jostle for front position. :lol_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your ListMy Profile

  15. While this article has given me some new ideas to consider – I just ultimately don’t see it. I think facebook has such a massive market advantage when it comes to social media – that ultimately google is in a position – search engines like yahoo were in against google just a few years ago. Despite all their efforts while bloggersphere might pick up on it. The average 30-50 something will ignore it. Making significantly less relevant then Google hopes it to be.

  16. While I have not yet used Google plus myself, I have several friends who have also said that it is much better and simpler than facebook and what facebook used to be. If Google can manage to keep their interface clean, and keep it easy like most of the Google products are, then the chances of success for Google plus is great! Facebook has gotten too cluttered with all the spammy apps, etc. One big hurdle in my opinion though will be getting awareness out there.

    Till then,


    1. I’m sure with the amount of people out there promoting it that the awareness factor won’t be too much of an issue.

  17. I have not yet signed up for Google+. I will wait a while to see how others are doing and if it’s for me. I also originally thought it was competition for Facebook, but from all the posts available on the net, it seems they are somewhat moving in another direction.

  18. I have never really be impressed with Facebook even though it is so popular. If something really good comes along, it can knock it off of it’s throne.

  19. I really hate giving Google too much of my info but after reading this post, I’m going to try it out. I like the circles idea. Hopefully, Facebook will come up with something comparative to keep the competition up.

  20. This deveopment by Google may be a little too ate .The trend (for Facebook )at least ) is for people who have previously been active in social networks to deactivate their accounts .Facebook is loosing 100,000 users every month in the UK alone and 500,000 deactivations across the world ,monthly.Could it be we all really prefer face to face interactions after al?

    Suzette in Manchester England

    1. It’s never too late to get into the market if you have a product that is better than the competition. Having it and not trying would be a mistake.

  21. This deveopment by Google may be a little too ate .The trend (for Facebook )at least ) is for people who have previously been active in social networks to deactivate their accounts .Facebook is loosing 100,000 users every month in the UK alone and 500,000 deactivations across the world ,monthly.Could it be we all really prefer face to face interactions after al? correct???

    1. No, I think the reason FaceBook is losing customers because they have made changes that customers don’t like and so they are leaving because they no longer like it.Now that Google+ is available I think you will find the exodus will increase.

  22. I often used to think that there should be online change and when I got invitation for Google + and explore it,I was very happy at that time.You can manage your own groups and security parameters are excellent.

    1. I reckon a lot of people were waiting for something other than FaceBook to be born Khan

  23. Before even reading your post, I figured it was high time I joined Google +, especially as I was sent an invite about 10 days ago or so and still had yet to join. After using it for maybe 15 minutes, I’d say one of my first impressions was that the layout was a lot simpler (and in my opinion) much more user-friendly than Facebook. Facebook seems to change its design every other day, so I still find myself a bit lost sometimes as to how to navigate it. Google + seems much more intuitively easy to use. Excited to search around a bit to see all of the features it offers..

    1. Great minds must think alike Petra because I was thinking the very same thing. :lol_ee:

  24. Twitter:
    Ah, I see my smiling face in your blogging circle. So nice to be there too Sire. And you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been very active on Google+ either. I have not had time to play around in it yet. But I do like the way they have the circles set up so you can choose who sees your posts and who doesn’t. Just in case you post something that has nothing to do with your family and they aren’t interested, you don’t have to waste their time. I love that.

    The video chat is going to be a feature I can see myself using a lot once they open this site up to everyone. I hate that you have to pay for this service on Skype but I can see since that’s all Skype is about, they need to make money somewhere. And Facebook I can probably see getting smarter about this down the road. I hate the way they have their lists set up. What a royal pain.

    Although at the time you wrote this you just signed up I have a feeling you’re going to be sharing more down the road of some of the other cool features you’ve learned. Will really look forward to that.

    Thanks for sharing and helping us understand how beneficial this site is going to be.


    1. One never knows what I am going to write about Adrienne, but you may be right, it could well be an update on Google+

      As for the blogging circle, how could I not have you in it. :drunk_tb:

      I’ve still got lot’s to learn but one thing is for sure I’m using Google+ a lot more than FaceBook

  25. Finally, some serious competition for Facebook. Although Google is a near-monopoly too, still I’m not a big fan of Facebook with their privacy issues and clunky way to organize your contacts. Choice is good. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Google+ account yet, hope they open it soon to the masses.

    1. Actually because of the new influx of people I thought they had opened it up to the masses. When was the last time you tried to join up?

  26. Hi Sire, I just tried a few minutes ago and got a message saying they’ve exceeded capacity and try again soon… can’t wait :)

    1. Hey Stephanie, I heard the trick was to keep trying and that after several attempts you’ll get accepted. Hope it works for you.

  27. If there is one thing that Google knows how to do, is to dominate their competition. They have always been the best at what they do, so look for Google to reach the highly set bar that Facebook made or even go past it in the future. I agree with you, when I saw the Google+’s features, I was amazed by it.

    1. FaceBook has the distinct advantage of being there before Google but even so I am sure Google will give them a run for their money.
      Sire recently posted…A Review Of WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

  28. Google needs to stay on top of this, they need to keep making it better but also easier.
    I am a bit less positive about this than you Sire, because as with Internet Explorer, Firefox, chrome, opera, actually any browser used to be or still is better than internet explorer. But still most people use IE. It is taking a really long time. And if almost nobody you know is on Google+ but everybody is on Facebook, then it’s difficult to be interested. It’s like you walk into the most awesome city ever, but it’s totally deserted.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. I don’t know, most people I know use FireFox and a lot of people have also switched to Google Chrome. When these companies come up with these new products they don’t expect to get all the market share, all they want is a nice slice of it.

      1. Yes, but that is now. After so long.
        And I guess most of the people you know know a bit more about computers than the people who just use it for sending an email and shopping online.
        And for a browser you don’t need it to be popular already to get new people. But with Google+, as long as it stays very quiet, it will be less attractive to a big group of fb and twitter users.

        But I am still on your side. I am a Google+ fan, I just believe it will take a bit longer. Unless Google does something genius that will get everybody to use Google+.
        Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

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