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Where Has All The Spam Gone?

Spam is a blight on blogs. I like to think of spammers as vultures or seagulls hovering above the blogs looking for a tasty morsel that they can descend on and devour. In our case those tasty morsels are dofollow blogs as well as those using CommentLuv and KeyWordLuv. If you’re one of those bloggers who are being inundated with spam you should read on because you’re going to find this post really interesting.

It’s because spam has always been a pain is the ass that I’m always on the lookout to find stuff that will help me to control it. Heck, you ask almost any blogger and they’ll tell you how monitoring and deleting spam will take up a good portion of their blogging time.

In Search Of The Spam Busters

Akismet would have to be the first ever plugin I used to combat spamming and it is so good I have it in my spam busting arsenal. Unfortunately as good as it is, it’s not quite enough. That’s when I installed GASP, to put a stop to all the Robot Spam. And yet it still wasn’t enough and it’s one of the reasons I put my hand into my cyberspace pocket, i.e. PayPal to purchase CommentLuv Premium which had an updated, more powerful version of GASP installed

Enter ComentLuv Premium Spam Buster

It’s because spammers are always on the lookout to circumvent whatever plugin you’re using that we have to thank people like Andy who are keeping track of their shenanigans by updating their plugins, speaking of which you should see what Andy has done to make CommentLuv Premium even better.

  • Minimum amount of keyups on comment?: Let’s face it, spammers know that you’re not going to accept those “Great post” type comments anymore and so now preparing their comments before hand so they can copy and paste them directly into your comment form. I’m sure you’ve seen similar comments posted those blogs you’ve been reading? Well, the new updates have nipped that in the bud!
  • Banned search terms: The updated version of CommentLuv Premium now lets you nominate those search terms that you want to ban so that users get notified before entering your blog that you will not tolerate crappy spammy comments

Just watch the video to see how it works.

Did you notice the clickable banner on the top left of the video? How about the cover image I used? Notice how it’s the same image I used in the post.  The cover image is a great way to promote your brand or to overcome the random image that YouTube’s uses when displaying your video. Well, rather than going into all that here why don’t you read my Review Of Easy Video Press!

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This Post Has 19 Comments

  1. I should probably look into buying commentluv premium. I already really like the option to get them to share the post socially to link to older posts. The spam buster sounds like a great feature too. The part about checking for minimum keyups is very smart. Those would almost always be robotic spam or someone just copy & pasting some generic comment.
    Jeremy recently posted…Blog Commenting Etiquette BasicsMy Profile

    1. Jeremy, there are a lot of cool features to CommentLuv Premium. One of my favourites is it really helps to get your name out there. Just hover over the heart at the end of the comment I’m going to leave on your post :wink:

      1. Oh I hadn’t noticed that feature at all. Ok I’m adding looking into CommentLuv Premium to my to do list. I’ll definitely buy it via your link if I decide it is worth the money. I’ve never bought a plugin before so I gotta justify it to myself. Yeah I know, I’m cheap lol.
        Jeremy recently posted…Blog Commenting Etiquette BasicsMy Profile

        1. Yeah, it’s pretty cool isn’t it? I have to admit it was years before I bought my first plugin, now I have several of them.

    1. That’s why the video is there Mitch, that and as an example of how good Easy Video Press is. :smoke_tb:

  2. It’s probably better not to allow comments on your blog. The only problem is that you won’t receive constructive criticism or positive feedback.

    1. A blog with no comments would be like a court with no lawyers Robert, boring as hell :laugh_tb:

  3. Sire, I agree with you. Comments are very important. Unfortunately, most bloggers get a lot of spam. That can be really annoying.

    1. Yep, which is why the smart ones use the right tools to help them combat spam.

  4. Fab post Sire, I had never even heard of comment luv until a couple of days ago but after doing a little searching it seems a lot of people are using it.

    Is it really worth paying for the premium plugin though (is it that much better). I especially like the idea of banning search terms, it will help prevent all those scrapebox spammers building up their lists.

    1. If I didn’t think it was worth it Lee I wouldn’t have bought it.

  5. Twitter:
    I LOVE CommentLuv Premium and Andy continues to do a fabulous job with it. He’s always updating it and making it better for us.

    Great post Sire and video showing everyone why this is a killer plug-in and oh yeah, it definitely cuts down on spam big time. Heck, it’s my favorites plug-in of all time.

    Okay guys, if you don’t have this fantastic plug-in get it from Sire. You will not be sorry I promise.


    1. Hey Adrienne, you do know that you’re not utilizing all the features of CommentLuv Premium don’t you? Hover your mouse over the heart in the link in your comment and then do the same to the one in my comment on your blog to see what I mean.

      Oh, thanks for the plug :thumbup_tb:

      1. Twitter:
        Some I am and some I’m not. I don’t share posts Sire with my followers until I know they’re going to be online. I don’t always comment during those times so I save them to share later so that’s what some people don’t understand. :-)

  6. I use CommentLuv on my blog and like how it filters out all of the spam. But it can be too aggressive, and several times, it marks legit comments as spam. So you still need to go into the spam folder and manually approve good comments, or you’ll lose them.

    1. Hi Leo, I would like to point out that the normal CommentLuv, the one that you have, does not have any spam fighting features so you must be referring to something else. Only CommentLuv Premium has those features mentioned in this post.

  7. Sire,

    I did too have all my spam issues when I found the GASP plugin over a year ago. But unfortunately spammers were able to find a round a round for it and now I get like dozens of daily spam messages waiting on my pending list.

    I too have commentluv premium but I haven’t been able to play around with the spam buster feature.
    Gustavo recently posted…Important SEO Tips for a WebmasterMy Profile

    1. You will never get rid of it but I am happy to cut the level way down so it’s manageable.

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