Where Do You Stand On Climate Change

Climate change would have to be one of the most important issues of the times but is it really happening or are the climate skeptics right in saying it’s all bullshit? You kind of have to ask yourself why anyone would push climate change if it wasn’t entirely true. Either it’s true or they’re getting something out of pushing a lie, or the very least distorting the truth.

I know that the Labor Party have been pushing climate change for awhile now, in fact Rudd tried everything he could to put pressure on the Coalition to pass the Government’s emissions trading legislation. Legislation that would have cost Australians millions, possibly more than we could afford. What was farcical was that he was willing to sign off on the whole thing before any other country had committed themselves to it. It became obvious to many that all he was really interested in was getting a feather in his cap, one where he could parade to other world leaders how he was able to convince Australians to sign up before anyone else. Lucky we didn’t because no-one else did. The whole Copenhagen thing was a washout.

So, why would scientists manipulate data to make climate change seem more than it really is? Would it be because they didn’t want to be seen as wrong? Perhaps there was a monetary gain for them. I reckon a lot of them would be working for the government to provide them the data they need to propagate their policies. It’s apparent now that had we signed those papers the Government would be collecting a lot more taxes, taxes that probably wouldn’t have helped the environment one little bit.

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  1. I went with ‘I’m not sure’, While I am skeptical, I think there could still be a case – and I haven’t looked into it enough to make an informed decision. But as with anything to do with politics I do believe if it is true they have blown it well out of proportions to suit their policies.
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    1. I personally don’t believe that man is the cause of it. I believe we should be careful though that we do not pollute the environment. If we keep going the way we are I reckon we’ll die from lack of breathable air before it gets too hot to live in.

  2. i hope the climate change crisis doesnt change human life. I think everyone can be unite for the climate for our future
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    1. I think everyone should, but we should be told the truth and not fed some bull. I would be more likely to believe that we are polluting our world than we are the cause of climate change.

  3. The planet as a whole is getting warmer. Yes, some areas have had inclement weather, but as a whole the planet is warming. Climate != weather.
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    1. So they say, but is it because of something we’ve done or is it because of natural growing pains. Perhaps once it’s a cycle we’re going through.

      1. It could well be a “phase” we’re going through. It is entirely possible that this is part of the natural order of things and we don’t need to do anything. What I will say is that the media and governments need to back off and let the scientists do what they do best. At the moment, there is so much pressure to publish that we are forced to see the normal process of peer review and argument get played out every day and it just confuses things,
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        1. That and they jump onto any little factor to prove a point without evaluating it properly. And then, as in the video, some try to change the results to show that they’re right.

    2. Not true as admitted by the UN Frauds. No warming since 1995 or so.

  4. Climate change yes, global warming no! Man has contributed to the pollution of the planet, but Australia has had droughts for a hundred years, and bush fires for centuries. Humans have had little involvement in that. Some of the largest lakes in Africa are, or in the process of drying up. Humans have had little involvement in that.

    Deserts have encroached on surrounding land for decades,and humans have had little involvement in that. But humans are responsible for the filthy polluted waterways in every coninent in the world, and my country of NZ is guilty as most, although we are involved in cleaning up the mess made by our parents and grandparents.

    Some areas of the arctic and antarctic melt in the summer, while other areas are freezing as normal, or maybe more.

    As long as the warm humbolt stream flows through the Atlantic Ocean, all is well – if it stops we will have another iceage!


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    1. It used to be called global warming Pete but they changed it to climate change when the global warming thing wouldn’t stick. Either way they’re using it to fuel their own political needs.

  5. I just got an ear full from my dentist, who was about to put a needle in my mouth thus rendering me to a nod of ‘uh, okay’. :help_tb: He mentioned something about global warming in regards to the snow and I said that I figured it was global warming melting the ice caps pushing the cold weather down and yada yada yada. He promptly laughed at me and said that was a dumb statement. Okay. ?

    Do I believe in climate change? Yes. Do I believe we’re causing the change to happen faster than normal? Maybe. Is there anything we can do? Uh, stop breathing? People are not going to give up convenience for saving a planet that may or may not support human life at some point in the future when they will be long dead. We’re selfish creatures.

    Do I think the governments around the world are taxing us for their own benefit? ABSOLUTELY! They don’t manage money properly, but want it anyway. I don’t know about in Australia, but in America we are supposed to tell the government what we want them to do and they do it [which they promptly ignore]. And then we bitch and complain, but never do anything to try to actually change anything. Man, does this mean people [humans] are never truly happy unless they have something to complain about?

    CRAP! Now I got into a rant. Sorry about that, sort of. :blink_tb:
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Let Me Tell You What I Think. Can You Smell The Smoke? =-.

    1. Dentists are lucky that they have you at a disadvantage :laugh_tb:

      I believe that the world is constantly changing and as it does the climate changes with it. I don’t know how many ice ages we’ve had but I know it wasn’t man made pollution that caused them to melt.

      They’re always saying we have to limit our CO2 emissions, whereas plants love co2 and actually convert it to oxygen. Perhaps it would be wiser to stop cutting down forests.

    2. Right on Annie

    3. Twitter:
      lol, never argue with someone about to put a needle in your mouth.
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  6. I like the points raised by Mitch. Couldn’t have said them any better. :)
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    1. Yeah, few people could Jan. :wink_ee:

  7. Hi Sire,

    Climate is changing constantly. For example the winter last year was much colder than this year where I am but it was the opposite in Europe where this winder has been one of the coldest in decades this winter but mild the winter before.

    If you look at the ice cores drilled from the arctic you’ll see that weather and climate are in constant movement.

    It has been so a long time before humans appeared on this earth.

    There have been many ice and warm ages. During the Roman Empire times the average global temperature was 2 to 3 degrees Celsius higher than now. The Romans grew grapes in what is now Britain and made wine from them.

    Before the little ice age settlers in Greenland were sending crop tributes to the Vatican. Greenland was much warmer then than it is now.

    All these things are verifiable as opposed to the so called facts presented by the group of scientists who sold out.

    It seems that anybody working in that field who doesn’t agree with the present agenda is being ridiculed and may be putting themselves in danger of losing their job.

    I have a thermometer on the outside and have been watching the daily temperatures.

    What I see is generally a cooling trend over the last 8 years. Virtually every month the average daily temperatures are two times out of three lower than the long term averages.

    But of course there are exceptions. The founder of the Weather Channel who is in his eighties I think, said that the whole global warming is a mischief or something like that.

    He’s not afraid to speak up when asked. His job is not on the line. But he spent most of his life watching and researching the weather and if he saw global warming as a fact he would say so.

    What he in fact says is that if anything since 2000 there seems to be slight cooling.

    I believe that most people just don’t look deeply into it and just believe what they are asked to believe.

    And as you know, people will believe what they want to believe whether it’s a fact, a guess or a lie.

    I think it is much better to try to find out what the facts are and suspend the proclivity to lazily believe anything that is thrown in front of us.

    .-= Vance@List Building Steps´s last blog ..List Building Steps, Step 3 -Get Traffic To Your Opt-in Form =-.

    1. I’m with you Vance. I think the climate varies from year to year and that there are those who need to sell an idea and so they promote climate change. Then governments see an opportunity to utilize it and get on the bandwagon in order to fulfill some project to reign in more taxes.

      If they can sell people on the idea then people will be won’t mind so much if taxes and the daily living went up because it was all for the good of the planet right?

      It’s like one day they tell you that a study proves too much meat is bad for you and later on down the track you here of another study that says it’s actually good for you. It all depends on who is paying for the study.

      1. Sire,

        I think that even if what they’d have us believe is true and they collect the ever increasing taxes that will be said to be dedicated to the improvement of the environment, eventually and very soon I might add those taxes will go to the so called general revenue.

        The taxes will then be used for anything the government decides, including their own inflated salaries and pensions for life.

        We have seen that where I live with the gas tax which was originally promised to be used for building and repairing roads.

        Now the ever increasing tax is used for general revenue and only measly 4% of the money collected is used for the roads which are getting progressively worse.

        I have no reason to expect that once they hammer us with ever increasing environmental taxes that the money collected will be used to improve, clean up and maintain the environment.

        Have you read about the global warming on the planet Mars? I read it about a year or so ago. No doubt it was and is being caused by human activity which consists of the one or two battery operated vehicles collecting samples on the planet and not by the fluctuations in sun activity.

        By the way water vapor accounts for by far the largest percentage of all so called greenhouse gases on our planet.

        I wonder why we hardly ever hear about that. Maybe because water is essential for life and they wouldn’t get away with trying to eliminate natural evaporation.
        .-= Vance@Extraordinary Minds Story´s last blog ..League of Extraordinary Minds Panel 9, Last Free Session Report =-.

        1. Our government think they are smart when they introduce levies rather than taxes. We pay levies for different things which are supposed to be short term revenue raisers when in essence it’s just another way of collecting taxes, especially considering they never get revoked.

          There’s is even evidence with this carbon trading crap, that they’re trying to get off the ground, that it won’t actually improve the environment at all. All it will do is make people pay for polluting the environment. I suppose they think that will convince them to change there ways, but that won’t work as all they will do is adjust the cost of goods to allow for it.

          Also what’s the point of saying Australia doing the right thing if the rest of the world doesn’t follow suit. Just puts our farmers and manufacturers in an nonviable situation.

  8. I think the climate is changing, but I don’t necessarily believe in climate change as the scientists would have you believe it.

    I watch a lot of documentaries; to a greater or lesser scale there HAVE been changes out there, and not necessarily for the better. Could we be having an impact? I believe so. Can we change that? Probably, but it’s also possible that part of the change would have happened anyway.

    The way I see it, the planet has gone through change before on its own; sure lets try and slow it, not be wasteful, take care of what we have, and so on – I’m all for that. I just think that our involvement was perhaps slightly blown out of proportion, and that we should have other reasons for taking care of our world too.

    1. I always said you were a smart cookie Heather. We should always try our best to look after our planet as it’s the only one we have. I just think they are going around it the wrong way.

      1. Have to agree with you there Sire… so much focusing on the negative (ie the stick), not enough positive… Not that that would work much better in some cases, but people tend to tune out the doom and gloom very quickly.

        Doesn’t work.

        1. That or they go way over the top and start building bunkers and stuff :wink_ee:

          1. I meant for normal people and you know it :P

            1. *laughs* Yea I know, part of what makes you you :tongue1_tb:
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            2. Yeah I know Heather, I just can’t help myself. :devil_tb:

  9. Twitter:
    First, I do believe there’s climate change, and I believe that we’re affecting it.

    Second, whether we are or not, we’re certainly causing enough damage to ourselves any way you look at it. We create pollution which has drastically increased the number of people with breathing problems like asthma. That’s certainly not a naturally occurring thing. Look at Greenland as a perfect example. Not only are there fields of ice that are melting, but the snow is blackened, and since there’s no industry to speak of in these particular areas all that black soot came from somewhere.

    Third, is it naturally occurring? Not hardly! Things are melting at faster rates than it happened in the past, and it’s easy to track. The oceans are rising, rain forests are being depleted, and there are more areas around the world that are starting to suffer drought conditions. Personally, I figure I’m safe because I happen to live in one of the few areas of the world where we have an abundance of fresh water.

    Fourth, it behooves us to stop polluting the air and ground and to be more efficient in any case, because who wants to live in a nasty, stinky world anyway? Who wants to continually drink polluted water, whether or not it hurts the environment?

    Passionate? No, I don’t think so, just being realistic. I leave passionate to those folks who go overboard in trying to change minds. I just help point out the facts, and let the world decide how they want their children to live. I’m okay with it either way since I don’t have children.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..What Do We Expect For Free? =-.

    1. I’m 100% behind the fact that man is polluting the world we live in, I’m sure that it may be affecting change in climate to some degree but not that it’s the sole reason for it.

      We should be looking after our environment because we need it to survive and grow. We need clean air to breathe and fresh water, so why not push that, something that we can see, rather than something like climate change.

      1. Twitter:
        I will probably agree that it’s not the only reason for the change, but it’s definitely a major contributor. And I kind of agree with you on the other point, that being that people probably need something they can envision to get them to converse and take care of the environment than just talking about climate change and global warming.
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Marketing Or Advertising Your Business =-.

        1. Of course you agree Mitch, everyone knows I’m always right. Just ask the wife :lol_tb:

            1. Well, that’s not like I’m going to admit that I’m wrong or anything. Shit, imagine us both being in the same room :smoke_tb: :cool2_tb: :rasberry_ee:

  10. The earth is broken now — at least that what i see when hear how bad winter in Scandinavian, and how irregular the rain in tropical countries. I think that the carbon treading can help this situation.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Update´s last blog ..6 Benefits of Guest Blogging =-.

    1. The way understand it, carbon trading won’t do a thing except to shift money around. Those that produce less carbon will get credits from those that produce more. Still same amount of carbon around.

  11. How can you not believe that the weather has changed? Of course we may be causing it. Why would we not want to try to reduce our carbon footprint? Are we so selfish that we don’t care about our future generations?

    1. No-one is saying we shouldn’t reduce our carbon footprint, just that we should be doing it for the right reason and not just some trumped up one.

      Besides Todd, what makes you so sure that the weather has changed, because others are telling you so?

  12. Living here in waaaaay too sunny Florida I would have to say that I can see and feel the climate change here where I live. Each summer seems to get a little hotter and each summer season seems to last longer and longer, we didn’t start feeling below 90s here until December and even then it was mid 80s. Hate it btw.
    .-= Extreme John @Blogging CEOS´s last blog ..A Day in the Life of.. Episode 5 [video] =-.

    1. Things get pretty hot in Australia too John, but I can’t safely say that it is any hotter than when I was a kid. What I can say is the sum burns more than it used to and that’s probably due to a depletion in the ozone layer than anything else. Perhaps they should be pushing that barrel instead.

  13. I think it’s the government’s responsibility to control pollution
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    1. Can’t expect the government to do everything Anne, nor can you trust them to do so.

      Besides, we as individuals should be doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint, but not because of some trumped up climate change BS, but because we want to keep our planet pollution free.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Release The Child In You And Become A Better Blogger =-.

  14. The climate changes all the time. Nothing that humans do affects it and even if it did, politicians and academics would be the last people we should trust to do anything about it. The Obama administration in the US is prepared to bankrupt the US economy to take control of human behavior and their only justification is fabricated data and human hysteria.

  15. I think Heather and Mitch made excellent points. Like you mentioned about the ice age, humans had little to do with that. But as you have also mentioned, humans are a major blame for pollution. Here’s how I look at it, we are all dying by the day. Knowing that, it becomes our decision whether we ignore the process and let nature run its course, or be proactive and do what we can to slow down and delay the process, or just say F*** It and not care and do things that will speed up the process. This applies to our planet too.
    My problem is how this has become a political issue, and apparently not just here in the US. I have heard people express their opinions about both sides of the issue, but what I notice is the division comes down to their party affiliation. So I wonder if it had not been Al Gore’s project, but maybe Dick Cheney’s( :0 ) or Dan Quayle’s how would that change people’s opinions.
    I believe in climate change, definitely. I also think our polluting the planet, incrementally by the day is not helping matters. I also heard a scientist say that even if we stopped burning fossil fuels today, and did everything in our power to reverse what we’ve done it would take over 200 years for the symptoms to start reversing.
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Do You Know Your Body Type? =-.

    1. I’m not sure if I agree with that scientist. How he can come up with that figure when there are scientists that dispute it all together is quite remarkable.

      Too bad they can’t all come together and just say that regardless of global warming or climate change, we really need to do something to stop polluting this planet.

  16. Climate change…the phrase says it: Climate constantly changes – it’s CLIMATE.

    How long have we been tracking climate, weather, ozone, etc? not very long – especially considering the age of the planet. Change happens.

    Pollution, on the other hand, is something that man can control. But I, as one single person, can only do what I am capable of doing. There needs to be more pollution control imposed upon those who are the main offenders: big corporations.

    1. You are so right Kathleen, but it’s more to do with money than anything else. We could all be driving electric cars by now but we’re not why is that? Is it because there’s less profit in those than there is in the petrol guzzlers?

      Rather than taxing the polluters perhaps they should be finding ways of rewarding those for doing the right things?

      1. Very well said, Sire. I agree completely.

        I can’t imagine trying to commute to my job with an electric car. A 50 mile commute in a variety of weather conditions (we have about 20 inches of snow right now) sitting in a little “Mr. Magoo” car that doesn’t go faster than 30 miles per hour. If electric cars become more efficient, and cost worthy, then I would be more inclined to utilize one.

        Thanks for the conversation.

        1. Are you kidding, electric cars can do more than that now. I did a post in 2007 of an electric car that dragged a Ferrari. There’s been advances since then.

          GM actually trashed a whole heap of electric cars in the 90’s! Tesla cars have some really sporty electric cars available now! The governments should be getting behind them so that prices will come down.

          1. Sheesh…where the heck have I been??? Guess I should’ve done my homework with regards to electric cars. Thanks.

            1. That’s OK Kathleen, I make allowances for girls :devil_tb:

  17. I’m all for correcting changes in our climate, of which I believe is happening. However, it seems the ‘wolves have been put in charge of the chicken coupe,’ in that folks that are responsible for correcting things are a bit wacko!
    .-= Colleen´s last blog ..Kennewick Real Estate =-.

  18. I believe the best way to reduce pollution, is to focus on renewable, non-polluting energy such as solar, wind, waveenergy etc. I consider trade with carbon permits a scandal, that just reduces the amount of finances available for creating more renewable energy.

    1. From what I’ve heard Niels those types of renewable energy just doesn’t provide enough base load. I reckon the only renewable energy option is nuclear and I’ve heard they have made vast improvements so that the new stations can even produce power from the spent rods meaning no or little waste products.

  19. That sounds good. Does that mean that we can get more energy out of all the radioactive waste, that has been stored in caves for decades? And as well reduce the amount of waste product considerably?

    Anyways, wind, solar, etc. already provide a lot of the energy used today. Here in Denmark 20% of the electricity comes from wind power and with the plans already in progress, this amount will increase considerably in the near future. In Norway the majority of the electricity is produced in hydroelectric power plants, and some of it is sold to Denmark. It can be set up so that when we lack wind in Denmark, we can import extra electricity from Norway. When we have excess wind in Denmark, we can sell electricity back to Norway and they can save some water in high reservoirs for use when there is a lack of wind. Similar set-ups are being developed in Sweden and can be implemented numerous other places around the world. Hoover Dam on the border between Arizona and Nevada for example with the huge reservoir might be a good place.

    1. The good thing is that man at least is trying to develop good clean ways of generating electricity.

      I’m not sure about it burning radioactive waste. I’m pretty sure it can burn spent rods though.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..What Is The True Power Of The Blog? =-.

  20. How can you not believe in anthropogenic climate change? The evidence is all around us. To me, a meteorologist, it is like debating the theory of gravity or ‘plate tectonics’.

    1. It’s not so much that I don’t believe in climate change, I just don’t believe man is the totally responsible for it.

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