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When Will You People Get A Damn Gravatar

This post is very important so I want you to read it carefully and to pay very special attention because if you don’t you’re liable to do something wrong that will get your comment deleted. First off I want to ask you a quick question. Do you know why so many bloggers insist on an actual name and not a keyword? It’s quite simple really, because when they reply to the blogger they would prefer to know who the heck they are talking to. No-one really likes to say; “Hey Cheap Web Hosting, I really loved your comment because you added so much quality to my post……..” Nope, I wouldn’t put up with that, no matter how much grovelling you do, and neither would any decent respected blogger. If they have any sense at all they would do what I do and that is to delete your comment.

This post isn’t about using a keyword instead of your real name though, but it is about something just as important, it’s about taking the time to get a Gravatar. You know, that little photo that appears next to the comments that people leave. I’m getting a little tired getting comments that do not have a registered gravatar. In fact, I am so tired of them that I’m not going to accept any comment on this post that does not have a Gravatar!

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?

In essence your Gravatar is your brand, that being the case it is just as important as using your name instead of a keyword, and seeing how its absolutely free why wouldn’t you register a Gravatar. Before you do though you may want to consider the following.

  • Even though you may have a company logo I personally suggest
    you use an actual photo of yourself as this is more likely to get people to trust you. I used to use a random graphic that I thought was pretty cute but it wasn’t until I started using a personal photo that I actually started making sales.
  • Ladies, even if you are endowed with a great set of knockers, please include your face as well, because if all I have to look at is cleavage I doubt very much that I will notice your content, and it is your content you want people to notice isn’t it?
  • This one is the most important of all, by not having a Gravatar it’s highly likely that some of your comments may come across as spam and that is the last thing that you want to happen!

So why wouldn’t you consider getting a Gravatar, especially when its free and so easy to set up. All you need remember is when signing up is you need to use the same email that you use when blog commenting because it is linked to that email. That’s it folks, so if you haven’t got one yet you had better head on over to Gravatar and get one now.

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  1. I totally agree about the need for a name and a gravatar. Perhaps I’ll change mine in the next few days because I kinda like those pics where there’s a smile on one’s face. Makes it even feel so personal and real. Maybe that’s why most, if not all, internet marketers display their smiling face (and sometimes while kissing his little daughter). :)

    1. Hey James,

      I tried smiling once and I had to send my camera lens in for repairs :cheese1_ee:

  2. >In essence your Gravatar is your brand

    Exactly Sire, I am amazed how many people supposedly in business don’t understand branding on the internet. Using a real name (or consistently a nickname like Sire :wink_ee: ) and a gravitar builds creditability. Anonymity is easy on the internet but it sure doesn’t build business.

    1. PS: any ladies with a Gravitar like the picture in the post above are quite welcome to comment on my blog :thumbup_tb:

      1. You’re darn tootin Ned, but if that happens I’m not sure that I will take notice of anything they said. :devil_tb:

    2. Sure thing Ned, and yet so many people don’t seem to understand its importance. Oh well, as long as we know what we’re doing. :tongue_wink_ee:

  3. Twitter:
    Okay, I’m going to say a couple of things.

    First, stupid CommentLuv isn’t working for me.

    Second, I think you meant even “if” they are well endowed; man, we just keep correcting each other these days. lol

    Third, whereas I’m with you as far as wishing everyone had a gravatar, I’m noticing more and more these days that the spammers have figured that one out as well. More of those posts are coming through with images, mainly of pretty women, which makes no sense because then the email address they have always has a name like “Joe” or “John” or something else inherently male. Morons if you ask me.

    Fourth, I actually don’t mind if the gravatar is a logo because in some circumstances that’s how we recognize people. Wouldn’t you just freak if suddenly Dennis had an image of himself instead of that DE logo he uses?

    1. Really, even if I am talking to ladies in general?

      As to commentluv, this time it’s not you as it stopped working properly when I updated the theme. I left Ryan a note and am just waiting on a reply.

      As to the company logo, that’s better than no Gravatar at all but I still believe a photo is best.

      1. Twitter:
        As long as it’s not me.

        And yes, it’s still supposed to be “if”.

        I think if you remember your original avatar when you first created this blog it was memorable and a lot of people knew exactly who you were when you used it. Then you switched to the “live” version of that logo and had that one for a couple of years until switching to this one relatively recently. Frankly I think all of them suited you well.

        1. Oops, my mistake, I thought you meant to change the ‘you’ to ‘they’ and so I missed the other obvious typo.

          Frankly I think all of them suited you well.

          That’s because I am so memorable :lol_ee:

  4. Hands down, having a “decent” gravatar and specially with a real name attached to it is very important. Like you said, people want to know who they are interacting with and for some reason many prefer not to use it. Go figure..

    BTW, .. opps I forgot what I wanted to say, those pair of “racks” is really very distracting. I won’t approve it, but I will not delete it either, LOL.

    1. So, is there a plugin that allows you to place such ‘racks’ in another folder DiTesco? :tongue_laugh_ee:

      1. Unfortunately no “plug in”, I mean plugin for that. I just leave it unapproved for a very long time, lol

        1. Great idea, just stick it in the pending pile :thumbup_tb:

  5. Great points made. I think it’s also worth mentioning that a Gravatar is a great way to find your own comment on a post, especially within a long list of comments. That’s one of the things I find it most useful for.

    1. Great point Petra, I know I always look for yours when I’m skimming the comments :wub_tb: :wink_ee:

  6. Hi Sire,

    It is mostly trolls that do not have gravatars. They all have an e-mail address they use when they want to bully the blog owner. I wonder who else will not want a gravatar. Do you get a lot of these? Because I thought that these days, getting a gravatar is top on human spammers’ list as it increases the chances of their comments being approved.

    When I first started commenting on blogs, one of the first things I wanted was how to get my own little picture to show beside my comments because I thought it’s pretty cool. I wonder anybody who is not a troll who wouldn’t want that.

    And though I promised not to give you a hard time, my steamy pot will remain my recipe website’s gravatar because that’s the brand. :) I want people to think of food when they see that one.

    Maybe you should write a post to grade our gravatars like you did with the comments a while ago.

    1. Hey Flo,

      I never thought of them as trolls before :lol_tb:

      I actually get quite a few. I even deleted one from this post who left a half decent comment saying as how she was going to get one. I had to delete it though because that’s what I said I was going to do.

      The steamy posts fine Flo, you should see the one I use for my Lottery site, it’s not me but like you said the brand fits the site.

  7. Happily I do have a damned gravatar but I so far have not gotten excited about whether anybody else does. I do, however, take the ones with gratars more seriously. I have to say that I like your suggestion a lot. Perhaps, if you don’t intend to use it, you will let me.

    1. Exactly Ralph, those with a Gravatar will be taken more seriously and that’s why everyone should have one.

      Perhaps, if you don’t intend to use it, you will let me

      I’m not sure what you mean by that Ralph? :ponder_tb: If it’s the photo of the boobs, you know they’re not really mine don’t you? :lol_ee:

      1. I figure it they are on your blog you’ve got some claim to them. Would hate to be hit with a copywrite problem.

        1. Nope, I don’t have any claim to that one. I use a plugin that, amongst other things, allows me to find related photos for my articles from sites such as flickr.

  8. The gravatar issue is something that drives me crazy. I don’t understand why people either won’t use them or won’t attach a photo or some kind of image at least to them. I understand that maybe they don’t understand how to, but it doesn’t take much time to learn. But what bugs me more than not having an image is when people sign up for a gravatar and then don’t put in links to their blogs. I mean, for heavens sake, how do they think people are ever going to find them? And it’s such an easy thing to use (or rather, for users it is, I don’t know about you folks who have to do coding and stuff in yer plugins, lol!)

    PS… I’ve just noticed on mouse-over that the gravatars here don’t show any info… is that usual?

    1. I reckon people who don’t avail themselves of a Gravatar are crazy Val, especially considering its so easy to get one.

      It is for this blog. I checked a couple of others and I noticed some do and some don’t so perhaps those that do use a plugin or something. I just use the feature built into WordPress.

    2. Hi Val,

      When people have a gravatar but don’t link to a website/blog, they may truly not have a site to link to … yet. Some people start commenting on blogs and network with blog owners even before they have one of their own. This is so that once they start a blog, they would already have a community of bloggers that will comment on their posts and help promote them. Smart, huh?

      The other group that do not link to any site are the trolls we talked about earlier. They want you the see the face of the bully but they don’t want people visiting their site to return the “favour” after reading their harsh comment IMO.

      The link from the gravatar usually takes you to the same site as the name/keyword of the commenter so if anyone wants to know the commenter more, they can just follow that one. If the name/keyword and the gravatar link to the same site then there will be a lot of redundant links going out from the page. So it is a good thing that Sire eliminates the redundancy by not activating the links from the gravatar (albeit unconciously :) :clap_tb: )

      1. Thanks Flo.
        You’re right that a lot of people haven’t yet got links to put in their Gravatars, but equally a lot have. I find that, for the free hosts such as I use (as I’m not a commercial blogger), the easiest way to find the links is to just use the name on the Gravatar and add the host plus dot com.

        I had a look at your site, by the way. Very well written! :)

  9. I dont know about you, but I remember a logo faster than I will remember a face. Everything else you said I agree with.

    Let me give you an example. When I think about Twitter, the first thing that comes to mind is the light blue logo with the Tweety bird..not the CEO’s face.

    If the CEO is twitter posted on your blog right now, I would have no idea it was him because I do not know what he looks like.

    Thats just my opinion though. Some people like to brand there face, while others like to brand there company.

    Also some really new people do not know about gravatars. I used to go to blogs and ask people where to go to add a picture to my comments, and I got a bunch of retarded answers. Haha

    1. That may be true Kent, but only because there are so many more faces on the Internet than there are logos. If everyone used a logo I’m betting it wouldn’t be as easy to remember each individual one.

      Twitter may be a bad example, one because it is a well know logo and two because it’s not an individual. I would expect anyone representing a company to use their logo and not a photo of themselves.

      I also realise that newbies do not know about Gravatars which is why I wrote this post. :smile2_ee:
      Sire recently posted…How Good Is The FlexSqueeze Theme, Really?My Profile

  10. I did not know you cared Sire. But, here it is. What do you think? Pity the lens did not cheat what?

  11. Wow! I have not gotten to the point where I reject people because there is no picture next to their comment (unless it is obvious spam or a drive by). However, I HIGHLY suggest it for my guest posts. Maybe I should start demanding it for those. If they don’t have one, I recommend it, telling them it looks more professional and credible and then they usually comply. It does look nice to see a bunch of comments with real faces! :)

  12. Gravatar is considered to be representation of a company or person…so it should be good…

  13. Nice post, I recently got a Gravatar and noticed that it does look better than a default WordPress symbol that would show up whenever I commented on other people’s blog. Thanks for the reminder Sire. I hope my Gravatar shows up here.

    1. Of course it does, and having a Gravatar helped me to save your comment from the spam bin :wink_ee:

  14. I agree with you Sire, I hate it when people comment on my blog using keywords or fake names. If your running a business online you’re no.1 target is to create a “brand”. Having a personalized gravatar will help people to remember you.

    Btw, your ads on the bottom is really distracting while typing in these comments. lol!

    1. That’s so true Sanjay, and the more things we do properly the more positively people will view us when compared to all those who do not do the right things.
      Sire recently posted…Blogging Like Life Is All About ChoicesMy Profile

  15. Looooool! Some good image choices in your article Sire, and look at all the comments.

    I saw another blogger moaning about the exact same thing the other day – Larry Rivera. And I think both of you are right. Perhaps people need a link on each blog post to Gravatar?

    From my point of view it’s also a lot to do with aesthetics – I can’t stand my web musings be they my own pages, blog, or comments to look messy or somehow unloved. Heck, a Gravatar just looks nicer than a standard icon.

    1. You are so right, and I much prefer looking at an image of a person because it gives me more of an impression of talking to someone face to face.
      Sire recently posted…Blogging Like Life Is All About ChoicesMy Profile

  16. Thanks for sharing this and i used to use a cartoon gravatar instead of my own photo and i have changed it for getting trust from readers as you said.

  17. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers asking for a gravatar, but i don’t believe that’s a factor in the quality of the comments. Ok, so i have one, but i only got it because i’m a narcissist and i like to see myself in pictures, lol.

    1. No, it does not affect the quality of the comment, but of the quality is poor and they don’t have a gravatar there is more chance of it being deleted.

      1. So you’re being more tolerant towards those with gravatars. I guess that’s understandable, they stand out from the rest, they get an identity.
        Just don’t forget that that identity may just as well be fake.

        1. Don’t worry Martin, I am aware that spammers set up fake accounts and they usually stand out like a sore thumb because their comments are so crappy.

  18. I am one of the people who took far too long to get a Gravatar. My problem was that I just could never find the right picture.

    But even though you’re not always happy with your picture (it’s always hardest to create stuff for your own business), it’s better than just having that empty space.

    I wish there were more blog posts like this. There are far too many Gravatarless posters on the blogs I visit.

    1. I’m sure there are many posts like this Blake and I;m sure over time more will spring up. Good job on your Gravatar too Blake.

  19. Luckily for me I recently got myself a gravatar, and I love it! Feels so much more personalized to be leaving a comment with not only my real name but my real photo too! I hope others appreciate it, like you do as well! By the way… I was sidetracked by that photo you posted, hehehe.


    1. Hey Jean,

      I actually got told off by the wife when she saw it while walking by :wall bash_tb: but it’s all good, she still loves me :wink_ee:

      Love your Gravatar mate, your comment looks so much professional now.

  20. I run an article directory and most of the people that submit do not have a Gravatar.

    Personally, I think that having one begets a much more professional appearance.

    Thanks for writing this article…:)


    1. That’s the way I see it Mark

  21. I do agree with you. To replace and show our gravatar with the real picture is the best way to recognize and to prove that we’re not a robot and avoid spamming comment as well..

    1. Good on you Aradea, I love it when people agree with me :wink_ee:

  22. People without gravitars drive me crazy too, but here is the thing. Even though I’ve set one up for myself, every so often it just doesn’t show up. I wonder if the same thing is happening to other people when it looks like they don’t have one.

    It does help to put a face to the name…

    1. There is that Larry, and that probably happens when they type their email incorrectly. Either way, that is why people should always leave a good comment so even if their Gravatar doesn’t appear their comment will remain. :wink_ee:
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  23. This has always been on my to do list but I’ve never gotten around to it, until now. I’ve just signed up and loaded a picture.

    Hopefully you can see it now and I can check this off my list. :)

    1. And looks like you don’e a good job of it too Steve, well done.

  24. I totally agree with you, accept the part about cleavage.
    That would be a nice refresher in between all the serious comments. Maybe I should make a plugin that will put a random picture of cleavage or a pretty woman in between the comments every now and then. That encourages people (mostly men) to scroll through the comments. :)

    Btw. I believe not only will people take you more serious when you use a gravatar, I believe people actually will put more effort in their comment as well, because it will be associated with them personally and not some anonymous name.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. Good point Danny, using a personal gravatar probably will inspire them to put more effort into their comment.

      As for the cleavage, you’ve probably noticed I have a fair bit of them on this blog :thumbup_tb:

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