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When Only A Precision Watch Will Do

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I’ve got to admit I’ve always been a gadget man because I love having technological stuff around me. When the digital watches first came into being I just had to have me one and from memory the first ever digital watch I bought was a Casio. Since then I’ve always owned a digital watch and the more technical they were the better.

I’ve had calculator watches and one that kept track of phone numbers and personal details. Heck, my┬álatest digital watch doubles as a TV / Video remote control. Man, I love this watch :wub_tb: partly because it’s so useful and partly because it’s a great conversation starter, not to mention that it allows me to play practical jokes on people. I had heaps of fun at work changing the stations, adjusting the volume and turning the TV on and off at work. You should have seen the look on the face of the person who was actually holding the TV remote :lol_ee:

However, as much as I love my digital watch I also have a gold Seiko watch because there’s many a time when a cheap digital watch just won’t do. For one thing they’re pretty lousy as a dress watch and they’re not about to impress the ladies much either.

I know that most people use their cell phones as time pieces but I could never understand why. It’s so much easier to look at your wrist watch than it is to fish out a mobile phone. Heck, if I’m with a group of people I’m always the first one to provide the time when someone asks for it, the others haven’t even had the time to take their phones out of their pocket. And if you’re a women, by the time you find your phone in that bag full of crap, well forget about it, the time’s already passed. :wink_ee:

As for what type of watch I would like to have it wouldn’t be a Rolex, not unless I had money to burn that is! Nope. I reckon a Bulova Precisionist Watches would be more my style. I kinda like those watches with all the dials, similar to the one in the photo on the right.

I’ve actually found that dress watches also make great gifts and have always bought one for those special occasions such as graduations and those important birthdays like a 21st or something. The reason for this is because I’ve found that a good watch will always hold some form of sentimental value, especially if you have it engraved, and every time the person looks at it they’ll remember the person who gave it to them. Heck, do you remember when I mentioned my Seiko, well my wife gave me that when we got engaged and it is my most precious gift. :thumbup_ee:

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  1. I also love wearing watches and the same thing happens to me too: I’m always the first one to provide the time. Dunno, seems like people prefer to have every single thing in one gadget. This way, they don’t have to care about watches, photo cameras etc.
    PS: Bulova has a couple of great watches :)
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  2. i love the precision watches..
    even i bought one new watch to my brother for his birthday.. he loves his watch..
    he is very crazy about the watches..

  3. My wife bought me a self winding Seiko watch for my birthday just after we got together and even though I now have a Breitling worth thousands I always wear the Seiko that my wife bought me, mostly for sentimental reasons but also because it’s the most comfortable to wear.

  4. Hey Sire, I am strongly agreed to your preference of the watch over the cellphones! first of all having a nice and decent watch on hand gives a kind of personality statement and additionally to check the time , we don’t need to find it somewhere like in the case of cellphones we do(i.e. searching for the cellphones for checking the time) Meh.. I can’t afford to have a rolex but having a casio watch is not so bad. !! Awesome topic you got Sire! Thanks

    1. Glad you liked it Adrian. I was without my watch for a few days and while I used the cellphone to tell the time found it to be a hassle and was glad when I got the watch back again.

  5. I like watches and I also like collecting them especially those precision watches…

    Digital watches is not really my thing but there are some that interests me.

    1. I don’t collect them but I reckon there are a lot of people to do.

  6. The first watch that I used in my life was Casio made of Japan. It was water proof,digital watch and very cheap.I used wear it while playing cricket. It was light weight and accurate alarm watch.

    1. Yep, and I bet you could also use it for a stop watch too.

  7. We’ve reached a point in our society where if you do not have your phone on you at all times you will be lost, or out of the loop. I have my phone on my at all times, with no exceptions. To me my phone is the perfect time piece. It is always correct, automatically changing with daylight savings, and always charged. I think you are right in the past it was a bit odd to think of your phone as a primary time piece, but nowadays my phone is the only watch/alarm clock/timer I’ll ever need. And I always have it, and it always works. No need to change the times, or change the batteries.

    1. Actually, I’ve left my phone home on more than one occasion and I didn’t really miss it. I did miss my watch though when I had to wait for a new band.

  8. Twitter:
    Watches are great for style and they are very useful. The advanced watches that are in the market right now are great, but i hate their size. When i am wearing something on my wrist, i would prefer to be light and small.
    Rashmi Sinha recently posted…Google Drive – Review at techinitioMy Profile

  9. There is another type of watch that you can buy. This one has it’s own MP3 player and also has a messaging system as well as a Wi-Fi connection so you can update your Facebook while at work. I just happen to forget its name, but I assure you such a watch exists!

    1. I have no doubt at all that such a watch exists John.

  10. great post , in my opinion a watch says alot about the person and a dress watch is a must . Interesting that you picked a bulova watch over a Rolex , as a rolex will last you for life and is a watch made for any lifestyle , but that’s choice .

    1. Looks like we’re on the same page Victoria. :wink:

  11. First time I got some post about wrist-watch. I really love to wear new watch frequently. And for that reason i looked for new and precious watch daily and they are great for style. The new stylish watches that are in the market and shopping mall are great.. I love to wear big dial watch!!!

    1. Is that because you like to stand out in the crowd Nilanjana? :wink_ee:

  12. I admit that I used to rely on my phone with regards to time because I was once a fan of multi-purpose phone. But when I realized that having a watch is more efficient and comfortable for my part, good thing I did, I can’t live without my watch. In my profession, I need to have my own watch all the time. One time I forgot to wear my watch, I felt naked. Since I am after function, I am not after fancy watches.

    1. Hey Betty, didn’t you have a watch before you had a phone? I know I did but then again mobile phones didn’t exist when I got my first watch :wink:

      1. When I needed to watch over time, mobile phones were already on the market. And by that time, it’s more comfortable for me to use my mobile phone instead of bringing a watch. A matter of preference which changed eventually. ;)

        1. Heck, as far as I’m concerned the watch is way more comfortable. It just sits there on your wrist waiting to be needed and when the need arises it ready willing and able to give you the time with a flick of the wrist :wink_ee:

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