When Online Translation Services Don’t Cut It

Have you ever used those online translation services? You know, the ones you write in a box, select the language and then hit the translate button. I know I’ve used then on countless occasions. I’ve even got a plugin on a couple of my sites that will translate it for those who need the service.

The problem with that type of translation service is that it just isn’t accurate enough. Sure it may give you the gist of what it’s translating but you sure wouldn’t want to rely on it for important stuff, like legal documents and the like.

Professional Translation Services May Be Necessary

Sometimes you just have to rely on a professional translation service. I’ve already mentioned having legal documents professionally translated but I can think of other times when you should use a professional translation service.

have you ever bought something that you had to put together but you couldn’t follow the instructions. I have. Heck, anyone could tell that the problem was that the instructions was a poor translation of the original. It would be even worse if they had to do with something more technical.

I remember when my daughter had to get some documents translated into Italian in order to get her Italian passport approved. It had to be professionally done and stamped. One of those run of the mill online translation services surely wouldn’t cut it.

How about you guys? Have you ever needed something translated professionally?

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  1. Who would wan\’t to pay for a translation service when there are free services available I wonder :/ And the paid services are not gonna be very affordable I guess.
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