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When Learning SEO Is Not An Option

When Learning SEO Is Not An Option

The reason that there are so many businesses trying to get a foothold on the Internet is because it offers such a huge market for their product. A market that goes way beyond the normal foot traffic a business could expect. Naturally the problem that these businesses experience is that getting noticed on the Internet isn’t all that easy. It’s almost like building your business on a freeway that has no parking spots. Everybody is whizzing by and even if they do notice you there’s nowhere to park and so they whiz on by.

As bloggers and web masters we try learn all the SEO we can and apply it to our sites so that we do get noticed by the search engines which is essential in getting the traffic we need to conduct our online business. Unfortunately some do not have the time or inclination to take this slow hit or miss road of learning. They need to get out there as fast as possible or they will miss their window of opportunity. This is especially true if they have a new product and are worried that someone else may beat them to the punch if they don’t act as quickly as possible.

Their only resource is to pay someone who provides local seo services. This presents another problem though in which service do you choose, there being so many out there and not all of them may suit their situation. Still, this can be easily overcome by doing a little research which is still a lot easier than learning SEO. What they need to do is find one that will actually listent to what they want and need. If they’re able to help you design your site, one that will lead people to contact you then so much the better.

There are many success stories out there where people have done the research, found the right SEO company and are now getting a nice amount of traffic to their site. Research is the key, as is talking to any prospective SEO company to see if they can provide what is needed. Do they offer any guarantee and if so how does it protect your investment? Don’t be scared to ask hard hitting questions and to demand the best service possible. After all, its their business to provide it and as a customer your right to ask for it.


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  1. Thanks for this blog post. You argue for local SEO services. I’m wondering about your emphasis on *local*. To what extent do you think it has to be local (this obviously depends on the nature of the product or service in question) and, more importantly, where do you see things going in the future? More towards local SEO expertise or more towards large SEO hubs that have little local presence?

    1. I suppose it all depends on your site. If you’re looking for localized traffic then one would assume that a local SEO expert would know more about local conditions and therefore is better able to target them.

      As for the future, again it all depends on your site. If you have a site that relies more on non local traffic then you could vie for any SEO company. Having said that, if a local one would be able to give a more personal service, especially if you could call into their office for a face to face SEO sitting.
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  2. Twitter:
    I totally agree. If for no other reason than it tends to be easier to focuses seo efforts of a set area at least to start with and then expand your efforts from there. of course if you are in a very competitive market then seo will always be an uphill struggle.

  3. Very nice post.Ya this is become very popular that all business leading companies want to get local seo from some other local companies.It ‘s right because obviously they are leading a company they know better about their company.

  4. Twitter:
    What research can you do to find out where people are searching from a particular area. is there a way that Google Analytics can help with this – a search in reverse?

    1. That’s and interesting question. I know one of my stats counters shows the city but that would be the where their provider more than the actual user.
      Sire recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    It seems to be that local is the way to go. With local I feel and see more opportunity of offline business networking, opportunities, and money to be made.

    It could be getting offline people, business, or organizations to come online or several other ways that the offline market is ready for some serious opportunity.

    Just my two cents
    Eric recently posted…How to Build More Traffic in less than 30 daysMy Profile

  6. I agree with Shivani, because local companies better know about our leading company, what they do and how the work for SEO.

  7. Twitter:
    I totally agree with the point. It is considerable using the local SEO services in case we have no idea of making SEO to our site. But, hiring cheap companies for making SEO may result your site listed in Black hat SEO-ed site. So, its better to opt costly and quality SEO company services
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    1. Not necessarily so. Sure there are a lot of cheap companies out there doing the wrong thing but there are also a lot who charge less to get the business and do all the right things. You just have to make sure you choose the right one.
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  8. Twitter:
    If you cant pay for seo service, then its better that you learn. I believe the knowledge of seo is mandatory for survival in panda penguin world

  9. If you don’t have money to hire somebody.. i’m afraid that you have no choice. This is a MUST HAVE if you want to succeed on the web biz. If you don’t.. only you and your friends gonna know about your site :). Learn, learn, learn.. and if you’re a bit smarter… you gonna earn a lot of money! Cheers!

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