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What Search Terms Are People Using To Find You

When people market their blogs or websites they usually target either a keyword or a set of keywords that they want to achieve a high ranking for in the search engines. The reason for this being, if done correctly, when a person types that particular keyword or string of keywords then their blog or website is listed right at the top of the search page if not somewhere on page one of any particular search engine.

Personally I couldn’t be bothered with all that as I find it boring and time consuming. Still, having said that I find it interesting, if not amusing, some of the terms that people use that lead them to my blogs. I just want to share some of them with you.

  1. Rudd is bullshit: Funny enough if someone uses the word bullshit in  their search string it usually points to my Load Of Bullshit Blog. This particular term ranked 4 on Google and lead to Kevin Rudd Wants The dead To Stimulate The Economy
  2. Microword Corporation: No.1 on Google and points to my Microword Corporations Sweepstake Promotion post.
  3. Chinatown Adelaide: Ranked no. 4 and leads to Adelaide’s Very Own Chinatown
  4. wordpress “better than thesis“: Pointed to FlexSqueeze Putting The Squeeze On Thesis and was ranked at no.2
  5. melbourne mayor 2009: This actually ranked as no.4 and points to my Melbourne Mayor Is Full Of Shit Post,  which I find amusing because it seems that the only way this poor excuse for a mayor can get noticed is by slagging off at other cities.
  6. mastering thesis theme: This one actually made it to n0.2 and the word that helped it to get to those heights was ‘mastering’ so it just goes to show how important it is to pick the right word. Before I forget it pointed to my My First Impression Of The Thesis Theme.
  7. cool blog links: Still ranked no.1 and every time this search term is used it leads straight to my Cool Blog Links site which may be a good reason to join, don’t you think?
  8. themes/flexisqueeze: Believe it or not this actually got ranked second and because of a typo. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should stop proof reading your posts. See if you can find the typoFlexSqueeze Putting The Squeeze On Thesis | WassupBlog
  9. london bridge before collapse: The Collapse Of The Great London Bridge ranked no.4 and shows the importance posting more than just photos on your photo blog. Think about it for a bit, if all you post is a photo how are the search engines going to find you. The title alone probably won’t be enough.
  10. I was pretty disappointed when I found out that someone beat me to the domain, but it’s not all that bad as my blog still ranks as no.4 even for that search term.

So, what does all this prove? That keywords are important and that by using them in your title as well as your post will usually improve your SERP rankings. I say usually because you never know what Google is going to do.

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  1. Twitter:
    Good stuff, Sire, but I’d like to know what led you to look for those particular phrases, other than Cool Links Blog; that one seems to make sense lol

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Affiliate Marketing Linx

  2. I didn’t Mitch, these are the terms that people used to find my blogs as produced by stats.

    1. Twitter:
      Okay, I got it now. I checked mine for a 3 month period, and one isn’t even on my site. It links to another site that used to be in the footer of my theme, which I thought I’d gotten rid of, but I guess I haven’t, as it’s number four on my list. Weasels.

      Mitch´s Last blog post..Top Three Do’s And Don’ts

  3. My top two are “donkey sex” and “lesbians”. That sort of thing really makes me smile.

    ray´s Last blog post..Public Privacy Policy Now Public. No Longer Private.

  4. Ray, you have to be joking. People find your blog using ‘donkey sex’ as a search term? :shock_tb: Damn, what page do they land on?

    1. My most recent search terms:

      donkey sex
      green tea
      patrick nice
      testout free…
      wordpress 2.7
      www donkey sex…

      The fun thing is that it’s this post that kicked off the problems. If you can call it that. This post from 2008 shows what else people look for and somehow wind up with me,

      ray´s Last blog post..Public Privacy Policy Now Public. No Longer Private.

      1. Gee, imagine who would have landed on you blog if you were actually trying for those terms. Donkey sex? Man there are some real sickos out there.

    2. even worst what get’s me thinking is what the hell was that guy looking for typing in “donkey sex”… :rolleyes_wp:

  5. Heck what am a doing here, I was looking for Britney Spears photos. :)

    GregR´s Last blog post..Harvest Time in New Zealand – The Wairarapa Region

    1. If they are relevant to the post you are writing then I would say that it’s good to use accurate tags. And the sexuality of the term is in the eye of the beholder: say you were writing about your college’s gay and lesbian association, would you want to miss out some tags on the grounds that some people may search for those terms looking for something other than what you were writing about?

      ray´s Last blog post..Public Privacy Policy Now Public. No Longer Private.

  6. Very nice stats you have. Also those referring key phrases can give you some hints or insights on what term or post to focus to.

    Ron´s Last blog post..Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

  7. Thanks Ron. I suppose if I really wanted to take the time I could really target certain words and phrases, but as I’ve stated in other posts, it would take the fun out of blogging.

  8. I’m often surprised how typos in Google search land people on my site even when the terms are spelled correctly on my site. One example is Di Fara pizza. People spell it Da Fara and a bunch of traffic comes my way because of it.

    Gennaro´s Last blog post..Best Newspaper Travel Sections

    1. Surprising and sometimes also amusing. I reckon that there are many people who misspell keywords and meta tags just so they can target these visitors.

      1. I think that might be a smart move. Especially if you often post within a niche. Betting there are people taking advantage of that now. I’ve seen that people who have the for a popular .net site gets lots of traffic with little content: for example.

        Gennaro´s Last blog post..Best Newspaper Travel Sections

  9. So much for Google relevancy. I have this occur to me also. Which explains the high bounce rate. I just ignore it because there is not much I can do about it anyways.

    Michael´s Last blog post..How To Get People To Keep Reading Your Blog

  10. Hey Michael, it might make an interesting post mate. At least you will get some use out of it. Thanks for the comment.

  11. Actually I realized that Google looks even deeper than your post. 2 days ago someone landed on one of my posts using the search term ‘Medical Trainer’. I was curious where this phrase came from as it’s not related to my niche or anything I’ve written. I found out it was from a comment’s keyword used in the name field for that post. It could be something new and I guess it is good for us as we get a little more traffic.

    Peter Lee

    Peter´s Last blog post..Case Study: How Work At Home Homepage Got High Page Rank PR4

  12. Ya Sire, this is powerful information to have. I just installed Google Analytics, and I love looking at how people found my blog.

    1. Yep, it sure helps to pass the time when you’ve nothing better to do.

  13. wow thats a funny list of keywords you used. Sometimes i have people coming to my site with a bunch of gibberish words which i have no idea why that would happen since i wasn’t targeting such words

    almir´s Last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

    1. Thanks almir, I must admit that checking what search terms people are using to find your site can be pretty funny sometimes.

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