What Is This World Coming To When It Comes To Morals

I did a post on my Load Of Bullshit blog some time ago called Shame on Noel Biderman For Promoting Adultery which was about my personal opinion of this blokes idea of promoting adultery as a being good for business. Perhaps I’m a puritan but I just feel that this sort of thing is pretty sick.

It continues to get a fair bit of traffic and even had a visit from Noel himself when he attempted to justify his immoral actions. There was a time when adultery was pretty well frowned on, and perhaps rightly so as it effects could be far reaching, and for what, a bit of personal gratification?

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I’m sure that in those days the retribution for trying to promote the act would have been just as harsh as it was committing it. I’m also pretty sure you wouldn’t have seen any posters or town criers around the place asking people to forget their responsibility to their families just so they could get have a little fun.

As can be seen from this video, good old Mr. Biderman is still out there pedaling his wares. This married man is hell bent on wrecking the marriages of others, and his excuse? They’re going to do it anyway so why shouldn’t he make some money out of it?

As that video shows he’s a little upset because his some of his ads have been pulled from display. Is that so shocking Noel, that some people have morals? And really, you pompous ass, to compare your ads to ones promoting alcohol and male erectile dysfunction?

Anyway, I suppose he has the right to promote his immoral business and we should let him because it’s a free world and people are going to do it anyway. But where will it end? What if someone decides to have ads promoting sex with minors. Sure it’s illegal now, but so was adultery, and who knows what the future holds for us. Perhaps it’s just around the corner when this vile act will be accepted as long as the child is consenting. Perhaps it will be one of Noel’s descendants that will be running those ads.

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  1. I don’t know about ads, but a well-known pro-pedophile activist based in the Netherlands had a long running website and blog geared towards little girls, trying to convince them that it was okay to be in romantic and physical relationships with adults.

    The blog/ and website managed to stay online despite the objections of thousands of parents including me. According to a wxyztv.com news article, police say his website/blog does not break any laws.

    What is also disturbing is this pro-pedophile is also a active editor at Wikipedia and many of his edits are on pedophilia.

    As for morals Noel doesn’t appear to have any or do the people using his company.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..How do you define a Blogging Expert =-.

    1. That’s awful, and that is what I am worried about. As a society we seem to be so blasé about things and the increase exposure to this sort of stuff only makes it worse.

      I agree Noel doesn’t have his morals, but at least those sites that are pulling his ads do.

  2. Perhaps polygamy is the answer like in Muslim countries.

    I don’t like the idea of him saying that adultery is good for business. It cost Tiger Woods several of his sponsors.

    I have to agree that if you’re having problems staying faithful to your spouse then be honest with yourself and your spouse and end the marriage.

    Always interesting as usual, Sire.

    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Interview With Captain Australia. =-.

    1. Gordie, he meant it was good for his business because that’s what he does, he helps people to commit adultery. You could almost say it’s a form of prostitution seeing as how people are paying him for sex.

  3. I have one problem with morality and that is it differs depending on the person. What is immoral to me may not be to you and so on and so forth. I had a boss [whom I adore still for other reasons] who would travel out of the country to have affairs with young girls [by the time I knew him they were 18, but they were much younger at one time] and yes, he was [still is] married. I disagreed, but the country’s culture allowed for this type of behavior. There are ‘open’ marriages that allow for this type of behavior. Now, all of that said, what this guy is doing is shameful in its premise. It’s one thing for people to do what they do in the privacy of their lives and something completely different when it is made public. He need not worry about advertising so blatantly, since those who want to cheat will find his site or find their own partner either way.

    And I have to agree with Mitch that we used to be much worse at one time [privately/publicly?]. Unfortunately, we are headed back to that extreme. Oh, and I can’t help but be reminded of something my husband said to me years ago – we are not monogamous creatures, society just tells us we are. Neither of us condone adultery, but understand there is more to it than just morals, which are very subjective.
    .-= Anne@AnneOnLife´s last blog ..I Always Admired Mr. Franklin, But Now I Truly Respect Him =-.

    1. Doesn’t matter how you look at it Anne this guy is virtually breaking up families, coaxing people to stray by subjecting them to his seductive advertising. To me, morals or no morals, that is just plain wrong.

      I’m not really fussed what people do in their country, they can live their lives as they will. Perhaps Noel would be better off peddling his wares elsewhere.

      1. You are right. He is promoting dishonesty and that is wrong. But his target market isn’t you, me, or anyone who disapproves.

        CNN and others who removed his ads [or banned them altogether] are saying they disapprove and are not his target market. I wonder if Playboy [or Playgirl for that matter], Penthouse, or any other magazine of that type lists his ads. I don’t believe their premise is to promote adultery, but he may feel their audience is prone to such behavior. Where does he advertise anyway that you found him? Maybe I should read your other post to find out. :foot_in_mouth_tb:

        1. He first came to my attention through a news article. I don’t think any of his ads have ever been aired in Australia.

  4. I see how it would be easy to get on a high horse about the topic but I don’t think their model is broken. The truth is people commit adultery all of the time and that is their target market. The fact that it rubs people the wrong way only adds fuel to the fire of interest in the site and idea. Most things that you me or anyone disagrees with are better left untouched if it is our desire to watch them fade away. I agree that adultery is wrong and don’t practice in it, but unless there is a law the site is breaking by facilitating these hookups the more rational response is cold and utter silence. They definitely found a niche that’s for sure.
    .-= The Real Josh´s last blog ..Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money With Twitter =-.

    1. I know that people commit adultery all the time. My gripe is that his ads may convince some people to go that route who otherwise may have remained faithful to their spouse.

  5. It’s indeed a slippery slope with no end in site. Live and let live and of course we can’t legislate anyone’s moral values . . . however, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in this post.

    Mankind’s inner wisdom has not kept pace with the rapid acceleration in advances in worldwide technology. At the flip of a switch, we and our children, can access almost anything, and are tempted by everything.

    I personally hold that unless there is a major consciousness shift, one that values our planet, our families and our loved ones, (above self-gratification)our civilization, culture and planet is in peril.
    .-= Linda @ WinBackEx´s last blog ..How to Keep a Woman Happy =-.

    1. The live and let live can be a dangerous way to live Linda. What would happen if society came to accept that sex with minors was fine as long as the child was a willing participant?

      1. Sire, Agreed! The Live and Let Live portion of my comment was said sardonically that’s why I prefaced it with the slippery slope.

        Indeed because there is no longer any sense of right or wrong or boundaries in place among the masses it does not bode well for mankind’s future evolution. History has proved that with the collapse of prior civilizations.
        .-= Linda@ WinBackEx´s last blog ..How to Keep a Woman Happy =-.

        1. Hopefully people will wake up to themselves before the whole world goes to pot.

    2. The live and let live mentality (not directed at you Linda I understand you were not being literal) is the main problem.

      If you do things that are not right and people in society still accept you then why not do whatever it is that you want to do.

      People can do almost anything murder, rape, molesting children and still go out and party with their friends with no fallout at all.
      .-= Dwippy@DoFollow Blog List´s last blog ..No Title for this One =-.

      1. So very true and sad. I think to the extent that one values life (outside of self) the more aware they are of their actions.

        Instant self-gratification and low or no consciousness of higher self is at the core of so many of these actions. Couple that with loss of a moral compass equals chaos. Personally I seek the higher good in myself and others and feel pain for those around us who have lost their way.

        There for the Grace of God Go I.
        .-= Linda @ WinBackEx´s last blog ..How Do I Get My Ex Back After Cheating? =-.

  6. Twitter:
    Not that I disagree with you so much on this one, Sire, but this guy isn’t even on my radar, I have to admit. I mean, there’s his site, there are sites that promote women finding married rich men who are looking for sweet young things to be with for a night or two, and some sites that probably promote worse things than that which neither one of us knows about.

    Here’s the truth. Morals have always been around, but so has immorality. Some things you mentioned above have been legal in other cultures, nasty or not. Some worse things were legal. Think about India now. As sedate and somewhat repressed as most of us believe it is, it is where the Kuma Sutra came from. Same with China, if you’ve ever seen some of their ancient art.

    The reality is that morality depends on who’s in charge at the time and also what the prevailing religion happens to be. That’s why we really can only control ourselves and our own morals, and leave most other people to their own devices, unless they’re hurting someone who can’t protect themselves.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Clearing Away Irritations In 2010 =-.

    1. True, but religion aside, when you marry someone you make a commitment to them. If you are no longer happy in the marriage you leave. You don’t go out looking for affairs.

      What I dislike about this site and the type of commercials he uses is that it is aimed at encouraging people, who may not have been that way inclined, to cheat. That sucks.

      1. Very well said sire. An affair is no way to solve problems in a marriage.
        .-= Rose´s last blog ..How do you define a Blogging Expert =-.

      2. Twitter:
        Like I said, I agree with you on all that stuff. But you know what they say, if a person is predisposed to cheat, they can look for any excuse to do it.
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..How Can You Prosper Through Publicity? =-.

      3. I think this is the only point I’d like to disagree with. You know what they say, one can’t be persuaded from their thoughts unless they are that weak minded…if so then they have problems far reaching just this clown.
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Updates – Latest $10 Domain Winner, Latest Move News, and more. =-.

        1. But so many people are weak minded, and there are many times when all it needs is a seed to be planted and that’s exactly what those commercials would do.

  7. While I don’t think Noel is going to win any awards from any christian groups and I don’t agree with what he does, he still has the right to promote his business to his target market.

    1. And again, what if his target were underage kids, does he still have the right to promote his business? Where does it end?

      1. Well, targeting underage kids would be illegal, so you can’t really compare the two.

        Like I said before, I don’t agree with it, but he does have the right to do it. Hopefully most people will agree that it’s wrong and it will fail.

        1. It’s illegal now but it could well become acceptable if people start turning a blind eye to it.

  8. Immorality isn’t new it’s just part of the natural cultural cycle.

    You’ve got your early years with all the normal puritan thoughts it’s handy when you’re poor and need to keep people in line and in the farms and churches.

    Then folks start to get some cash flow going and you start getting some power in play.

    The lawyers and politicians take over (that helps to keep the rich and powerful rich and powerful).

    Then you have your arena’s and bloodsports (reality tv anyone?)

    Then things start to fall apart because everyones so busy having such a good time they forget to keep the wheels of the culture running smooth and things fall apart and start all over.

    Just gotta hope we’re all in the right place at the right time and on the right side when the beheadings start.

    Gee I’m cheerful tonight ain’t I?
    .-= Dwippy@DoFollow Blog List´s last blog ..No Title for this One =-.

    1. Yep immorality has been around since forever, but I wonder if in all that time it has ever proven to be anything but negative.

      I mean what are the cultural pluses of immoral behavior?

  9. Well it fills an important niche and so long as there’s demand there will be people who provide the service. At least they can do it in a smart way, maybe have some screening with mandatory std tests to make sure it’s safe for the people they’re cheating on (eg: they won’t give an std to their unwitting and unknowing partner).
    .-= P4o´s last blog ..Welcome to P4O Hosting =-.

    1. An important niche? Give me a break. :wallbash_tb:

  10. I completely agree with you, these days cheating on your spouse among other immoral actions has become so commonplace and overall the values of society have been going down hill for some years, look at our society compared to 1950s? He’s not the only one making money of this biz and like you said it’s a free country, but everyone has to take personal responsibility, I guess he can sleep at night and be okay with it.
    .-= JR @ Internet Marketing´s last blog ..Making Money Online, Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Lessons Learned in 2009 =-.

    1. I’m sure he does for he just doesn’t get the fact that he could be the cause of family break ups.

  11. “They’re going to do it anyway so why shouldn’t he make some money out of it?”

    Good one Noel, you’re now in the fine company of hitmen for hire; dopey mother…
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Updates – Latest $10 Domain Winner, Latest Move News, and more. =-.

  12. For me, ethics and morals are more important than money, and i just wish that it stays the same forever,

    I see all sorts of advertisement, even on adsense sometimes, and i feel really sad about it. and its not all about just adultery or related stuff, anything that is against the ethics is bad.

    I hope people run business with more ethics and honesty, because that’s the most important thing in life,
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..10 Tips on How to Gain Search Engine Trust =-.

    1. Unfortunately when money is involved many people throw ethics out the window.

  13. In general I think our society is a little to conservative where it comes to sexual issues but I agree this is where I draw the line. In America I would be afraid to do a site like this as I would be concerned about the lawsuits that come from spouses of broken marriages.
    .-= Ned Carey´s last blog ..1099s Are Due! Have You Sent Yours Out? =-.

    1. And yet this guy is peddling his wares in America.

      What is weird Ned is I had some woman on my other blog thinking it was a great idea because it made it easier to find out if their spouse was cheating on them.

  14. Morals huh? Well it’s a touchy issue. We should all focus on respecting each other. This involves letting go of our own preconceived morales and religions and accepting people for who they are. We need to see each other as individuals who deserve each others respect before we see each others as christians, muslims, pagans, atheists, agnostics, liberal, conservative, sinner, or bible thumper. In a free world, people can live the type of lives they want to, because as Mitch said, whoever has the power decides what’s right and wrong. So someone in power might decide that YOUR lifestyle is evil and wrong, even if you disagree, and then who’s out of luck? The best thing to do is to live and let live.

    With that said, I don’t think that it’s an honorable thing to try to encourage people to break their marital vows.

    On the other hand, marital vows are between two people. Who cares if Joe Blow starts a website trying to get people to cheat. It’s not Joe Blow’s duty to keep people together. If a marriage is that bad, then that’s ONLY the adulterer’s fault for not finding a better way to cope, no one else’s.

    I mean, people find immoral ways to make money every day. Look at the drug companies who make money by keeping people sick. Look at the insurance companies who will let someone die if it will affect their profits. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, are these things not worse than someone who’s profiting off of bad marriages?
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Self Improvement Through The Workforce =-.

    1. Who cares if Joe Blow starts a website trying to get people to cheat. It’s not Joe Blow’s duty to keep people together. If a marriage is that bad, then that’s ONLY the adulterer’s fault for not finding a better way to cope, no one else’s.

      The marriage doesn’t necessarily have to be bad Trey. Perhaps at the time someone saw one of those commercials they had hit a bump in the road, were mad and decided WTF went for it and then regretted it ever since.

      The problem with his commercials is that it preys on the weak, the confused, all those who have hit a rocky patch as well as the cheaters.

  15. It can be pretty sickening when you think about the things that society needs for entertainment nowa days, morals are quickly vanishing and the youth of today don’t look promising for a better future.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..27 Things Your Position Requires =-.

    1. The problem with the youth of today is the adults that raised them John. Too many of them want to be friends rather than parents and this can lead to bad parenting because they’re not teaching them proper rules and boundaries.

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