Yes, the argument for the best comment system for WordPress blogs is continuing but I’m here to tell you, no matter what you read on other blogs, the best comment system for your WordPress blog is the default one. Don’t be like all those sheep out there who install third party comment systems like Livefyre, Intense Debate and Disqus just because others are doing it. Why, because if you do, you will get fewer comments.

I proved that when I wrote my post on how Disqus is costing people comments. Out of 183 people who took part in the poll, 54% said they would not comment on a blog that used Disqus. It would have been higher but some said they would comment if the blogger was someone they knew. So, if you’re a newbie I definitely would stick with the default system. Why the heck would you change when it has all the benefits a commentator would want, not to mention the added benefits from those bloggers who have installed commentluv and keywordluv?

Sure some of those comment systems might have bells and whistles but are theyAquarel birds worth it when you consider that it could well cost you valuable comments? Then there’s also the possibility if your third party comment system bites the dust that it would take all your comments with it! Now there is a horrible thought. I’ve had people using Disqus email me asking for help because they were scared of losing their comments knowing that their comments were held off site. Unfortunately I couldn’t help them because I was never silly enough to install it and so I didn’t know much about it.

You may be wondering why I dislike those commenting systems so much. It’s because I refuse to go through any extra hoops when leaving a comment, which my previous post proved to be the most popular reason for not commenting on those blogs. What’s that, I can register for free and then it’s easy to leave a comment? True, but there’s the rub, there is the extra hoop I have to jump through, and then if I delete my cookies, which I do a lot, I have to sign in again when wanting to comment on those blogs. Those damn hoops, I have enough crap to put up with without having more spoiling my blogging experience.

As far as I’m concerned I believe that old saying, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. But hey, don’t listen to me, you go ahead and install it, that’s just one less blog that I need to comment on. :drunk_tb:

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