I’m currently working for a major retail company and they are very customer orientated. They know how important customers are and they do everything they can to give them a positive customer experience when they are in the store. To be able to do this though you really need to know what a customer wants to ensure they leave having a positive experience while in the store. What do customers want is a very important question and one that every business owner should ask themselves if they want to be successful.

I’ve been with these guys now for a couple of years now and as good as they are there is something that really baffles me and that is the importance the place on presentation. While I understand how important presentation is I personally believe having the stock on show for the customer to buy is so much more important. Unfortunately this is true for our competition as well which I find astounding.

Here is how it works. No matter what, I have to stop whatever I am doing to present my department before I clock off. This takes about an hour and in that time I could process a cage and a half of extra stock which could easily include a dozen or so out of stock lines. Keep in mind that the presentation for the most part is only superficial and it doesn’t take long before customers rip into it and things are looking a little worse for wear.

Knowing that one of the most common complaints we get from customers is not being able to find the item they’re looking for you have to wonder why they don’t do something about it. Actually, I know exactly why, its because of their wage budget. They just don’t want to spend the money to ensure everything gets done. A shame really because I feel their return from spending the extra money will more than pay for itself.

what do customers want

So, What Do Customers Want?

We know they want good service. But is good service enough? We also know that they want to be treated well, from the time they walk into the store to the time they pay for their goods and leave. They want good prices, fresh quality goods. They love a cheerful smile and a friendly chat while being served. Above all they want to be able to find what they’re looking for! So I ask you, as a customer, what is more important to you, presentation or being able to find the stuff you came to the shops for?


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