What is it a blogger does
Why is the internet a buzz
There are bloggers everywhere
So many topics will they share

Whatever subject interests you
From SEO to Timbuktu
A blog exists that a blogger wrote
And some may even offer a quote

There are many blogger that intrigue
Not everyone is in the same league
Yet I would share with all who’s here
All the bloggers I hold dear

There’s Kristi of Kikolani
Who’s author is really quite bonnie
The popularity of her Fetching Friday posts
Many wish that they could host

Extreme John, now he’s the man
He blogs like no-one else can
If someone said there’s a better limo ride
I’m here to tell you they damn well lied

Doug’s all about making money online
The tips he offers make his blog shine
Not all about money; there are tips as well
Many a reader on more comments did dwell

Misc Bytes only recently discovered
Yet many a gem have I uncovered
None more easier to swallow
Than when she became DoFollow

Ching Ya, Oh what a delight
Although the move was quite a fright
She decided to give Blogger the flick
The WordPress Platform she did pick

Then there’s Mitch, who’s all about sharing
Who’s posts can at times be daring
Like when he’s interviewing Diane Walker
Who’s known as an Internet Marketer

Deniel Merritt, he’s cool he’s hip
This blog is not one he’ll flip
There’s just one thing he’s to be wary
Girlfriends photo skills will make him merry

Diverse thou all these bloggers be
One thing in common you will see
Helping others when the need arises
Even though they’ll win no prizes

Helping others, both old and new
Is just what bloggers love to do
So join the group, be one of us
Don’t hesitate, don’t be a wuss

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