If there’s one thing that you’re bound to see on the net it’s people telling you how they can show you ways of making money. Normally it’s a sales pitch to either get you to join a list or it’s via a free eBook that doesn’t really tell you anything other than letting you know you have to actually buy the full version to learn the real secret to financial success. They’ll even spout some crap about how you have to get in now before the offer expires to fool you into a sense of false security because you don’t want to miss out on a golden opportunity. The truth of the matter is you’re better off trying to leave the site because more often than not they will offer you a better deal to get your business.

With this post I want to be a little different in that I am actually going to tell you which affiliates I am promoting that is actually putting money in my pocket. I’m hoping that perhaps it will give you ideas that you can use to increase your blogs earnings.

I think a common mistake is that people just promote any old affiliate by sticking a link or banner on their website hoping for the best. This is what I used to do and it didn’t really make me any money. It’s common knowledge that to make any decent income online you need a product to sell, unfortunately most of us don’t have a product which is why we push other people’s products as affiliates. The problem is that it’s hard pushing something that you’re not truly familiar with. The solution is to buy something you need, that you really want and then tell others of your experience. They are more likely to buy from you if they know you’re using it and that you love it. Don’t bullshit to them because it will bite you in the ass later. In essence you have to spend money to make money, otherwise it’s just like going around a games board looking for something to buy but never getting anywhere.


FlexSqueeze: I used to use free themes because I didn’t want to spend the money, not knowing that I would have a lot more money in my pocket if only I chose a professional theme that had affiliate attached to it. The first theme I bought was the Thesis WordPress Theme but I couldn’t promote it because I didn’t believe in it. All the hype I read from others was just BS as it wasn’t as out of the box easy to use as they made it out to be. I kept looking until I found FlexSqueeze and I haven’t looked back since, it is easily my biggest seller.

Market Samurai: I’ve only just recently purchased this software and it’s already paid for itself in affiliate sales and I’ve only posted about it twice. I’ve been using it on my sexual aids blog. In case you’re wondering why I haven’t done an update yet it’s because I’m waiting for their tech guys to resolve an issue I’m having with it. Even with that I’ve managed to rank no.1 on Yahoo and no2 on Bing for the keywords sexual aids but am still struggling on Google. I think it’s because I’m finding it difficult to get back-links to the blog.

BlueHost: If you’re happy about your hosting company join as an affiliate and tell people about it. Tell them why you joined and what it is you love about them. Be sincere and let your excitement show in your post. Naturally no one is going to believe you if you’re posting from a Blogger or WordPress.com account, likewise if you’re promoting a theme form one of those account. Why would people believe you when you’ve had no experience with the product you’re promoting?

Most of my blogs have a “Proudly Hosted On Name Of Host” link displayed prominently on the blog and each of them have made sales from it. Just one sale would pay for the blog’s hosting for a year with some to spare.

RegNow: This is site that allows people to sell it’s member’s software products on their site. I originally joined them so I could do posts on my Top Software Online blog. It will even allow you to create your own store such as the one I have my blog attached to. The problem is I need to direct traffic there in order to make sales. It wasn’t until I promoted Tweet Whistle on this blog that I started to make some money.

Commission Junction: These guys act as a go between publishers and advertisers. As a member you get to promote products from some of the leading retailers and market groups. A lot of the Hosting companies use CJ as their preferred method of advertising.

ClixGalore and Commission Monster are similar to CJ and while they do not earn me as much they do bring in some money. I use them because they offer me things that are not available on CJ. I’ve used Clickbank but haven’t had much luck with them, probably because I haven’t found a product that I’m comfortable promoting. I’ve also hadsome luck with Cash Burners but that’s limited to my sex aids site as it supplies adult only products.

I hope this has given you some ideas to incorporate on your blog to make it more profitable. If there’s anything else you would like to know you could always leave a comment.

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