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Things To Check Before Going Live With Your Website

Designing a site takes a large amount of time and hard work. You do not want to see all of your time and hard work get wasted by allowing your website to go live when it still has many problems. Therefore, you must make sure that your site is truly ready to be used by the masses. There are a number of things that need to be done before you officially put your site online. Launching your site when it still has a few problems could be a disaster for your brand. Basically, you will develop the reputation of being incompetent. Unfortunately, reputations on the Internet are very difficult to get rid of once you get them. This is why you must avoid a situation like that from occurring in the first place. Here are some of the most essential tasks to complete before your site goes live.

1. Check the search engine

The search engine on your site is a vital tool when it comes to allowing your customers to find items they are looking for in a fast and efficient manner. Problems with your search engine could cause searches to take much longer then they normally should. Many people have very little patience when they are doing their shopping. A delay involving your search engine could prevent you from making a sale. This is why you must thoroughly check the search engine before any member of the general public is able to use it. You should also verify that only the correct items are being listed when a search is being performed. A common problems of website search engines occurs when they list items that are different than the one the user is trying to find.

2. Payment system

You will be in big trouble if none of your customers are able to pay when they find what they are looking for. Verify that nothing is wrong with your merchant account by making a few purchases using your own credit card. Test all of the other forms of payment that you are willing to accept. Do not go live until each payment method is working perfectly with no glitches. You will need to make sure that your domain name registration went through without any problem.

3. Shopping cart

Customers will use your online shopping cart to select items they want to buy until the person is ready to pay for them. Unfortunately, some sites experience problems with their site that are a nuisance. For example, items disappear from shopping carts without any explanation. There have also been cases where multiple copies of the same item will show up in a shopping cart shortly before checkout. Iron out all of the shopping cart details with the person who helped you design your site. Keep testing it for as long as you have to in order to ensure that nothing like this happens when your customers are trying to buy products. You want to avoid frustrating your customers and causing them to leave.

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  1. Hey Peter,

    Your post is highly relevant especially for those who haven’t started launching their website. You provided some key factors to consider. I particularly liked the 2nd and 3rd, the importance of making sure that the payment method works, and the shopping cart has no issues. It could be very frustrating for the customers if they encounter a faulty shopping cart.

    Carl Ocab recently posted…3 Link Building Failures Your Business Should AvoidMy Profile

  2. Some useful tips here that can easily be overlooked, especially if you’re just starting out online. No point rushing a site for it to go live when its only half-working! The tools that we have access to nowadays make it so easy for pretty much anyone to start an online business with minimal technical issues compared to, say, ten years ago. We’re in the pointnclick era!
    Ahmad Ben recently posted…What Is Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

    1. Twitter:
      You are so right Ahmed. I remember when I designed my first website, it took me forever. Now with the WordPress platform you can have one up and running in next to no time.

      What I find amazing is the amount of people who start linking to their site and they still have the standard ‘Welcome to WordPress’ first post. That’s just crazy.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Irish Blonde Joke Friday Funnies #203My Profile

      1. Its kinda scary when you think about how much the internet has changed in the space of ten years. Not to mention the fact that the internet is still a baby – imagine what it will be like in another ten years!!

        I don’t really understand the point in linking to a site that has zero content? What are those people trying to achieve by linking to a blank WordPress template lol?!
        Ahmad Ben recently posted…What Is Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

        1. Twitter:
          I think they mistakenly believe that the sooner they get link back strategy the better. In essence they’re worried more about SEO than prospective customers. It’s like putting a sign up on a main highway that leads to a store that is still in construction. It’s just a waste of time.

          Build the store first and then send people to it.

          Left a comment on your blog. It was a brilliant post. There’s a couple of things I can suggest, if you don’t mind, to improve things.

          The first is to install a plugin to let people know when you reply to their comments. That way they can come back to continue the conversation, just like you did just now. :wink_ee:

          The second one is to install one that will let them share your post. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find one so I could give it a Tweet.

          1. What a complete and utter waste of time and energy! Completely counter-productive.

            I think one of the problems is that common sense isn’t common enough!

            Thanks for the suggestions, i’m actually going to install the commentluv plugin onto my site to solve those issues, i’ll have a look into some sharing plugins too ;-)

            1. Twitter:
              You’ll love CommentLuv. The premium version is even better and has a lot of features for promoting special posts, giving people the opportunity to read you bio, spam prevention and other stuff that makes it what it is.

  3. Twitter:
    Hi Peter,

    Creating a website and launching it is not a joke. Although, there are ways on how to easily create a website, one should still check everything even before going live e.g. redirects, spelling, sentence construction etc.

    Your article is a good reference to share, especially for those people who are new to creating and launching websites.
    Marlon Lozada recently posted…Expert Tips And Advice In Social Media MarketingMy Profile

  4. Really your post is extremely relevant. I mainly liked the 1st and 3rd Points which make importance of making sure that the site is crawl able by search engine or not if not appear in search results of search engine then no traffic and no shopping and 3rd the shopping cart also important .

    1. Twitter:
      Yeah, those points are pretty important. They’re just a few of the many things one should probably be doing before letting their website go live.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

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