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Wassup’s Bloggers Forum Adding To The Blogging Experience

Forums have always been a great source of information, as well as a unique way of socializing with others on the Net. If you’ve ever had a problem to solve and you decided to do an Internet search via Google, Yahoo or one of the other search engines, more likely than not you would have found the answer in a forum.

Forums are also a great way to publicize your blog through your signature, a method that I have used with great success. Once you become a forum member you can edit your signature by adjusting your profile in the User Control panel. There is only one thing that you have to remember if you want people to take notice of you, and to perhaps click on you ‘signature’ link, and that is that your comments have to be well thought out and provide content to the original post, much as if you were commenting on a blog. It’s also best to be an active forum member as this gives your links more exposure increasing the likelyhood of people visiting your blog.

I’ve decided to start my own forum, Wassup’s Bloggers Forum, and hopefully we can build it into a forum of some renown. I say we as it can’t be done without you, members who are willing to contribute to the quality content of the forum.

There are three very good reasons why should you join this forum?

  1. Added exposure for your blog
  2. It is orientated around bloggers so it is more likely to interest bloggers of all persuasions
  3. It is brand new and so it has the potential to evolve into a forum most suited it its members. Sometimes when employing someone it’s better to train them from scratch so that they do not bring any bad habits with them. Using this analogy I will be taking on members ideas and criticism to mould it into something that all bloggers will enjoy.

If you haven’t yet joined any forums then this would be a good time to start. Those of you who are forum professionals, you may want to join for that extra exposure and to add any ideas you may have to improve it’s overall quality.

I wait in anticipation for a great influx of members.


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  1. No worries Mitch. You get some sleep mate, and as for the Tweet banner, I reckon that makes perfect sense.

  2. Hi Sire,

    Hey a forum is a great idea and you’re right, it really helps you find your answers more quickly. But I think it needs a good number of people so that eventually it runs like clockwork. So I guess you may have to think about promoting it a little so that all your friends know about it. I’m sure like me they will be pretty excited to join too.

    Peter´s Last blog post..200+ Passive Income Resources, Tips & Home Ideas

    1. Oops..forgot to mention I just joined….that goes without saying….and looking forward to more people joining.


      1. Cool, did you introduce yourself in the ‘Welcome Mat’ forum, and I hope you didn’t forget to put your signature in your profile?

  3. All in good time my friend. Being brand new I know that it will take some time for people to find out about it and I am reluctant to start posting articles in their until I get a feeling of what people want. In essence it will be a long term project.

    Hopefully as people find it and hopefully liking the idea they will spread the word.

  4. Twitter:
    I’ll be joining, Sire, but not tonight, as I’m hoping to get to bed soon. But it’s bookmarked.

    By the way, I think that Tweet banner is there when you first write a new post, since it never comes up once I’ve been to a new post at least once.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..I Want More RSS Subscribers

  5. Twitter:
    Sire, I’ve tried getting into the forum today, and this error script keeps coming up every time I go, locking up my browser. Man, why does stuff keep happening to me?

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Planning For Building A Commerce Website

    1. May not have been your fault Mitch. As with everything new I’ve been tinkering with it and it may have raised some issues. I think they have been resolved as I’ve picked up a couple of members.

      If it still happens, if possible could you record any error messages. I may have to hit the support forums :doh_tb:

      1. Twitter:
        I’ll give it another shot, and we’ll see what happens.

        By the way, I noticed my avatar didn’t show up on the two previous posts; let’s see if it shows up on this one.

        Mitch´s Last blog post..World Diabetes Day – My Story

        1. Your avatar won’t show as I haven’t enabled it because I am using the SezWho avatar instead.

          1. Just add it to your list of places to join.

          2. Twitter:
            Ah; well, so much for me.

  6. Good idea with the forum – another one of my websites has a forum on it with a couple hundred members. Keeping the forum up and running was taking up quite a bit of my time, so in order to try and free some of it up, I made some regular visitors moderators, who in turn took care of the site for me. The site still recieves some hits , but I need to ‘revitalise’ it again – it’s in a very dying niche!

    Dan´s Last blog post..How To Overcome Distractions

  7. Unfortunately Dan, there isn’t much in this world that doesn’t take time, at least nothing worthwhile.

  8. Just joined. Nice job creating a forum! :)

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Haiku Poems: How to Guide, Examples, and a Contest

  9. Thanks Kristi, you will make a great addition to the forum.

  10. What’s up, Sire? What’s next on the plan? Though I’m not so much into forum marketing, you’ll still have my support.

    Who doesn’t want to his own boss anyway?

    Blog for Beginners´s Last blog post..Ask My Readers #2 – Read At Your Own Risk

    1. That’s not like you Yan. I thought you would use any legitimate way of marketing your blog. It would be great if you joined. I reckon you have a whole lot to offer, both in experience and in unique ideas.

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