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WassupBlog’s Ultimate Blogging Contest

OK, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and have a shot at running a blogging contest. It seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry blogger is running one these days so I figured I may as well give it a go.

I reckon that there are two things that make a contest appealing to people. One is that it’s free and easy to enter and the other that it’s relatively easy. Correction, there is a third and very important factor, the prize has to catch the contestants interest.

Let’s start with the prizes.

  • First Prize: $20 and I will place a 125×125 banner in my sidebar, in the Wassup Ads section. As you can see that is a premium spot, especially considering this is a PR3 blog.
  • Second Prize: $10 and a spot for their 125×125 banner
  • Third Price: $5 and they also get to display their 125×125 banner.

So in essence I am paying you to display your banner, now that’s something that doesn’t happen every day.


Now for the rules.

  1. You need to join my Cool Blog Links site. It’s absolutely free to join and all that is required is that you place a small code on your blog. Once in place it will display the following smal icon as well as enable the site to keep track of certain statistics. Having the icon also allows people to vote for your blog.  The top ten also have their ranking displayed within the Icon and I occasionally do posts rewarding the top 10 members with a bit of link luv!
  2. You need to join my Blogger’s Forum and have at least 5 quality posts up your sleeve. I think, being bloggers who comment regularly on other blogs you all know what is required of you there. If there are any categories you would like me to add just leave me a comment.
  3. You need to do a post promoting this contest.
  4. This one is necessary as I need some way to gauge the top three participants. I reckon the easiest way is to  use the Top Commentator plugin. So the top three commentators at the end of September who have met all the conditions will be rewarded the prizes.

The contest starts now so that gives everyone time to meet the conditions, but as my top commentator plugin resets every month, that part of it starts on the 1st of September. Naturally I will not be counting any ‘nice posts’ and other non quality comments which will be deleted so as to not be counted at all. I also reserve the right to refuse any banners or sites that I feel are not appropriate  for displaying on this blog.

That’s it. Let the contest begin.

Edit: :wallbash_tb: Contest ends on the 30th of September :doh_tb:

Thanks Christine for pointing that out. :wub_tb:

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This Post Has 90 Comments

  1. LOL, Looks like I need to get busy then, huh? LOL
    .-= Christine Senter´s last blog ..Vintage 1970’s Clothing =-.

  2. quick question though. I know the comments part of this starts the 1st of Sept., but when does the contest close?
    .-= Christine Senter´s last blog ..Vintage 1970’s Clothing =-.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Christine, it allowed me to edit the post, and yes, you had best get a move on. :wink_ee:

  3. Ok! seem to be an interesting contest, I will see what I can do about it :)
    .-= Hesham´s last blog ..Win A Custom Logo/Header Image For Your Blog contest by Techgenuine =-.

    1. Hesham, I know that if you attempt it you will do well.

  4. Twitter:
    You never heard anyone say I played fair, Sire. I play to win! :clap_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Firefox 3.5 Tab Issue =-.

    1. That’s OK mate, I’m still kickin’ your ass though :lol_wp:

      1. Twitter:
        Man, so many dreams, so little talent. :twisted_wp:

        And just for that, I’m going to point out another error; look at First Prize. So there! :tongue2_tb:

        Don’t make me point out more, AND whip you in chess. :thumbdown_tb:
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Smoke Not So Much Revisited =-.

        1. keep em coming Mitch, your the best and cheapest spell check I have :grin1_ee:

          1. Twitter:
            First, I wrote my post promoting your contest; where’s my prize.

            Second,… no, I think you’ve done your due diligence for the night. Hey, no one’s perfect; I certainly know that I make my typing errors often enough, and with as much as I write, I’d almost have to. But today, it’s your turn to get picked on.

            So, in that vein, let me go make my next great move.
            .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Sire’s Big Blogging Contest =-.

  5. Seems like a cool contest. I am also running a contest on my website. I will see what I can do.
    .-= Ricky´s last blog ..Win A Custom Logo/Header Image For Your Blog =-.

    1. I do believe I was the first to Stumble your post Ricky, I hope you get many more.

      1. Yeah I got few more stumbles and dugg. To be frank I started taking blogging seriously from past 2 weeks now I am enjoying it and it also inspired me to blog more vigorously.
        .-= Ricky´s last blog ..[How To] Save Blog From Malicious Iframe Codes-Part1 =-.

        1. That’s great mate. Keep it up and you will do well, just don’t expect to make heaps of money right away.

  6. No worries Mitch. I reckon you were the first one off the mark mate, that’s pretty good going. As for the prize, there is a way to go yet, but for now :drunk_tb: let’s have a soda together to celebrate.

    1. Twitter:
      All right, soda! I take mine diet with cherry and vanilla. :drunk_tb:
      .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Midway Review Of My 2009 Online Goals =-.

  7. I’m not much of a contest player, instead I will sit back and wish everyone luck and hope you get some serious results from your blog contest brother!
    .-= Extreme John@Extreme John Blogs and Business´s last blog ..10 Reasons You Suck at Twitter =-.

  8. Well, I sure hope so John. Nice of you to pop in and wish everyone luck.

  9. I’m not going to enter the contest but I will spread the word my friend. I stumbled this post. I will also add it to the Flashback Monday post this Monday.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..Fun Friday: Internet Withdrawal Park Edition =-.

    1. Thanks Deniel, I’m sure your contacts will bring a few people to the contest.

  10. Sounds like a cool contest; will give it a go ;)

    1. That’s the way Donace, I mean, what’s a contest without contestants?

  11. Looks like a neat contest. Count me in!
    .-= The Gooroo´s last blog ..Traits Of The “Perfect” Entrepreneur =-.

  12. That’s excellent Gooroo, the more the merrier.

    1. Sorry Ron. :innocent1_tb:

  13. Twitter:
    Okay now, let’s see how I fit here. I already belong to Cool Links. :devil_tb:

    I had way more than 5 posts in the old forum, which you lost, which means I’d have to start again; I think I deserve a pass on that one. :innocent1_tb:

    I’m already top commenter, so I win that one (unless you’re talking about ONLY for the month of September, in which case you’re starting this contest too early). :king_tb:

    Ah, the post about the contest; well, hmmm, let’s see. :wallbash_tb:

    Hmmm,… how will my friend Sire treat me? :ponder_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Visitors Love “Lists” Posts =-.

    1. Yep, you have a head start on some, but not one that gives you any great advantage.

      As to the top commenter, it is in the post you just missed it, must be because you had a ‘man’s’ look, Christine picked it up. :lol_tb:

      In regards to how I will treat you, that all depends on our next chess games. :devil_tb:

      1. Twitter:
        Man, that’s the thanks I get for not pointing out the typo in your very first sentence, eh? Just for that, I’m going to tell you to take a look at that sentence and see if you find it; I’m sure you will. :tongue2_tb:

        As for chess, gotta keep taking you down; can’t have people thinking you’ve got me over barrels now, can I? :wacko_tb:
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Another WordPress Update? This Time, 2.8.4 =-.

        1. I don’t s’pose you would believe that ‘bit the bullet’ was Aussie slang? :innocent1_tb: And it’s certainly not like you not to point out my typos. You’re not getting soft on me are you Mitch? :tongue1_tb:

          1. Twitter:
            Not me. But you still missed it, so now I have to get specific. Your first line reads “I’ve decided to bite the bullet and have a shot a running a blogging contest.

            Man, I have to do all the work around here,… :blink_tb:
            .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Awkward Family Photos =-.

          2. OK, that’s no fair Mitch, you alluded to one and so I didn’t go past the first one I found. Just for that I’m kickin’ your ass in Chess :guns_tb: :lol_tb:

  14. Hello Sire. Yeah, you are right, everyone seems to be holding a contest these days and maybe I should too:)

    Anyway, and I hope you don’t feel bad about this, this time I will have to pass. Just too much in my agenda lately:) I will however promote this contest for you on Twitter and other social bookmarking sites. Just be on the look out:) I do hope this helps and good luck.
    .-= DiTesco @iblogzone´s last blog ..How To Add And Verify Your Website On Google Webmaster Tools =-.

    1. I understand completely DiTesco as I am in the same boat. So many contests and so little time. That’s why I thought I would offer some money as a little incentive.

      Any help you can do in way of promoting it is appreciated.

  15. Great contest.
    Wish you all the best.More readers…..
    .-= Surender Sharma´s last blog ..Measure the Success of your Blog =-.

    1. Thanks, but at the moment I’m looking for contestants rather than readers, but then again one may well lead to the other.

  16. Twitter:
    Sound like a fine contest Sire. I’m gearing up for one soon myself on my hot blog tips blog. I decided to make myself a winner right now by purchasing one of those banner ads before they’re all gone. I don’t play fair either ;)
    .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Is It Comment Spam Or Not? =-.

    1. You got in just in time Brian as I only just lifted the rates today. Hows that for luck? As for not playing fair, have you been hanging around Mitch lately these days or something? :wink_ee:

        1. So do we Mitch, for a country with a relatively small population we do pretty well at the Olympics.

  17. Hey Sire,
    i’m from germany and would be interested in joining the blog contest. Is it possible?
    I voted also for you already ;)

    1. Firstly, I had to de-link your url because you used a keyword when the comment box and comment policy specifically says not to.

      Secondly the contest is open to all blogger who meet the requirements.

    1. Sure Melvin, I’d love to have you try out for some prizes.

  18. Yeah, I;m not all that crash hot at swimming either.

  19. Great contest i will try to enter it..Best of luck for all the participants…..
    .-= TechZoomIn´s last blog ..Optimize AJAX pages for Search Engines =-.

    1. Cool, because I need more contestants.

  20. “So in essence I am paying you to display your banner, now that’s something that doesn’t happen every day” – too right! Thats very generous :)

    1. Yep, not to mention the cash prizes that go with it. :smoke_tb:
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Beware Of Debt Consolidation Scams =-.

    1. Actually Tyrone, this will be the last contest I’ll be running, I certainly won’t be increasing or holding any future contests.

  21. Sounds like fun. I’m in. I came via Mitch’s blog, the enthusiastic Muppet WassupBlog’s Ultimate Blogging Contest winning lover.

    1. Being a reader of one of Mitch’s blog shows that you have good taste and so I welcome to the contest Ana and wish you all the best of luck.

  22. This looks to be an awesome contest. I love it most cause it started on my BirthDay. =)
    .-= shaunjudy@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..Link Love Tuesday 8-25-09 =-.

    1. Cool, make sure you don’t just sit on the sidelines because you sure have to be in it to win it.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Blog Me This You Blogging Fools =-.

  23. I decided to make myself a winner right now by purchasing one of those banner ads before they’re all gone. I don’t play fair either

    1. Well Hi,I’ve just now added a link to make that possible.

  24. Sire,
    You should consider allowing folks to sponsor the contest. I would imagine a nice dofollow link is worth a contest sponsorship, eh?
    .-= Colleen´s last blog ..Kennewick Real Estate Listings =-.

    1. That’s a great idea Colleen. I’ll make sure I’ll do that if I ever have another contest.

  25. I can’t join your forum.
    I can’t join your top links.
    I can’t take part in the contest.
    But I can help you by tweeting this.
    Did that. ;-)

    Goodluck to everyone!
    .-= They don’t call me dude´s last blog ..A new addition =-.

    1. Thanks Rose, and if you don’t mind, could you use the ‘Rose @ They don’t call me dude’ option when commenting so that others know who you are.

  26. Sounds like a lot of work for little price Sire. Just in my opinion.

    Good luck with it though!

    .-= Aaron @ Internet Business´s last blog ..Internet. Lots of Money Making Potential, Can You Find Them? =-.

    1. I don’t know, when you consider that first prize has a value of around $40 or more and you can do the whole lot in about an hour I reckon you are getting a good return for your money. Then there is also the added benefit of a link back to their relative blogs giving them added exposure.

      Of course this sort of stuff won’t appeal to those that prefer to sit on their ass waiting for money to come to them.

  27. A contest seems like a great way to increase your readership, I think it’s a great idea!
    .-= Jon@carpet cleaning´s last blog ..SEATTLE ARBONNE =-.

    1. Thanks Jon, although the uptake has been a little slow, it’s been an interesting exercise.

  28. You should consider allowing folks to sponsor the contest. I would imagine a nice dofollow link is worth a contest sponsorship, eh?
    .-= Bellows Guy´s last blog ..Scissor Lift Table Guarding For MFG Plants =-.

    1. Maybe the next one,if I ever decide to go that route again.

  29. Great idea for a contest and driving some quality viral traffic to your properties. If I get the chance tonight I’m going to blog about your concept. Nice work.

    .-= Internet Income´s last blog ..Five Way To Write Blog Posts Without Writing =-.

  30. good luck with the contest mate, looks like there’s plenty of people entering so it’s clearly working!
    .-= Andy Bailey´s last blog ..CommentLuv URL registration updated =-.

    1. You would think, but so far I only have one valid entry. Oh well, such is life.

  31. This sounds like a pretty sweet content. A lot of work involved but for me, blogging isn’t used simply to pass the time. I think the idea of winning a prize for you r blogging efforts is awesome. I’m signing up.
    .-= Colon´s last blog ..Colon Cleansing Food =-.

  32. idea of contest is good:) but do you not think that the prizes are not enough good

    1. Actually I think the prizes are more than adequate. First prize has a $50 value, and for the little they have to do I don;t think it’s asking too much. Also there are other added benefits. They get to participate in a forum and have their link in their signature and also Cool Blog Links is well placed in the search engines so there are obvious benefits for being a member.

  33. I love contests! Off to the Bloggers Forum.
    .-= Janice´s last blog ..Sewing machine for leather =-.

  34. Then there is also the added benefit of a link back to their relative blogs giving them added exposure.

    Of course this sort of stuff won’t appeal to those that prefer to sit on their ass waiting for money to come to them.

    1. @zenostore, Honestly, you copy part of my comment word for word and don’t expect me to notice. Link removed. :devil_tb:

  35. So, today is the last day of your contest. I hope it turned out the way you expected it. Did you find the need to have a disclaimer or a more specific set of rules and restrictions? I’m involved in several nonprofits (507c3’s) and when we have contests/raffles/drawings we always need to consider liability and safeguards. It may help you avoid possible headaches later on.

    1. @Eric @ Motorcycle Paints, I’ve now posted the results Eric, and truthfully I wasn’t all that impressed with the way the contest turned out.

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