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WassupBlog’s February Stats

I can’t believe that it’s already time to have a look at the February stats. I’m sure that as I get older time seems to go by a lot faster. It’s a pity that, because I always seem to be running out of that commodity lately.

Anyway, while it will be interesting to see these stats compares to the previous month, I take on this post with a little apprehension hoping that things have improved and not gone the other way. Oh well, no point worrying about it, lets get this thing done.

  • Adsense: $16.61
  • Voxsant: $0.23
  • Kontera: $0.28
  • Project Wonderful: $0.43
  • Clix Galore: $0.53
  • Chitika: $3.26
  • Freebies4Webmaster : 10 GBP
  • Infolinks: $0.0
  • Advertisers: $14
  • Paid Posts $90

TOTAL: $138.99

Man, what a let down.  Total, not including paid posts, of  $48.99 and although my paid posts went up 10 bucks, apart from Google everything else went down. It’s almost as if I was having my own mini economic meltdown.  I thought that the Infolinks results were weird, until I found that I did not transfer the code when I updated the theme. Oops! Oh well, at least it is fixed for next month.

Clix Galore was also down but that was because I didn’t actually produce any affiliate sales, the little that I did make was from PPC ads. Let’s hope that next month improves.

January Statistics

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  1. Adsense has always beat Chitika, and even the Chitika earnings are down, but once again I attribute that to the changing of themes.

    1. Twitter:
      I thought you’d said that you had a month where Chitika beat Adsense. Oh well, that’s on me.

      Mitch´s Last blog post..Keys To Leadership

      1. Not to my knowledge Mitch. Gee mate, does that mean that you actually got something wrong :lol_ee:

          1. Damn, but you’re good. That was the one time that Google performed so badly that Chitika actually outperformed it. I can’t believe you actually remembered that post, especially as I wrote it and I couldn’t even remember. Well done mate, here, have a beer on me. :drunk_tb:

          2. Twitter:
            I have a great memory for the absurd, and of course I speed read which helps my memory a lot also. But my short term memory is going away, which is scary because concentration is definitely something I need more of in my personal life. Luckily, I keep it in my professional life, most of the time anyway.

            Besides, my remembering your saying that is what made me decide to try Chitika in the first place, even though it was months away. :flush_tb: :thumbdown_tb:

            Mitch´s Last blog post..Services And Stuff

  2. Hey Sire

    That is so neat of you to share your stats. Even though I don’t live my life by comparing to others in anything – one cannot help but wonder as to what is happening for other people out there when it comes to making money off of their blogs. I don’t keep a tab on my own money stats because I have realize that taffic does everything.

    The more traffic the surer the flow of earnings and the less traffic… you get the point. I also know that marketing ones blog is important to get the traffic, but I cannot say I have time for that now…hmmm I am talking about not having enough time, seems I brought out a commonality here ;)

    Evita´s Last blog post..Sleep Aware Series – Part 1: Why Do We Need To Sleep?

    1. Hey Evita, at least when you see my stats you know that they are legit. I’ve seen some blogs who post about their stats that seem way over the top, especially when you see the quality of the posts and some of the stats provided by SEOQuake, and it’s obvious that all they are interested in is fooling their readers into believing they are an authority on SEO or marketing affiliates or something.

      1. Twitter:
        True, Sire. You and I are a truthful breed!

        Mitch´s Last blog post..Visa Black Card

        1. True, and probably because we can’t see the sense in leading people on. I reckon it also has something to do with our moral character.

  3. Hey Sire just wanted to let you know I saw your site mentioned on CommentLuv site under Featured Sites. Not sure if it was your doing but I figured I’d give you a heads up. Look your famous!

    The Blogger Source´s Last blog post..Latest WordPress Plugins #6

    1. Nope, had nothing to do with me, I reckon that some kind sole took pity on me and decided to give my blog a plug. :smoke_tb:

  4. Twitter:
    Good showing, Sire. I know you’re disappointed, but what’s intriguing is that Adsense beat out Chitika, which has to be somewhat stunning for you. And you have some things I’ve never heard of here, so I might have to check them out, for, uhhh, testing’s sake. :smirk2_ee:

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Infolinks

  5. While your overall earnings are low, you’re income from paid posts is really solid. If you can keep that strong, and get your google adsense/infolinks numbers up, you’ll be seeing some really strong earnings.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kevon Edmonds´s Last blog post..Lean on Me to Men of Vizion: A Riff Retrospective

    1. I used to do about $400 a month on paid posts, but that was only to prove a point. I could easily get that part of it up, but seeing as I already have a full time job I don’t really have to.

      1. I hear you. So it’s probably better seeing the more passive income sources increase, instead of paid posts where you actually have to do regular work to keep those earnings.

        I’m surprised your earnings aren’t higher as your google ad placement is really strong.

        Kevon Edmonds´s Last blog post..Lean on Me to Men of Vizion: A Riff Retrospective

        1. I think it has a lot to do with traffic, and hopefully that will increase with time.

  6. Good luck next month man!

    I get older times seems to go by a lot faster. It’s a pity that, because I always seem to be running out of that commodity lately.

    This had me laughing and laughing… You have that magic touch when you write mate…. Keep them coming! ;)

    stratosg´s Last blog post..Hosting variables 101

    1. hey stratos, if that made you laugh, you should see me in the flesh. Then again my kids will tell you that I’m not at all funny, but they’re just embarrassed because I laugh at my own jokes.

      1. well how old are your kids? because these jokes need the other end to be a bit old… but seriously those kind of jokes, the other ones you make on other posts and the post with that video joke, make me laugh hard…. so i guess i’d definitely have a blast if i could buy you a beer ;)

        stratosg´s Last blog post..The new theme

        1. My son will be 21 this year and my daughter was 17 in January. I reckon they would appreciate the jokes more if someone else was telling them.

          1. well in that case i think you are right because i am 24 and i am telling you i laughed at them :)

            stratosg´s Last blog post..Google’s dengerous monopoly

          2. Stratos my friend, haven’t you heard? I am always right :razz_wp:

          3. Twitter:
            Uhhh, who’s is it that’s always right? :twisted_wp: :devil_tb: :guns_tb:

            Mitch´s Last blog post..Pop Crunch

          4. Uhhh, let me rephrase that. I am almost always right, Mitch is the one who is always right, at least until I can catch him out. :wallbash_tb: :tongue2_tb: :lol_tb:

    2. There’s this great quote about how as time goes on, we’re accelerating into oblivion.

      I wish I could remember it but it was something along the lines of, when you’re 1, each day is 1/365 of your life and so, each day holds more significance. When you’re 10, each day is 1/365*10 of your life, so the days go faster. As you get older and older, each day becomes a smaller fraction of your life and so, every day goes faster and faster until you spiral into oblivion.

      Yea, not really a happy quote but it’s entertaining and reminded me of what you said :)

      1. That is an interesting way to look at it. Luckily for us our lives, for most people, last longer than the 365 days. Thanks for dropping by and adding to the conversation.

  7. Here’s what I notice, clix galore is the only one with an affiliate link?? :bigsurprise_ee:

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Google Closes Adsense Account – Google Gets Sued – Google LOSES!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Dennis. I’ve fixed the post to show the others that I am affiliated with. It’s not like I was promoting them or anything and seeing as how it only earned me a pittance I doubt that it would cause people to queue up in order to sign up with them.

      1. I didn’t mean to imply you were trying to get clicks. It just seemed odd that only one was linked (affiliate or not), I thought there might be a reason.

        Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Google Closes Adsense Account – Google Gets Sued – Google LOSES!

        1. Hey Dennis, I didn’t try to imply that I thought that you were trying to imply that I was trying to get clicks either. I’m just slack about certain things and you forced me to pull my finger out to get some links up. There are actually a couple more there but I just couldn’t be bothered.

  8. Keep your head up man, everyone is down. I’m thinking that we need to start a support group for overworked and underpaid bloggers. or something like that!
    This too will pass!

    The Almost Millionaire´s Last blog post..How Low Can Stocks Go???

    1. Hey Brandon, my head is always up mate, it’s the only way I can see where I am going. I never used to track my stats before so this is a new experience. I ain’t worried as I’m in for the enjoyment of the blogging experience and any money I make in the process is just the cream on the cake.

  9. I’m sure that it would be better next month.

    Paul U´s Last blog post..Announcing my contest

    1. Well if it’s not Paul, I’ll come looking for you. :guns_tb: :laugh_tb:

  10. Looks like a focus on AdSense, Paid posts, and advertisers is in order. Chitika too since it’s only from search engines. Quite a few avenues there. Were you experimenting or do you always use this many methods?

    Gennaro´s Last blog post..Cusco, Peru: A Photographic Journey

    1. Gennaro, me old mate, I have always believed that it was foolish to put all ones eggs into one basked and so I always use more than one avenue to earn money on my blogs. Naturally Kontera and Infolinks are use on separate blogs and while Infolinks seem to pay more per click on occasions, Kontera has a higher click ratio.

        1. Gee, if I had to stake my life on the line I reckon whatever ad I chose as soon as it was up I would run for the hills. Having said that I like the ones that have a PPC value as at least I get something when someone clicks on it.

  11. Seems I was late to the party!

    Some nice stats indeed! Aim for the stars so even when you have the world you still have reason to go on!

    will be interesting on how infolinks work out for you. Also would be interesting to see some traffic stats as well (hint hint)

    Good luck for next month! but remember life is for living and money is not life.

    Donace | The Nexus´s Last blog post..Link Power – How to get the best links

  12. Better late than never Donace. So, you want stats huh? Man that sounds too much like work. You guys are damn lucky I actually put this lot together :jittery_tb:

  13. Sire, your stats looks much better than mine. :D
    Even your Jan’s stats. Hope to see your March’s stats improve.

  14. What can I say Selne other than I hope your stats pick up soon. :grin1_ee:

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