The beauty about comments and commentluv is that it can lead you to some very interesting blog articles, and if you’re not one to reciprocate comments, or at least check out who is leaving comments on your blog you’re possibly missing out on some really great reads.

Just the other day Trey of Swollen Thumb Entertainment left a comment on one of my posts that linked to his Treat Your Blog Like A Living Thing post and I’m here to tell you it is one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time, entertaining as well as informative. Just in case you are missing the point, I am suggesting that you go and have a read :wink_ee:

That post galvanized me into changing the look of the blog to coincide with the up and coming Halloween festive season. Luckily for me, FlexSqueeze, this blogs theme, makes it extremely easy to change the look and feel of a blog, as I demonstrated in my Flexsqueeze & The Total Screen Recorder post. I simply installed a new header, changed the overall color of the theme including some lovely blood red links etc. to give it what I believe to be a nice Halloween feel.

I’ve even changed a couple of banners in the ‘feature’ section of the header to offer the readers a great selection of Halloween costumes and paraphernalia. For those of you who have been following my earning stats over the last few months, you may well have noticed an increase ever since changing to the Flexsqueeze theme, and it’s my opinion that it’s directly related to that ‘feature’ section of the blog. We all know that when it comes to making money on a blog, sales is largely dependent on your ad placement, and I’ve found that area to be the best performer for my blogs.

Don’t be surprised if over the coming weeks some form of horrible, scary header appears as it’s all to do with getting in the spirit of Halloween.


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