I haven’t been spreading any link love of late so I thought that I should make up for it by doing an extra big one.

  • The first on the list goes to Meg Tsiamis who out of the kindness of her heart maintains the Top 100 Australian Blogs of which I am listed as #41, Darren Rowse, more commonly known as the ProBlogger sits on #1. Sorry that it took so long Meg, but you know what they say mate, better late than never. Meg also has co-founded the successful Aussie Bloggers site that has a very popular forum.
  • The next link goes to Nicolas Prudhon who is a wealth of information on anything Seo related. He can even show you how to pick Google’s brain to your best advantage. And all this time I thought Google to be a heartless conglomerate; I never even imagined it to have a brain.
  • Now what would a link love fest be without including the lovely Kristi of Kikolani fame who has diligently maintained her weekly Fetching Friday series which is really popular with the folks. Kristi is only recently married so head on over and offer your congratulations, and while there be amazed at her poetry, photos and many other blogging entries.
  • Now, I’d better not forget Mitch of I’m Just Sharing, who seems a little preoccupied with Google’s Health. I would not be the blogger I am today if Mitch was not constantly on my back picking up on spelling and grammatical errors. I’m sure he just reads the blog to see if he can catch me out on something.
  • Kim Woodbridge is the owner of another blog I like to frequent. She has just taken a big step in her life and decided to go freelance full time. She’s just posted a nice article called Freelancing During a Recession, and I must admit this sheila has balls for taking such a big step in such a difficult time. I mean that in the nicest way possible Kim.
  • The next blog belongs to another sheila who may have seen around the traps as ‘Gromap’ or ‘Internet Strategist’.  She’s just started a new series How to Create a Successful Blog Based Business Part 1, which I think many of you will find interesting.
  • ThouShallBlog sounds a lot like one of the Commandments, but in reality it is a blog that is visited by a whole heap of people and all because they are very interested in what Yan has to say. If you are not making any money blogging, perhaps it has something to do with the kind of traffic you are getting. Lest You Make This SEO Mistake Too can be a bit of an eyeopener.
  • One of the things that I love about blogging is that you meet people from all around the globe, and one of those talented bloggers I met is a Stratos from the lovely land of Greece. I’ve learned a lot from him and he has helped me more than once. There are two posts you may be interested in; The big one: TweetScribe.me, (and honestly I don’t know why more people have signed up fro this) and another great PR Checker plugin which can be really useful for those blog lists.
  • Of course there is always Sheryl Loch, who has a great gift of the gab, and an unique way with words, especially when leaving comments. I especially loved her It’s Not You, It’s Your Domain post, which is really a great plug for hosting your own blog. There is one thing that I wish Sheryl would do, and that is to get a ‘subscribe to comment’ plugin so that I can keep track of when someone replies to a witty comment I left.

Well that’s it for today. You may have noticed that I haven’t included any Pro Blogger type blogs, because frankly, apart from not needing any extra juice, I find that many of them just aren’t up to scratch. That and the fact that a lot of the comments left on those blogs are by people who are just trying to suck up to the bloggers, telling them what a great post it was and other dribble that I would normally delete.

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