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Wassup Blog’s Mean Woman Blues

I think it’s time that I have a little fun with one of my poems. I reckon there are many of you who realize that I am not that great a poet but doesn’t stop me from trying to have a little fun with my poems. You may remember “Bullshit Is Not A Dirty Word“, where I changed the words of a famous Skyhooks song? Well, in this next one I played around with Roy Orbison’s Mean Woman Blues!

I got a woman mean as she can be
She plucks my eyes out so that I can’t see
I’m screaming in pain and she just don’t care
She just spits in my face and then pulls my hair

Oh, pity me woman, the pain is too much
Laughing hysterically she kicks me in the crutch
I bend over screaming clutching my balls
Thinking I am a man and I should stand tall

For stuff sake woman was it what I said
That your arse looks fat when you wear red
Or maybe it was that fateful day in May
When you caught me in bed with your sister Kay

Yeah I got a woman mean as she can be
She sees no reason and does not pity me
The pain I am feeling simply has no effect
I am blinded and her blows I just can’t deflect

Yeah I have no eyes but I see clearly now
You’re a bitch, a whore and a big fat cow
You drove me to that sister of yours
Every time I saw you pull down your drawers

That was a site that no man should see
I’m sure that all men would agree with me
So beat me woman as much as you can
A life in hell is better for this wretched man

Yep, I have a woman mean as she can be
But no longer can that woman torment me
And I’ve gone to hell where I belong
For making up this wretched song.


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  1. That is one MEAN WOMAN! You are pretty good with lyrics :-)

    Giovanna Garcia

    giovanna garcia´s Last blog post..People can change!

  2. Oh Shucks :blush_tb: You are so kind to say so and there may be some who will disagree with you, but I don’t care as long as I have fun doing it. After all, like you always say, Imperfect Action is Better than No Action!

  3. I do? Perhaps if you can you name some of them I can bring them up at my next psychiatric session.

  4. Thanks Jason, I don;t know that I would call it ‘nice’ but I appreciate the compliment.

  5. Nice poetry. Not many people are into poetry and know how to appreciate them. Good stuff.

  6. Your lyrics are quite nice. I wish I could write some thing like that. LOL

    System´s Last blog post..Lack of Vitamins

    1. I’m sure you could, just give it a go.

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