This is a poem that I called “Why Must It be This Way?” and in writing it I tried to imagine what it must be like for an innocent girl on her first date, how she could react and hopefully how she in the end she should react. Perhaps my perspective of this is tarnished ever since I became the father of a daughter even though I do not recall ever acting in such an uncouth manner.

It sort of brings to mind the Joe South classic made famous by Elvis Presley, “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”. Perhaps if we could physically do that before making rash judgments that lead to one person hurting another, the world could start to become a better place.

Anyway without further ado I present to you Why Must It be This Way?

When you asked me out that day
I thought it too good to be true
My insides all a flutter, I said OK
Oh if I only knew what would pursue

Why did you wait so long?
Why do I feel this way?
My heart is beating like a gong
Please don’t lead me astray

You took me out that night
We had a burger fries and a shake
We talked about the things that might
Affect us and the paths we would take

I can’t believe I am with you
It’s like it’s meant to be
What would you do if you knew?
How much you meant to me

You drove to a secluded spot
You parked the car, the night so still
And in my mouth your tongue it shot
Too much, too quick, it was no thrill

Why must you go so fast?
This is all too new, I’m so scared
I want to make this last
I really thought you cared

Not satisfied your hands did grope
As you fondled my breast, I’m shocked
Too much, too soon, I could not cope
Our mouth together our lips were locked

Why must you be so rough?
It wasn’t supposed to be like this
Please, I think I’ve had enough
Why can’t we just kiss?

My mind was numb senses reeling
I pushed him away and told him NO
My breasts you bastard you kept feeling
The next step not where I wished to go

Mom was right, I’m not ready
I should have listened and stayed at home
I wish he would stop already
He’s like a beast his mouth all foam

You pull away face contorted
I did no wrong so don’t blame me
The name you used when you retorted
A light bulb moment, now I can see

No piece of meat to be used
I’m a person that needs respect
No-one’s feelings should be abused
Those sorts of guys you should reject.

If their are any young girls reading this, please remember that you should hold onto your respect and that no male is worth you losing that. The oldest line that boys will ever use is the one that goes something like this; “If you really loved me then” and the rest tapers on to you letting him cop a feel etc. until he gets what he finally wants. In truth, if he really loved you he would never ever put you into that situation.

A male’s psyche is different from a woman as for a hell of a lot of men doing the deed is all that counts. For a woman it means so much more.

I would really love to get a reaction from both males and females as to how they perceive all that I have said.


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