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Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic To Your Site

I love creating YouTube videos. It’s true that wasn’t always the case. The thought of putting a video online used to terrify me. Now, I’m always thinking of new videos to put online.

Last December, man I can’t believe it was that long ago, I wrote a post on How To Make Money With YouTube! Since writing that post I have continued to upload videos and they are actually making me money. Not heaps of money, but then it’s a work in progress.

Yesterday I uploaded my latest YouTube video which you can watch below. I have to be completely honest though. The idea for the video was not my own. The idea came from one of Marc Sylvester’s, the creator of The Logo Creator, tutorials.

Using my Camtasia for Mac, The Logo Creator, Google search and my Aussie wit I put together the first of what I hoped to be a series of videos together. One that I’m hoping will not only make me heaps of money but will also send a truck load of traffic to the best ever sports betting site:innocent1_tb:

Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic

To be successful the video had to be sports related. It also had to be something that could attract a lot of interest. As Marc pointed out this type of video has attracted a lot of attention in the past and so there is no reason why it shouldn’t do so again. Just check out the image below.

Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic To Your Site

Notice how the fist video has received over 11 million views in just a year! Man I’d be happy with just 10% of that.

It took me a lot longer than normal to produce that video. I had to source the best high qualaity photos on the web which I could use. I then had to place them in the right order and come up with something smart to say that would amuse the viewers.

Finally I added a photo with the promise of more hot sports babes  with a link leading to my Hot Sports Babes posts. That way I get the traffic as well as increasing my YouTube earnings.

Just a couple of things to finish off. I just notice that with only 66 videos I now have 206 subscribers. That’s more than I have for this blog.  :party:

If you like the video I’d love for you to give it the old thumbs up.  :drunk_tb:

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I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Twitter:
    Without a doubt, YouTube can be an excellent way to drive traffic to a website or a blog. Sure, it very much depends on the niche, but with current SE algorithms, more traffic is more than welcome.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey James, more traffic is always welcome and I try to get it from wherever I can. Being able to earn money from the YouTube videos is always a bonus.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Explaindio ReviewMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    So how are you making monies? Driving traffic to your blog? Ah
    I like how you had women’s football in there. Good stuff.
    Remember that post about Sexual Double Standards that I wrote in August at troyswezey (dot) com / sexual-double-standards ? That is what I was talking about at the 1:05 mark of your vid. That girl on girl ass smacking.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Troy, most of my videos are created for two reasons. The first is I’m hoping they will generate an income on YouTube. The second is I hope they will direct traffic to one of my blogs.

      I posted that video only six days ago. It’s only had 64 views but it’s already generated some money. I’m hoping if it takes off with will generate a lot more.

      As for the traffic, I’ve placed a link to my SportsBabes category which I’m hoping will intrigue some folks to click on it.

      As to the ass patting, I can see the double standards for sure.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…An Irish Miracle Friday Funnies #139My Profile

  3. More traffic is more opportunity to earn more money. Using Youtube is the smart way to get more traffic for our website. Why? because
    1. Youtube has high Pagerank
    2. People is more curious on video than article
    3. If our video is interesting, some one will share our video to their friends, and friends, and friends…..

    It cause our traffic runs fast

  4. Twitter:
    I have never used Youtube much except for watching videos but yeah some of my friends are doing great with it. All they do is create videos on anything and share that on youtube. They are earning thousands of dollars per month with this strategy. Will try it sometime

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