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Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool

I was lucky enough to get hold of an eBook written by Mitch, a well known blogger who amongst other blogs runs the popular I’m Just Sharing Blog, and I thought only fitting that I write a review of it.

In Mitch’s eBook, Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool, he outlines the importance a website can play as part of any marketing campaign and how as a small business you could be missing out on the huge potential by not having one.  Mitch also stresses that while it is important to have a website you don’t want one that is poorly designed or looks cheap, for obvious reasons.

Unlike some eBooks that I’ve read that tells you to do something but doesn’t tell you why you should do it this eBook states reasons for why things should be done, starting off with the reasons as to why you should have a website. I find that this will be more acceptable to the average reader as the reason for getting any book is to learn all the ins and outs.

Mitch then asks the same question but states that perhaps some people shouldn’t have a website. At first I found this a little unusual, but once I started reading I understood what Mitch was getting at. There’s a fair bit involved with having a good website and that perhaps some people could not afford to have a professionally designed one. Rather than opt for a cheesy cheap one they’d be better off not having one at all.

The eBook then goes on to explain everything that’s involved in owning and maintaining a good website. Something that everyone who is thinking of starting one should know. You will learn about domains and their relative costs, hosting and even the importance of design, with some samples thrown in for good measure.

Considering it’s just over 50 pages long Mitch has managed to put a fair bit of information into the eBook, including simple HTML coding, discussing CSS, SEO, Keywords, just about everything you need to know if you were thinking of starting your own website.

What this book doesn’t do is to show you how to actually build a website from scratch. What it does do is show you what’s involved in having a website and how a good website can help your marketing strategy. Armed with this book you will have a better idea as to what avenue to follow when the time comes for you to have your own website.

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  1. Mitch sounds like a nice guy. Maybe it’s time I got to know him better over a candle lit dinner. :)

    1. Wouldn’t that dinner occur under candles? How can you eat over candles?
      .-= Ari Herzog@Onlinemedia Strategies´s last blog ..Happy That Summer Camps Use Social Media =-.

      1. Ari, if you eat under candles doesn’t the wax drip on you?
        Perhaps eating across from candles is better.
        Or skipping the candles all together and just eating..
        .-= Glen´s last blog ..What I Learned From Renovating My Home =-.

    2. Gordie, don’t you love these guys who love mocking the English language :laugh_tb:

    3. You guys are all nuts!

      Mitch is a great guy!
      .-= JR @ Internet Marketing´s last blog ..Hi, My Name is Dick and I’m Addicted to SERP Analysis =-.

      1. Not nuts, just crazy.
        I agree, Mitch is a great guy.

        1. LOL, Gordie, is there a distinction? Like between under and over candles?

  2. After reading your review I’m now interested to read it and if that impress me I will definitely recommend it to other. The blogger is new to me, hope his book will force me to read his blog regularly.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Uptime Robot – Get Website Uptime Report Via Email & SMS Free =-.

    1. Whether you buy or don’t buy the book you should definitely start reading his blog on a regular basis. You will always find me there.

  3. As I’m approaching the time to monetize my site, I have been looking at the way I should use my site to market my book.

    Interesting stuff and one that I think needs to be handled carefully.

    Good post brother
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..Why You Should Treat Your Site As A Sniper Rifle =-.

    1. You know me James, I post them as I see them and I did enjoy Mitch’s eBook.

  4. Nice review, Sire. I hope it helps in the promoting of Mitch’s eBook. Websites do require a lot of maintenance. Depending on the nature of your business and how your website adds to that business will greatly determine the amount of time and knowledge needed to maintain it properly. I haven’t read the book, but it sounds like it would be helpful to anyone looking to venture into a business website.
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Trash It, Sell It, Recycle It, Reuse It ~ Whatever You Do, Just Un-Clutter It =-.

    1. It’s a must if you’re wandering whether or not to start your own website, especially if it’s going to be a professional one.

      As to promoting the book, I like to help friends when I can.

  5. Twitter:
    Thanks for the kind words, Sire. I appreciate it greatly. From your lips to the buyer’s wallets! :money_mouth_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..PDF MY URL =-.

    1. Yeah and I forgot to ask for a cut and all :doh_tb: :laugh_tb:

        1. Not necessary Mitch, I was just fooling around.

  6. Damn, I knew there was something I forgot to do…I swear there will be a review Mitch!

    I do however recommend his blog straight out…it’s a good mish-mash of thoughts and topics. :)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..The Time Has Come. The Deal Is Done. It’s Time To Move!! =-.

    1. So, I finally got to beat you on something. :tongue_wink_ee:

  7. Having a website sounds so elementary at this point, but I need to remember that some businesses are still going old school and running with no website! I set up 3 sites for some family members in the past 2 years, and I think it has totally helped them, marketing-wise. The tech savvy bunch needs to remember that there are some out there who are still beginners at all of this, and could use a hand now and then. Great post!
    .-= Josh@Joes Provocateur´s last blog ..Where to find cheap Joe’s Jeans Provocateur =-.

    1. Wasn’t much Josh, Mitch did all the work I just summarized it.

  8. Thanks for the review. It is tough to sort out who has information that you need and want and who is froth. I want to make money on the web. I know some of the ways to do that but not yet clear what products I can create or market. Baby steps first.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..The Top 10 Reasons to Post Daily =-.

    1. Baby steps is the way to go, learning along the way.

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