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Using Comments To Double Your Exposure

First let me say that this technique will only work if you are using Andy Bailey’s commentluv plugin. If you are not using this plugin, you really should as I believe it will increase the amounts of comments you receive on a blog and it’s one of the best ways to reward your commentators. I’ll let Andy himself explain exactly how it works;

The CommentLuv WordPress Plugin will visit the feed of the comment author and attempt to scrape the last post they made and display it under their comment, this way you can encourage people to join in the discussion of your posts and give something back straight away.

The plugin looks for a feed at the site given in the URL field of the comment-form, if you have an auto find feed then it should find it.

The plugin retrieves your last post at the time of the comment being entered and appends the extra text just before the comment gets saved to the database, this way it doesn’t put any extra load on the database or server other than the effort required add another 60 or so characters to the comment content.

When commenting, the only time you get any real SEO benefit is when you comment on a dofollow blog as these comments can be ‘seen’ by the search engines. Blogs that have the commnetluv plugin also display your last post thereby rewarding your commenter. To pick up your last post it needs you to fill out the url to your blog in the comment box. This is gives you two links, one to your blog, and one to your post.

The thing is that I really wanted to promote my new Top Software Online store but using this link in the url meant that I would lose the link to a post, until I happened upon the following method.

  • First you type in the url of your blog as you would normally do
  • Then you write your best comment, not only because you don’t want to spam the blog you are commenting on, but because a good comment is more likely to lead to people visiting your link.
  • Lastly, before you press the submit button you paste in the new link to the second url you want to promote substituting the original url that you had typed in. This could be a link to another post or another blog / site entirely.

That’s it, you now have a comment that is doubling your presence on the Net.

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  1. Thanks for this pretty good advice. I don’t know what to say here so, I just say, Thank You.


    Ron´s Last blog post..Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

  2. No worries Ron. Just imagine what you could do with this information if you had a WordPress Blog. Something to keep in mind if you ever decide to got that way.

    1. Certainly, I will grab the wordpress platform because of its unique and really flexible features. Not mentioning the powerful Flex Squeeze Theme you have here. Thanks again.

      Ron´s Last blog post..Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

  3. No rush Ron, whenever your ready to make the switch. Don’t forget to find the right host first as that is an important move.

    1. Thanks for the advice Sire. I will surely ask you some information about this one in the near future.

      Ron´s Last blog post..Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

  4. CommentLuv does more than double your traffic – mine skyrocketed. It does mean that you have to watch for spammers more though. But the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

    1. Surprisingly even after having CommentLuv installed for a decent period of time I haven’t noticed any spikes or significant increases in spamming. Maybe it’s Akisment, or maybe the ComLuv community is just that good, Haha!

  5. That is true Ray and as long as you keep up and don’t let the spammers take control it’s pretty easy to keep your blog virtually spam free.

    1. I seem to be fortunate, I get few spammers and the ones I do all read from the same script. So if you get a batch of comments which read “This is the info I have been looking for and I have subscribed to your feed”, especially if the post isn’t informative, then you have a spammer!

      ray´s Last blog post..Moving

      1. Don’t you love it when they say ‘Ive subscribed to your feed’ as if that makes it cool and you will leave they comment. They are so up themselves.

  6. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    I’ve been using commentluv on my various blogs from the very first version that Andy developed. It’s not only good for the commenters, but as I publisher, I’ve also found it helps me decide whether or not to go check out interesting sites of people who leave comments on my blog.

    I’m not quite understanding what you suggest in your post. I just tried it here as a test. As soon as I enter a different url, commentluv goes and fetches that feed (as it should).

    I think there might be an easier way to promote other sites via comment luv. Link to your primary blog, but write a post about the additional site that you want to link to. Then, if your blog is registered at, you can then choose that post from the drop down menu. Not quite as direct as your suggestion, but I suspect it’s more likely to actually work.

    Just my two pennies,

    Todd Morris´s Last blog post..Time To Stop Spending Money Start Earning Income

    1. Todd, if it didn’t work for you it means that you took too long to click the submit button. Check out this comment and you can see that it can be done. Better still I will leave a comment on your blog.

      Sire´s Last blog Phishing Email

  7. I am amazed at the number of people who don’t know how to comment well. Things like ….thanks for the post… will get you deleted. It is okay to promote your work, as long as it is relevant to discussion.

    GregR´s Last blog post..Arnie Says No Mucho Vista To Queenstown

    1. And yet they still do it, and do you know why? It’s because there are so many blogs out there that crave for comments that they are willing to accept anything. A shame really. If they were more selective, promoted their blogs and gave good content they would be better off.

  8. Great “how to” This was just smart thinking. As I always say, find ways to work smarter not harder.

    KushMoney´s Last blog post..April 2009 Income Report

    1. Well its not about who came up with it first. Its about how you use it.

      KushMoney´s Last blog post..Poker Training Weekly Launch Today!

  9. Commentluv rocks! It’s one of the most critical tools a serious blogger can use on the Internet (and it’s free!).

    Btw, did you know that instead of searching for

    Enable Commentluv (as we all did last year)

    You can now search for

    ajax commentluv

    to pick up the sites using the latest Commentluv release?

    Data points, Barbara

    Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s Last blog post..See what the world is searching for

    1. See Barbara, that is a tip that is almost priceless. I have to admit that I haven’t really been taking advantage of the CommentLuv plugin because I was still searching thourgh the “do-follow” lists. But since (I imagine) that most commentLuv blogs are do-follow as well this is twice as good.

      Maybe you could even go as far as searching for “ajax commentluv”+”relevant keyword” :)

      Mikael´s Last blog post..These Are the Best Keywords to Target When Making Money with Adsense

    2. Thanks Barbara, I didn’t know that, and that is a handy bit of knowledge to have.

    3. Another great tip for me. This is really a priceless one. Thanks for this Barbara!

      Ron´s Last blog post..Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation

  10. this is a not so well known thing to do with commentluv! well done for finding it, I think Dennis Eddel was the first to discover it.

    just be sure to make the comment a proper one. nothing smells spammy like a deep link in the url field with a badly formed comment like “great post” or “thanks for this”

    the new site and plugin will be available soon and you’ll be able to use multiple blogs and have a few posts from each come back in the pull down box as well as tweets, diggs and just for situations like this… deep link with your chosen anchor text.

    keep an eye out for your beta invites when they start to go out!

    Andy Bailey´s Last blog post..Update for JS-Kit CommentLuv

    1. You know me better than that Andy, I pride myself on the quality of my comments. I’ve never used trashy ‘Nice post’ crap. I even included the importance of the quality of comments in point two of this post.

      Man, if Dennis discovered this first then I am never going to hear the end of it. Especially if I commented on that post. Reckon I am going to have to have a look see.

      Sire´s Last blog post..Sailboats In Sydney Harbor With Opera House Backdrop

  11. I love how Comment Luv can lure visitors to your blog. Our website stats are full of visitors from blogs like yours. They saw our latest post listed because of Comment Luv and will follow that link. We have actually acquired business because someone followed a Comment Luv link.

    So yes, I really like this plugin. If I post something that I believe is very useful I will follow it up by posting comments on a dozen or so blogs that use Comment Luv. It makes sharing useful information much easier.

    Boris´s Last blog post..The 109 Day Link Building Explosion Day 93

    1. Yeah, commentluv is the best, especially now that I have discovered how it can be used to link to two entirely different sites. Twice the exposure and twice the SEO benefit.

  12. Twitter:
    Interesting Sire, though my mind thinks I’ve seen this somewhere else before. In any case, it should help you promote your store; good luck to you.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..A Look At Page Views

    1. Apparently, according to Andy below, Dennis had a post about it. Man, I hope I didn’t read that post. You know what Dennis is like, I am so in for it if I did :guns_tb: :laugh_tb:

    1. Hey Peter, Twitter has it’s uses but I don’t believe it’s as good as commenting on blogs, which I believe is a lot more productive, though somewhat time consuming.

  13. The commentluv plugin is great, I started using it on one of my sites a few months ago and I had amazing results.

    Angela´s Last blog post..Positive Affirmations – Create a Better Life

  14. I am using Comment Luv plugin from last 1 year i guess. It is a great plugin.

    I love it. I hope wordpress includes this plugin in the installation…

    Nihar´s Last blog post..April 2009 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

  15. Interesting approach. I’ll have to try that out once I get around to building the other sites I have on my list of to do’s. I logged into my domain account today and shuddered when I realized I now have 6 domains! :)

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..How to Make Social Promotion Easy

    1. 6 Domains huh? I reckon I’m not that far behind you Kristi, and yes, you should give it a go.

    2. Thats nothing, I have like 20 :P

      Chris´s Last blog post..Quick Update

      1. Well, there is no way I’m going to catch up to you Chris, at least not until after I retire.

        1. 20 Domains… but only about 10 site’s I bother about, only about 5 generate any income which I guess is the salient point!

          1. So, I take you hope to ‘flip’ some of those other domains?

          2. No they are mostly domains I either haven’t got around to developing yet, or ones that didn’t do as well as I expected. I have a nasty habit of keeping hold of domains :)

          3. Heck, who knows, one of them may be worth a fortune one day. Now there is a comforting thought for you.

  16. Yes, CommentLuv is a great plugin, both for the website owner and the blog commenter. I especially like it when blog owners use the newest version of the plugin, which allows us to choose which blog post we want displayed (so long as we’re registered).

    I installed the plugin on one of my blogs a couple of weeks back, but so far… no traffic for the plugin specifically:

    “Enable CommentLuv”+”your keywords here”

    RJ´s Last blog post..Monthly PLR – Name your Topic

  17. It’s a great way to introduce others to your blog or website!

    Susan´s Last blog post..Washington

  18. RJ, commentluv is indeed a wonderful plugin, but the post wasn’t about how good a plugin is, as it describes how you can get more out of it.

    Sire´s Last blog post..Reflections Of Sydney

    1. Yes, and I did see that. However, I guess that’s what happens when you’re posting comments on blogs when you should be sleeping… you’re easily distracted and lose focus.

      While it’s helpful here, on your blog — many (many) site operators who utilize CommentLuv leave all the links as nofollow, which doesn’t help much from Google’s standpoint. I know this because I’m building a database of blogs which utilize this plugin… so I visit a lot of these sites.

      I’ve never heard your tip, though — it can be very helpful on blogs like yours, and somewhat helpful even with nofollow links.

      However, Google appears to follow nofollow links on some sites, and not on others — I haven’t figured that out yet, though.

      RJ´s Last blog post..New Auto-post Articles to WordPress Plugin

      1. No worries mate. I know what it’s like when you are up late. I leave my blog as a dofollow blog because I want to reward people for leaving comments. They say that this has a leaching affect on my PR, but that isn’t as important as having a good relationship with my commentators.

  19. I do like commentluv but not actually used it on my site yet, not sure why something is just holding me back!

    P.s. I just read TAM’s comment (who I also subscribe too) and I think almost everyone I have ever followed off these blogs use it too… it must be a very popular plugin!

    Chris´s Last blog post..Adsense blacklist does work!

    1. Chris, I reckon it’s one of the most popular plugins, except maybe for akismet :cheese1_ee:

    2. Chris, I suggest you to use Comment Luv in your blog. Indeed, it is a very useful plugin. It would benefit you and your commentators by generating more traffic and you, as an author can also learn from commentators. Just implement a strict rules among your commentators to prevent spammers from taking advantage.

    1. See, I’m still fining new ways to help my readers. You should check out my latest post about a new revolutionary twitter device.

  20. If someone did this on my blog I would delete the whole post. I would not be happy about it. It is one of those things just because you can do it doesn’t mean that it is a good idea. Fortunately no one has tried it on my blog.

    Boris´s Last blog post..Can You Match Or Exceed These SEO Results?

  21. Naturally that is up to the individual blog owner, but personally I do not see any fault in the process, as long as the link does not lead to some unfavorable site, such as a porn or hate site etc., I feel it is completely harmless.

  22. Hi,
    I think I added commentluv after visiting your blog. You’ve been a source of great tips from the beginning.
    Great stuff man.Keep going.

    1. Cool, why not leave a link so I can visit your blog.

  23. Yes, CommentLuv is a great plugin, both for the website owner and the blog commenter. I especially like it when blog owners use the newest version of the plugin, which allows us to choose which blog post we want displayed (so long as we’re registered).

    1. Thanks Betsey, which reminds me, I should register some of my other blogs.

  24. I love commentluv, it rewards the poster and the webmaster who gets great feedback on there webpage.

  25. That’s so true, thanks for dropping by David.

  26. Sire, I love ya bunches and what you do for your community here makes dealing with your ads something I tolerate – but you’ve got a google ad near the top of the post that, at least for me on Firefox, is sitting over a portion of your text. Bad ad behavior.

    Now – as for your post – this is HOT! I love tricks and that’s certainly a good one! Great way to still get your commentluv link while using the name-url link to generate seo backlinks somewhere else.

    1. Hey Kimberly, glad you liked the post. As to Adsense, it’s not actually sitting over the text, it only appears that way, the text is actually wrapping around the ad.

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