I don’t know how many of you are members of Commission Junction, and I was just wondering if you knew that they offered rotating banners for their members to use on their blogs or websites? At first I thought that they did not offer this feature and I thought the worse of them for it.

For those of you who do not know what rotating banners are, its a cool feature that enables you to display a different banner every time your page is refreshed. I’ve include a rotating banner below for you to test;

Go ahead, refresh the page to see what I mean. Having a rotating banner in a post is probably not the best place to put it as it’s unlikely people will refresh your page just so they can see the banners change. If you have a busy blog though with many commentators there may be an advantage to display different ads upon each visit.

The other benefit of rotating banners is you do not have to worry about advertisers terminating their account and then having to remember where you pasted the code as this is done automatically.

Just follow these steps to set up your own rotating banner.

  1. Click on the ‘Get Links’ tab
  2. Now click on the ‘SmatZone Settings’. From this page you construct the SmartZones for any of your sites. You can even have different SmartZones for the same site, so you can have one for comments, one for your sidebar and even one for your header or footer and can name each zone accordingly.
  3. When constructing your zones you get to pick the type, whether it’s a banner, link or product, as well as the size. I usually go for the ‘Banner, Free’ one as it allows me to have all different sizes of banners. I use these specifically in the sidebar so that it will display different sized ads with every page view giving the blog a different look each time.
  4. Once you have constructed your SmartZones, the next step is to find the ads to display as part of your rotating banners. First you select your advertiser, and then the ad, or ads, of your choice by ticking the box next to the ad. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, once youve made your selections of the ads you want to display, select the SmartZone you want the ad to appear in and then click the ‘Add to SmarZone tab and it will take you to your SmartZone setting page showing you all the ads you have selected. Once satisfied, click the Get SmartZone Code tab and paste the code into your blog, wherever you wish the banners to appear.


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