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Using Amazon’s Conversion Power To Generate Christmas Sales

As most of you can see I’ve tweaked my theme a little to give it a little Christmas feel about it. This was really easy because I use the FlexSqueeze theme and to help others using the same theme I posted a little tutorial on how I made the changes.

Still I don’t feel as if I have done enough to set the stage and so I think it’s only fitting that I entertain you with a Christmas poem of mine. Even though I wrote this last year, this is the first time it’s appeared on this blog.

I hope you enjoy it.

It’s almost Christmas, the day is near
Everyone prays that there be good cheer
The meaning of Christmas differs for all
Not everyone puts holly in the hall

Businessmen think of the money they’ll make
Terrorists of the lives they may take
Children of gifts they will receive
Parents of the mess it will leave

So many of us on this day we forget
The child that was born and the kings he met
The man that grew with peace in his heart
With love for all till the day he did part

Oh that this day could bring joy for all
That terror and hate from all would fall
To be left behind and be seen no more
That each and everyone we may adore

That poverty would cease to exist
That peace would rein in our midst
That rulers learn to live in harmony
That less importance be placed on money

Turn each to the other and clasp their hands
Though we live in far strung lands
We must make a stand for what we believe
Let’s think no more of how to deceive

Now, I know that not everybody likes poems and that perhaps one or two of you may have completely skipped this post because of that. Well  I reckon I may have a little something extra for those of you who managed to read it to the end and beyond.

While the most important part of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and everything that he has brought to the world, you can’t escape the fact that it’s probably the one season when people are quite happy to open their wallets in search of that special gift for family and friends. This being the case most bloggers should have made preparations to capitalize on this seasons potential for increasing their blogging income.

Personally I’ve left it a little late, as I should have done some posts promoting products way before today. Even so, perhaps there is something in that old saying better late than never.

Usually when promoting a product I will shove a banner in the post somewhere in the hope that someone will click on it. Sure it works sometimes but generally it’s been a little disappointing. So, it left me wondering as to what I could do to increase peoples willingness to click on a product and perhaps making a sale.

I’ve done several posts blaming it all on the landing pages as they were not converting the customers I was sending them to actual sales. Perhaps people are more aware of online shopping these days and are a little untrustworthy of a lot online stores.

I then came across this post by two grouse Aussie sheilas :smile1_ee: , a post that gave me a whole new perspective on how I should tackle online marketing. Their post, How Much Did We Make on Amazon This Month?, shows how they managed to make a whole lot of cash and all because Amazon was able to convert the people they sent over to buying customers. And guess what? No banners, only text links.

So, perhaps people are virtually blind to banners these days, but are more willing to click on a link if that link is relevant to what they are looking for. Perhaps these same people trust Amazon and are therefore more likely to make a purchase. Sure their payout isn’t all that crash hot, but the more you sell the greater the commission. Sounds like a bit of an incentive to me.

I’ve tried the text links over banners idea on my Top Sexual Aids blog. The post A Special Gift For The Person Who Has Everything uses links instead of banners. I haven’t had time to see whether Amazon has any products I can use and I’m not expecting many sales as the blog is new and hasn’t got much traffic yet. Perhaps next year.

So, have you done anything to cash in on the prospective Christmas customers, and if so what have you done and how is it working for you?

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  1. Amazon review site certainly does well during the holiday seasons but $14K a month is indeed an eye opening. One of the highest I’ve seen so far. Anyway, how are ya, Sire? It’s a such loooooooooog time, huh?


    1. Yeah, how have you been Yan, and how are those niches going?

      1. I’m good, Sire – as always. It’s more productive than it used to be. Looking back, it’s almost a year since I dabbled in niche thingy. It was a long and fun journey though.

        Hope everything is good here as well.


        1. LOL… Sex is good. I mean the niche is good for both Adsense and CPA. :jittery_tb:


          1. Actually, not so much for Adsense as depending on the post they normally display community ads.

        2. Every things fine Yan. I’ve even started my own niche, it’s all about sex! How much fun is that? :thumbup_tb:

  2. Nice poem. Would it not be nice if indeed poverty would cease to exist and peace would rein in our midst…

    Anyway, I just read the post you recommended above and I have to admit that 14K in one month is absolutely impressive, specially because it’s Amazon. I never thought that it is possible. One though is that post definitely gave me some ideas and a lot of new found encouragement to give more attention to it. I was stuck on using their Twitter feature and nothing else. Thanks
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Make Money Using Google’s Analytics Data =-.

    1. Thanks DiTesco, but I reckon it will be a long time before that happens.

      As for that $14,000, even at 10% they would have to have sold $14000 of merchandise! They would have to have a hell of a lot of traffic to sell that much. I think we should keep things in perspective so as not to be disappointed.

        1. Yep, I expected a rather high turnover of folk. Thanks for that bit of information Paula.

  3. Interesting, I never really realized that Amazon could bring in such profits. So you know if you only get paid when the visitor buys the specific item you linked to or do you get paid if they end up buying something else after going through your referral link? -Mike

    1. It’s my understanding Mike that as long as they clicked on a link on your site then you get credited for anything that they buy.

  4. I haven’t used Amazon as of yet nor have I really pitched many products on my blog. I need to though if it will earn me 14k a month. :)
    .-= Ms. Freeman´s last blog ..Don’t Get Stuck In the Quagmire of Thinking Small =-.

    1. I’ve used them, but obviously I was doing it all wrong.

  5. Reviews are always better then free standing links…reviews from the personal perspective are best. :-)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..UPDATE! 4 Plugin Package – 75% Off! PLUS Something Extra From Me! :) =-.

    1. That’s for sure. My greatest earners are from personal reviews. Just have to remember to be straight with people because it’s a lot easier to lose their faith than it is to get it.

      1. I agree, I like what dennis said. Reviews are the best source for final decisions since they consists of true opinions.

        And also I would like to qoute what you said Sire, “it’s a lot easier to lose their faith than it is to get it”…it’s very true, no doubt about it.

        Nice article.

  6. I found the one time I posted about something I purchased people clicked on the link [banner, I think] and made a purchase, too. Of course, this was not through Amazon, but one of those get coffee and a mug for $3 deals. Either way, it worked.

    Lovely poem, Sire. :smile_wp: It is most definitely the season for family and not presents.

    1. Glad you liked the poem Anne, and as long as it worked it’s all good.

  7. Was sort of surprised to see a poem wedged within a ‘Amazon Conversion Power’ post. Poem’s good and a breath of fresh air as usual though. The way the money-making businessmen and the lives-taking terrorists are placed so adjacent to each other makes them both almost one and the same. :)

    With regards to the banner blindness of visitors, I think I have a little first hand experience with that and can confirm this as a fact. My amazon earnings does show that I make more on the products that I’ve displayed as text links instead of the those on colorful banners.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Bugs Bunny Poster =-.

    1. James, best you tread lightly when reading my blog, you never know where I will shove a poem. :guns_tb:

      Thanks for revealing that bit of information about the links, it sort of confirms my suspicion.

  8. Ok, I will admit I skipped the poem to get to the content about Amazon, sorry poems just aren’t my cup of tea.

    I am thoroughly PO’d at Amazon right now. They have cancelled all affiliates in NC because my state was contemplating the “Amazon Tax”. I guess I am more pissed at my stupid legislators for causing this mess. But I would like to be earning from my site through Amazon affiliate links to relevant products.
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Vinyl Vs Wood Fencing =-.

    1. That sucks David, but like you said, it’s not Amazon you should be mad at, it’s the legislators.

      Mate, I never used to like poems, if you ever read any of mine you will see that some are not exactly what you would expect from a poem.

    1. Maybe you’re promoting the wrong products.

  9. I know, it’s August and I’m already thinking and reading blog posts about Christmas…*grin*

    I think it does make a difference with Amazon that people trust more in the supplier. And it’s also just easier — usually Amazon already has your info on file, so you just have to log in, whereas every small webshop out there makes you fill in all your personal data, credit card info etc. That’s a big hurdle for people to get over and actually order.
    Caroline recently posted…Buy the Best Loose Leaf Hibiscus TeaMy Profile

    1. You are so right Caroline, getting people to go to Amazon is half the battle. The fact that they make it so easy for members to make a sale makes the whole purchase process so much simpler. The problem lies in priming them enough so that they are in the buying mode.

      As for getting ready for Christmas, it’s never too early.
      Sire recently posted…Social Media Should Begin At HomeMy Profile

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