Using Adbeans To Increase Your Online Income

You’re a blogger and you got into it to make money but it’s just not working for you is it? Adsense just isn’t generating all that much and affiliate marketing is starting to piss you off because even though you’re doing all the right things and sending traffic to their websites, and you know you are because you’re keeping track of all the clicks, but they just aren’t converting. You also know its possible to make money online because almost every blog you come across tells you it’s so and a lot of them are willing to tell you the secret on how to do it as long as you join their list. So you join and once again you feel ripped off.

I’m not like all those others who expects something from you. I’m also not about to try and convince you that I’m one of those successful bloggers who’s left his job and now makes a comfortable living online just to increase the likelihood that you will buy something from me. Nope, I’m just no that kind of guy.

You Can Make Money Blogging

The honest truth is while you can make money online not everyone will be lucky enough to make a fortune by blogging. Having said that there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make enough to add a substantial amount to your current income, and who knows, if you’re one of the lucky ones maybe even enough to leave your job and work from home.

This blog offers many ways of adding to your online income, don’t worry I will link to some of them at the end of the post, and this post is going to add to them. It’s a form of a paid post but with a difference.

Introducing adbeans

I was contacted by one of the representatives from adbeans via my Scenic Adelaide blog. This is what he had to say.


We came across your site and really liked the content and layout.

At present we are looking to place links within content and at the bottom of your posts and would look to do this in two ways.

Option 1 – Manually place a link within your NEW article/post

1)      You will get sent a list of keywords from which you will choose to include within relevant posts on your site. Once you have done this the keyword will be removed from your Adbeans account and you will be credited the agreed amount. All ads will have to remain permanently and price offered is a one off fee.

Option 2 – Signature Links, Placing Links at the bottom of your OLD posts

2)       We place a contextually matched link with relevant surrounding text at the bottom of the post. This is paid at half the rate of placing and these ads are also permenant.
All ads will be related to the niche of your site and the fee offered is for a one off payment.

I sent back a reply saying I was interested but only if the links were related in some way to my blog and he assured me that all the links would be related to travel which would work well so I signed up. I held off on a post I had planned waiting for their links to appear on the site so I could choose one. It wasn’t too long before one appeared and I included it in my post about The Botanic Gardens. I wrote that post on November 1st and it appeared in my adbeans account on the 9th., a little over a week.. As you can see from the image below I was credited 16 GBP which is a little over $25 US. Once I reach 20 GBP I can transfer the money to my PayPal account which will be after my next post.

The image below shows you the next two keywords I can choose from and as you can see both are holiday related.

Once I write the post complete with the keyword related link I place the url to the post in the box that you see in the next image and click the submit button. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for them to place the money into my adbean account. What you also see in that picture is the next link and keyword that I’m going to place into the post I’m writing today.

Why It’s Not A Paid Post

I can almost see a lot of you thinking to yourself that it’s not for you because you just don’t do paid posts. Well, like I said at the beginning of the post that adbeans is not your typical paid post and here is why. You get to choose what your post is about. While your typical paid post may require that you recommend a product or service or to even base your post on it in some way, adbeans allows you to write your post in any way you like as long as you weave their link and keyword into it. If you haven’t read my first adbeans post perhaps you should so you can see exactly what I mean. Remember also that I had planned that post way before I placed their link into it and that link earned me $25US.

Since I started writing this post I completed another two posts on my Scenic Adelaide blog earning me another $50US and I’ve just noticed a moment ago that there is another link waiting for me, this one about car hire in Australia which is perfect for my blog.

I will be submitting my other blogs to them in the hope that they also will be accepted thereby increasing the amount I can earn. If you’re serious about making money with your blog then you should also consider joining adbeans and yes that is an affiliate link and you know I wouldn’t have joined as an affiliate if I didn’t believe in them as a legitimate way to get paid to post.

On their own the methods you will find in this blog to make money may not bring a whole lot individually but put them all together and over time I think you will find that incorporating them into you blog will be worth the effort. :smoke_tb:

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  1. Sire,
    Long time no see! I want to thank you for this awesome suggestion! I look forward to putting it to use and making more cash!

    1. Hi Linda,

      it has been a while hasn’t it and I am just as much as fault. I promise to drop in soon for a visit.

      Let me know when you get your first post up, I’d love to see what you did with it.

  2. Thanks Peter for this post because I really appreciate it!
    I like to diversify my currency exposure and I’m already getting paid by USD and Euro
    If AdBeans pays with GBP I will get my incomes divided by 3 currency, that I can keep into my Paypal account and spend them on various online store without exchanging them

    1. Yeah, you just have to love PayPal Albert. :thumbup_tb:

  3. Hey Peter,
    This just gave me an idea. What do you know about the other side of the equation? The people that are paying to get a good link on your site. I am always looking for innovative ways to get great niche links for my site. If they are paying the bloggers 25 bucks, I wonder what they are charging for a link. Might be something I should check into.

    I will have to go to their site and see if they say anything about that possibility.

    1. Hey Damon,

      just because I’m getting $25 for that blog doesn’t mean everyone will get that amount. I’m sure that they will take certain things into consideration like traffic, rank and such when working out how much to pay out for a link.

      Unfortunately I don’t know how the other side of the coin works Damon and I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt looking into it if you’re really interested.

      1. I am interested in both sides of the equation. Just recently I have used fiverr to get some links to my site. Well, I’m heading for the adbeans site to check on this. Thanks Sire for bringing this up.

        1. No worries James, it’s what I do :smile2_ee:

  4. Twitter:
    It seems interesting Peter. Although, I don’t really want to use it on my main blog, I think it will be something I may use with a new blog I am working on.

    I do however, like the fact that unlike normal paid per post, you are in total control of the post. SO basically you blog as you do normally, you just add their links at the end of your posts, right? That’s a plus for them, making it easier for blogger to use it.
    Satrap recently posted…Get Paid to Translate Online as a Freelance Language TranslatorMy Profile

    1. Why wouldn’t you use it on your main blog Satrap?

      As to the link placement, it can be wherever you want it to be.

      1. Twitter:
        I don’t know, I juts dont want to clutter the blog with too much stuff as it already is kind of slow. Plus, I do have a few other ads and I just dont like having too much ads.

        But maybe I will give it a try for a few days or so to see how it goes. Any way, Thanks Peter.
        Satrap recently posted…10 Ways to Make Money on the SideMy Profile

        1. I can’t see how placing one link in each post is cluttering it up or slowing it down.

  5. Adbeans, I haven’t tried this before, but the way we can earn from it is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this idea Peter, we’ll try this on my blogs.

    1. Its more than just interesting Francis.

  6. Hi Sire,

    You have me intrigued, I haven’t done paid posts in a few years. When I did, it was limited since many didn’t’ fit with my websites. However I really like that they let you choose what your post is about. I’ll definitely check it out.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Opal recently posted…Reaching out: The spirit of givingMy Profile

    1. Hey Opal,

      I’ve just shot them another email asking for information on what type of sites they are looking for. I will be editing the post as soon as I find out.

      I must say though that I like the way their method works.

      1. Thanks, I’ll be interested to hear what they have to say.
        This morning, when I read this post, I signed up via your affiliate link. I’m not looking for your pay, since my site gets significantly less traffic.

        I won’t be surprised if I’m not accepted since I recently started writing again. If that’s the case, I’ll just reapply in a few more months when there’s more activity. Well, that’s if I have the type of site they want.
        Opal recently posted…Happy Veteran’s Day; Send hand-crafted cards for our troops to write their messagesMy Profile

  7. went to check it out, Sire – waiting to hear if any of my blogs are suited to their clients. Thanks!

    1. Hey Allan. I never thought to ask what type of sites they would be interested in but that is a valid point. Like I said to Opal above, I’ve sent them an email in regards to that point and am waiting on a reply.

  8. Never heard about this one, I’m tempted to sign up from your review – but I just had a quick look at the site and it doesn’t appear very professional?!

    Still, I don’t suppose you have anything to lose as you can always remove the links, right?

    1. I don’t think it looks unprofessional at all Jenni. And why would you want to remove the ads once you’ve been paid for it. That in itself would be most unprofessional.

  9. Hi,
    Adbeans sounds really cool. Does it work in the US? It takes me a month to make $25 in adsense and this can be done in one post and I can still have adsense on the site I think. I’ll have to check on it.

    1. I can’t see why it wouldn’t Jim considering they accepted me and I’m just a little old Aussie :wink_ee:

  10. I haven’t tried the paid post game, but this certainly looks interesting. I like Damon’s idea on getting on the other side. Could be a good SEO and traffic boost.

    1. Yeah, and I’ll include that in the next post once I find out more about them.

  11. adbeans seems like a good way to make some extra cash but its basically content writing. I prefer writing and selling articles directly to clients and be payed per word.
    I own a couple of websites but sometimes when I need money because I have a bad month, content writing always provides…

    1. How much do they pay you per word Cristian?

      As far as adbeans go I can get $25 for a 200 word post and I reckon that would be pretty hard to beat. What I love about it is that I would have written the post anyway only now I’m getting paid for it.

      1. It would depend on the market.

        Some pay more, others less. The most I’ve been paid was $1.45 per word that was for a magazine article that I found at Writers Market. I submitted a query letter; I got the gig. I use Writers Market to land most of my writing assignments.

        The most I’ve been paid online (to add a link to one of my blog posts) was $150 for 200 words. That was on one of my old sites, VeganMomma. It had a PR 4, and it received a lot more traffic than my newest personal site.

        I got that through Sponsored Reviews. I turned down most of the offers I received since it didn’t fit my site. I didn’t accept anything under $50 at that site.

        With Celebrate Life, if Adbeans has a link for something I already write about I’ll work in a link. I already link out to various products I use, and not all of them are affiliate links. So you’re right, in that sense it is different than many paid post companies. I like that.

        Currently, the only way I make money with CL is with Amazon. Eventually I’ll add other ways.
        Opal recently posted…Happy Veteran’s Day; Send hand-crafted cards for our troops to write their messagesMy Profile

        1. Hey Opal, I’ve also been paid over a hundred dollars just for placing a link in an old post for a year. But those sorts of opportunities are few and far between. I much prefer this type as it would provide a more regular income.

          Now if I could get $1.45 per word online, well that would be really sweet. :drunk_tb:

          1. But those sorts of opportunities are few and far between. I much prefer this type as it would provide a more regular income.

            Oh I agree with you, those types of opportunities don’t come by often, perhaps for the super bloggers they might However, my site was small time, it just happened to do fairly well traffic/PR wise.

            It’s why I’m curious about Adbeans. I’d like to learn more since I wouldn’t have an issue inserting a link on CL, if I’m already writing about the topic. ;)

            Now if I could get $1.45 per word online, well that would be really sweet.

            Writers Market has some great leads for various publications, mainly print.I’ve seen several that paid more than what I received. WM, is how I acquire most of my writing assignments for print publications.
            Opal recently posted…Rose; Fading BeautyMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Sire, I actually have to say I agree with Jenni. The site literally says almost nothing, and their FAQ is, well, pretty much nonexistent. I love your review and all but I’m hesitant because there’s just no information there about them.

    Now, what I did was go to Google to check it out and see if there was any more information on them and came across another site that’s also an advertising agency like them that was called “Adbean” that’s just changed their name to Advanse. It’s pretty cool looking also. Thing is they say a lot about their company, and maybe that’s the hesitation with Adbeans.

    Still, I’m glad you’re making money and at least I proved I checked it out.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Blog Posts, Comments, Business, Rankings…My Profile

    1. As long as you didn’t find anything negative about them Mitch.

      So far it seems to be a really good find. I’ve done three posts so far so that’s $75. They’ve given me another 7 links for next week which will earn me $175 totally $250. If I can get even $150 per site per week I reckon I’m on a good deal.

      The only problem with the photo blog is that I need more photos so I’m taking the wife out for a drive tomorrow. This will result in a lot more action on that particular blog which can only result in more traffic and maybe even a better PR. That may even mean more money per link per post.

      Heck I may be able to work from home after all. :tongue_wink_ee:

      1. Twitter:
        Actually Sire, I did read some bad things about the company. The biggest issue was in people not being able to get someone from the company to respond to their issues. You were initially contacted by email, which means they reached out to you before you found them. You know, I thought it sounded familiar so I went back through my email archives and saw that these people contacted me at some point last year. I never followed up on it though; I probably looked at the site, felt like it didn’t say anything, and went on with life.

        So if you’re actually making that kind of money within a few months time I’ll know it’s legit and I’ll be back here so you can get the affiliate credit for it. Be sure to keep me informed while I’m trying to whip the snot out of you in chess. :jittery_tb:
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…My Colonoscopy StoryMy Profile

        1. Heck, that’s nothing. As long as I get paid for those links, that’s all I’m worried about. And if I don’t I will just remove them and I’ll be letting people know what frauds they are. Still, I don’t think it will come to that.

  13. Wow, so I’m definately gonna try this. It seems like a really easy way to make money with the blogs I’ll already be posting. The thing is that the keywords they have to select from may have nothing to do w/ what I am writing that day. I’m definately gonna check it out though.

    1. No harm in having a look Khleo, especially as it’s free to join.

  14. Sire,
    I love how you keep finding new things and then telling about them in a transparent way. This is completely new to me and I think i need to check it out.

    1. Hey Ralph,

      you know me, I just love sharing with others how I make money online.

  15. Twitter:
    Any income is a good income. But in order to get that amount you really need to have some background reputation. I don’t think a newbie can earn that money that easy.

    1. Probably not Radu, but even if it a newbie got paid $5 for a link on a post that he was going to write anyway I think that is a pretty good deal.

  16. I am considering this. I have my hesitations, the site looks of poor quality. But no harm in trying right? If I can choose my own content and get a base pay- seems like a great deal! Thanks!

    1. Really? I think poor quality may be a bit harsh.

  17. Thank you Sire for this! How magnanimous of you! This is a great post, a great idea and finally, a great deal for making some extra money. I am new but I will definitely check this out. If only they are interested for my site. Thank you Sire.

  18. This sounds promising, especially since we have been looking into ways to build good links, not spammy ones. I know that there are a few well known SEO blogs that recommend outsourcing link building to the Phillipines and India; However,when we researched it further, we didn’t find anyone who could build legitimate links. Have you had any experience with that way of building links? I would much prefer to try your Adbeans suggestion, it sounds much easier.Thanks for the info.

    1. Monica, I haven’t used Adbeans in that way but you are correct in assuming that it is good way of building links as the links I use in my post are very natural looking and do not look spammy at all.

  19. Hey Sire,

    I honestly don’t know how you find all of these new ways to make money blogging but I certainly appreciate it!

    I’m very close to start my first niche sites and Zaparena, AdSense and maybe this new network (for me at least) will come VERY handy!

    Wish you the best and hope to see more about your earnings with AdBeans. ;-)

    Take care and speak soon!


    1. Hey Sergio, they actually found me :wink_ee:

      I’ll be doing an update as soon as I transfer some money into PayPal to show that they’re legitimate.

    1. I don’t know but it won’t hurt to give it a try.

  20. That’s a fantastic way of monetizing a blog that I have never heard of. I had never heard of adbeans before and since I work with clients on a daily basis it’s another great thing i can recommend to them to monetize their blogs.

    Thanks a lot for sharing I will be taking a proper look into it shortly.

    1. Sounds like a plan Lee

  21. Adbeans looking very nice i am also looking any adsense alternative because i got banned many times from adsense

    1. It’s way better than Adsense Loana because you don’t have to wait for people to click on an ad or anything.

  22. This is great – I’ve signed up through your affiliate link. It seems like a great system for both advertisers and affiliates! The only thing I wonder about is whether they allow blogs that don’t have much traffic. Your blog is obviously well developed, but mine is just starting out (well, that’s an exaggeration. It currently exists only as a domain name and a lot of great idea in my head!)…

    1. I don’t know Kay, but there is no harm in trying. If you don’t get in you can always try later when your blog gets better developed.

  23. Nice one! I haven’t heard about adbeans before, but it looks so promising to me. I wonder if we could actually make use of it together with other money making schemes to our blogs like adsense, etc? $25 is something especially if a blog owner could generate more visitors coming to the site.

    1. The best thing about adbeans Christina, if you get accepted, is that you don’t have to change how you write a post as all you have to do is work one of their links into it.

      1. Nice to know that. If I’m not mistaken, if heard that some advertisers demand the blog owners to write a post based on their criteria. Without any certain rules, it is easier for everybody especially that they are doing everything in their own way.

  24. Hi Peter,

    I had a look at the botanical gardens post to try and see the adbeans links and how discrete they are – but I couldn’t tell. Are they the ‘infolink’ links doubly underlined in red at the top of the page which aren’t in the actual article or something else?

    I took all advertising off my blog recently (I had used adsense) – though I actually did make money from it I thought it made for a better reader experience having no ads. This adbeans idea does intrigue me but only if really discrete – if they have to have two red lines and be of that format only then they’ll stick out like a sore thumb so maybe not for me, otherwise if they can be the same format as other hyperlinks on your site then maybe they’re worth a look.

    could you advise & point me to an actual adbeans link so I can know for sure?


    1. Hey Alan, it’s holidays, the second link in the post.

  25. Cool – that is quite discrete – makes me think about starting a travel blog ;-)

    thanks for the quick reply & take care!

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