It’s been over a month now since my post on making money with SnapDollars and I reckon it’s about time for an update. To date I’ve made a whole $5.58 and $5 of that was what I got from joining up, the rest from reading emails they sent me. A pretty poor effort if you ask me.

There is an incentive to increase your earnings as they offer you $5 for every person you sign under you. Sounds good but there is a catch. In reply to a question about why the referrals aren’t showing up;

Don’t worry, it’s here! Unfortunately, in order to prevent Users from fraudulently abusing the referral system, we must withhold the $5 referral bonus until that User makes their first request for payment. At that time, your account will be credited.

Unfortunately that won’t happen until they’ve reached their minimum requirement for payment and “At least $15 of your total must be made by offers, not just reading email.” Damn, I reckon at this rate I will never see that money, especially if most people are like me and aren’t into taking up offers.

So, as far as I’m concerned although in my opinion the site is a waste of time, it wasn’t a total loss as I did manage to get a couple of posts out of it.

Correction: Checkout the update to this update, which shows you can actually make money.

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