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Update On Buy Online Lottery Tickets

As it’s been just under three months since the birth of Buy Online Lottery Tickets I thought it would be a good time to do an update on how things are going. To date I’ve pretty well kept to the strategies outlined in my How I Am Marketing My Online Lottery Niche and I’m sure that those of you who have read that post would be interested in hearing how things are tracking so far.

Naturally an important part of any successful site is traffic and the cheapest way to get traffic to your site is to rank highly for your selected keywords. I used Market Samurai to help me choose the domain name so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what keywords I was aiming at….Buy Online Lotto Tickets :drunk_tb:  OK, let’s see how I’m ranking for these, and other closely related keywords.

SERPs For Buy Online Lotto Tickets

For those of you who don’t know, SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Page and getting a good result in the SERPs means getting on the first page the search engine results.

  • Buy Online Lotto Tickets: I still don’t rank for Google but I’m #1 on Yahoo and Bing
  • Buy Online Lottery Tickets: Again, zip for Google but #1 on Yahoo and Bing
  • Buy Lotto Tickets Online: Google is such an arse because they still won’t rank me :annoyed_tb: At least Bing and Yahoo are more generous as I’m #2 with them
  • Buy Lottery Tickets Online: Yeah, you guessed it, nothing on Google but #2 on Bing and Yahoo.

Sort of makes you wonder what Google’s problem is doesn’t it? :smile2_ee: What is really weird is although they don’t recognise it as far as SERPs go, they’ve see fit to grace it with a ranking of PR3! :lol_ee: Even some of the internal pages have received a PR1 ranking. That alone would make some bloggers a little green with envy. :sick_ee:

Analytic For Buy Online Lotto Tickets

Google Analytic

While it appears to have flatlined there for several days, that’s only because I forgot to transfer the Google Analytic code after updating the theme. Even so, you can still get a rough idea on how the site is tracking and while traffic is still relatively low it’s to be expected considering the age of the site.

As for the traffic sources, 33% have been sent from search engines, a number that will increase once it starts ranking highly in Google.

traffic source overview

The only thing left to tell you is how much income the site is actually producing. So far, it’s only made a couple of conversions but at least they are producing a small but steady income. I still have high hopes for the site and I’m sure that over time as I continue to grow my member base it  will provide me with a nice steady income.

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  1. From your picture above, I see that over 73% of traffic comes from referring sites. What are those site? Google can be really pain in the ass. I have a site that has PR 2 but it also can not be found anywhere.

    1. The majority of those would come from blogs I’ve left comments on or forums so I can assure there is nothing there that would turn Google against me. I don’t know what it is but I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with any dodgy backlinks
      Sire recently posted…Social Media Should Begin At HomeMy Profile

  2. Nice work you’ve done with your new website especially with the design. FlexSqueeze ROCKS :). Considering that the site is very new, it’s a fair amount of traffic you’re already getting. What i don’t understand though, is why Google doesn’t want to rank your webpages while other search engines did. I usually get ranked in Google better then any other search engine. I think that if you’re relying on one way to get backlinks, then you should diversify a little and see what happens. Good luck

    1. Hey Edgar,

      thanks for the compliment mate and yes FlexSqueeze does rock.

      As for Google, it has me mystified as well and I am trying to diversify the backlinks.
      Sire recently posted…How To Save PetrolMy Profile

    1. Actually Robert, their OK unless you were wanting to achieve good Google results, which is what most people want, Google being the #1 search engine and all, in which case the SERPs could be considered to be pretty crappy.
      Sire recently posted…Log Into Your Favorite Sites Using Face TechnologyMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Well, you probably know this, but for “buy online lottery tickets” you’re actually sitting at #98 on Google, and for “buy online lotto tickets” you’re sitting at #115. So it’s not that you’re not listed on Google, just not high enough.

    And only because it’s you I’m going to tell you why. I ran some stats on just your main page for that blog. First I ran the term “lottery tickets” and on your entire first page, which are all your latest blog posts, you only use that phrase 10 times out of 3,688 words. You only have one link highlighted with that term out of 197 links. That’s not going to get it done.

    For the term “lotto tickets”, you at least have that in your title tag, but this time you only used the phrase 4 times and only have 2 links.

    In other words, in the world of SEO Google has you ranked lower because you’re not using your keyword phrases enough. I didn’t have to put in the 3-word phrases because in this case the 2-word phrases were bad enough; 3-word phrases would be even worse.

    And there you go; you know I wouldn’t do it “for free” for anyone else but you. And now, back to the chess whipping! :thumbup_tb:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Why Is Everyone Busting On A-Listers?My Profile

    1. Yep, I knew that and I figured it was so far back it wasn’t worth mentioning. :cheese1_ee:

      It sort of makes you wonder about Google when they think enough of my site to give me a PR3 but not enough to give it a better ranking in the SERPs.

      You would think that having the domain name would give it a better standing in the serps for that term but it doesn’t. As to using those keywords more often, I can easily do that but I never use Wassup Blog as a keyword on this blog and I rank #1 for that? :ponder_tb:

      Like I’ve always said Google is weird and you just never know what it is they really want. Sort of like a woman, and I’m sure I mentioned that in a post somewhere.

      As to the chess whipping, yeah we shall see who does the whipping and who’s gonna get whipped. :drunk_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Dude, the reason you rank well for this blog’s term is because no one else uses the word! lol You’re missing the essence of SEO and competition. You’re also missing the PR thing. They’re not related in any way; that’s why Google’s always telling everyone not to count on PR as a stat for determining where you’ll place if someone goes searching for you.

        In a crowded field you’re just not doing enough to break through the crowd. That’s why it’s not as easy as some of these companies make it out to be. You have to fit your keyword terms in often enough and still make it look like its natural speech. We don’t do it for these other blogs but for a site you’re hoping to make money with, it’s an imperative.
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Post #1,100; What’s Next?My Profile

        1. Granted, but that doesn’t explain why I’m not ranking well for buy online lotto tickets which is in my domain name.Heck posts on this my BS blog rank higher than my actual lottery site. To me that means that it’s probably because they are established and so Google gives them more credence and if that is the case it’s only a matter of time before my lotto site starts doing better in the serps.

          Oh, and one last thing, I rank #7 for wassup out of 14,400,000 and that is without even trying, :wink_ee:

          1. “wassup” has 40.500 global [Exact] searches (via Adwords Keyword Tool) and it has a low difficulty, that’s why you rank with it that well. I think you have about 400 visitors per day from this search, am I right? :D
            Marion recently posted…Park my trainMy Profile

            1. Nope,according to Google analytics I get around 200 visits per day. The highest search term is real writing jobswassupblog coming up third. The term wassup shows up as 45.

              After checking Google Analytics for my lotto site the top two search terms are buy lottery tickets online and buy online lotto tickets. If you do a search for these keywords the site that comes up #1 is and those keywords don’t even appear once on their main page.
              Sire recently posted…What Steps Have You Taken To Prevent Identity Theft?My Profile

  4. Hey, hope you remember me. :) I’m back now and I passed the matriculation exams very well, with an average between tests of 8.51, from a maximum of 10. I’ll start studying Computer Science in October.

    Returning on topic, I think you should work more for backlinks for your website if you want to be ranked higher and higher. I bought my domain in the middle of March and it is online since the middle of April. So, in 5 months I have now more than 350 visits per day from the search engine (about 90% of traffic from search engines).

    I think this is the formula to succes: content + backlinks + website’s age = a very good ranking.

    Good luck!
    Marion recently posted…Park my trainMy Profile

    1. Which site is that for Marion. I had a look at the one in your url and that can’t the one because the Alexa rank is way lower than my Lotto site and I’m not getting anywhere near 350 visits a day. Heck, I don’t even get that on this blog?

      1. That’s really strange. I checked your website again and you’re right… Alexa says that your rank is better, but it doesn’t show how much visitors have you per day. I also found out that you have more backlinks than me which is good.

        Now the question is if you chose the keywords correctly… I checked on Adword Keyword Tool how many searches “buy online lottery tickets” have on Google. It has only 58 global searches per month with [Exact] search, so if you get #1 for this keyword in SERPs you’ll have an average of 2 per day!!!

        Then I verified the “online lottery tickets” keyword. It has 590 global searches per month, so if you’ll be ranked #1 for this, then you’ll have an average of 19 visitors per day.

        Now my advice is that you should find some more searched keywords and make SEO on them, rank your website well for them and then you’ll see that it can be possible.

        P.S. “online tickets” has 9900 global searches per month. It means that if you get your website #1 for this keyword, you’ll have an average of 330 visitors per day. :)
        Marion recently posted…Park my trainMy Profile

        1. Yeah, I already knew that those keywords had a low search rate but unfortunately, as is usually the case all the good keyword rich domains had been taken. I thought that it would be easy to rank for the keywords I had chosen because it was in the domain name and it proved to be the case with Bing and Yahoo but Google is being somewhat obstinate.

          Oh well, I think it’s time I give those a miss and go for the more highly searched keywords as you have suggested :smile2_ee:
          Sire recently posted…WordPress Tutorials For The New UserMy Profile

  5. Hey,

    Just some quick observations but it appears you have two H1 tags on that site, try removing one. If I were you remove the “become an affiliate one” since google is not in love with affiliates.

    Also the ratio of different domains vs the number of back-links is very low. You might want to spread your wings a bit.

    Nik recently posted…Climbing the job ladderMy Profile

    1. Hey Nik, firstly they are H2 tags :wink_ee: and if I was running Adsense on the site I would consider removing the affiliate one but seeing as how I’m not I reckon I’ll leave it alone.

      Also I’m not sure what you mean by the following;

      Also the ratio of different domains vs the number of back-links is very low. You might want to spread your wings a bit.

      Sire recently posted…Blogging Like Life Is All About ChoicesMy Profile

      1. Hey,

        Please look at your page source and you will find two h1 tags. Regardless if its adsense or not googlebot will see two H1 tags in the sourcecode just as I do and it’s not recommended. You can also install firebug if you use firefox and see for yourself.

        What I mean by the ratio is that you have a lot of backlinks coming from a few domains. I believe yours is 90 domains to 5000 back-links. So spread your wings and get links from a wider variety of domains. To many links from one domain could be seen as spammy.

        Hope that clarifies.
        Nik recently posted…5,000 UK and Ireland jobs at risk as MBNA credit card division up for sale | Business | Profile

        1. You were right Nik, my mistake. I thought that second heading was a H2 but I must have inadvertently selected H1 :doh_tb: I’m still going to leave the term affiliate in that post though :smile2_ee:

          OK, thanks for clearing that up. As the site is still relatively new I am still working on building the backlinks.
          Sire recently posted…When Will You People Get A Damn GravatarMy Profile

  6. As noted above you need to really nail your on-page optimisation if you want to rank well, Google sshifted the balance with it’s Panda update to scrutinse which sites provide unique and valuable information. You might also want to vary the domains linking back to you, a varied backlink profile is another good signal.

    1. Like I explained to Nik, the backlinks are a work in progress. :wink_ee:

  7. Do you have statistics of your readers who bought through you and won something? Where would you get it?

  8. its the strict way of the Panda that is resulting in your results dropping (pun intended), isn’t it? that’s why the other search engines are still retaining your old results. you can either change to fit with panda, or say screw’em. Personally I believe Panda has been too harsh on honest bloggers, many of whom I know in person and have seen their results plummet!

    1. Hey Fred,

      I’ve heard of Panda but I know nothing about it and I’m not going to bother reading up about it either! The reason being once I know all about Panda I bet you Google will come out with a Wombat update or something and the I’ll have to learn all about that.

      Nope, I’m just going to keep providing good content and doing what I’m doing and see how things work out.

      1. Sire,
        I had a genuine LOL at “Wombat update”! I think you might be right….

  9. I’m intrigued about your buy online lottery tickets blog, good job getting traffic so fast. I have a question too about Google, why is it that someitmes they rank you almost immeidately (say 3-4 weeks) and other times I have sites that never show up in G, but rank well in Bing or yahoo. Is it the method of getting backlinks? I try to do that very naturally, not to fast and variable sources. Thanks for any insight into that big mystery, but I see you have similar problems.

    I have used the Flexibility3 theme, is that similar to your Flexsqueeze? I may have to try it, looks great btw…

    1. Hey Derek, I have high hopes for my lottery blog, its the one that I’m sure will in time bring me a real source of passive income.

      As to Google I wish I could give you a positive answer but as you said I am in the same boat. I think it’s just one of those things and that in time once the lotto site becomes established it will rank a lot better. That is why posts I’ve done on my other blogs, including this one, ranks so much better and all they are really doing is pointing to the lotto blog.

      Flexibility is great! I used to use that before I bought FlexSqueeze and I never looked back.

  10. Looks like you and Google aren’t bestfriends? LOL But seriously, still you’re doing great because you’re getting good results from other search engines. All your hardwork paid off no matter how unfriendly Google is…

      1. Yeah! That’s definitely right! But you know what, it’s really pretty weird why Google is still supporting crap sites. Oh well, Google makes the decision in the first place.

        1. Yeah, Google always does what it thinks is best, much to everyone’s disappointment. :dunce_tb:

  11. SO how is it doing now? After taking M&M’s advice to heart?
    If you still rank very bad then just let the good people at google webmaster help forum tell you.

    I was ranking number 2 for my most important keyword, and similar for other important ones, then all of a sudden I drop to position 600 something. I check google but I didn’t get penalized (they will send you an email). I ask the people at google webmaster help forum and they tell me my site is seen as a thin affiliate site. Then I realize I added some pictures with an affiliate link to some posts. That was probably too many affiliate links in contrast to the text. They advised me to no follow them. Now waiting to see if it fixes it.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. I’ve actually done another update since this post Danny and it’s doing a hell of a lot better.

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