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Update On Adbeans – Can You Make Money With Adbeans

After my post Using Adbeans To Increase Your Online Income I know that a lot of you have been waiting with bated breath to see whether or not these guys actually pay you for something as simple as pasting a link in a post that you were going to write anyway.

That post got quite a few comments some of which were sceptical, mainly because they felt that the adbeans site looked somewhat unprofessional, something that I disagreed with at the time. Still, before we get into exactly what I feel about adbeans I think we should get one very important thing out of the way. Do they pay their dues?

Do Adbeans Pay What They Owe?

Yep, that has to be the million dollar question and I thought the best way to answer it was to take a video of the payment process and post it on YouTube so that you can see with absolute surety as to whether or not these guys actually pay you what you are owed.

Now that I’ve answered the question about getting paid by Adbeans I want to continue this post by writing about my experience with them. All in all it has been a pretty positive one because as I explained in that first post you are able to incorporate a link into your normal post without having to actually write about the link in question. Having said that there are a couple of things about them that are not entirely positive.

  1. Getting them to answer a question about their product is a bit like pulling hens teeth. I sent several emails requesting more information about them so that I could write a more informed post but to date have never received a concise reply. What I was able to garner though was that they are looking for Travel or Business blogs / sites, which explains why this one was never accepted.
  2. That’s it really, apart from that one thing my experience has really been a positive one. If they could resolve that and maybe improve their FAQ’s I’m sure they will improve people’s experience with their site.
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  1. Interesting, they are better than I thought. One question, these need to be permanent links, correct? And the payment is a one-off…

    Just find myself wondering if this would be realistic for many people, I’d have thought you need quite a lot of web site real estate to keep getting more income.

    1. They are permanent links and it is a one off payment for each link which is more than fine with me.

      To date I have made over $200 using adbeans from the one blog, the one mentioned in the first post. Now that I am on their system all I have to do is wait for other advertisers to take an interest in that blog and take the assignments as they become available.

  2. Twitter:
    First, I think you meant “skeptical”. lol

    Second, I wasn’t one of those people who didn’t think you’d get paid. I was one of those people who thinks their main page looks unprofessional, and it still seems that way.

    Third, they want only travel & business sites, and I’m thinking that would pretty much eliminate me in any case. Oh well…
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…When Your Cause Isn’t Worth The FightMy Profile

    1. Nope, we Aussies use sceptical, we leave skeptical for you yanks :lol_ee:

      It may be a good fit for your business blog Mitch.

      1. I’m with you on the spelling.
        I’m sure Mitch has a good sense of humour or is that humor?

        Hi Peter it’s Keith Davis.
        I’ve got a new website – hope you’ll pay me a visit.

        1. Hey Keith,

          yeah it always pains me when using the PC and it attempts to substitute Aussie spelling Americanised ones. That’s one of the reasons I like using the Mac :wink_ee:

          As for Mitch having a sense of humour, yeah he does and I’m just about to check out your site now.

            1. Hey Keith, I like the way you kept it local so that you can give them that personal touch if they need to pop in to speak to you. I was wondering though if there was a way you could let people know that you can also help them if they’re not local?

  3. Hi Peter,

    I have never heard of adbeans until now but it’s an interesting article & really great video – I particularly like the fact that you kept it short and cut it with the payment request and proof all in one short vid – great job my friend.

    Now I’m off to check out your first post instead of asking you here – I’d like to see what these adbeans ads look like and hopefully learn why you only get paid once per link (in case you don’t answer that in your first post could you let me know?),


    1. Hey Alan, I only need to place one link per post and I got paid 16GBP per link. That may differ depending on the blog as I assume one with a higher PR may get more and a lower PR would probably get less.

  4. As per your explanation and my investigation i found Adbeans a good thing for earning some money without much efforts,it is pretty much easy.But at the second end i am very much agree with Mitch also that they want only travel & business sites and just because of this i think i also don’t have chances with them.Thanks for sharing Sire.

    Best Regards!
    Samuel Joshua

    1. Hey Samuel, that’s what I’m here for :wink_ee:

  5. Twitter:
    I am glad you did have a positive experience Peter. You would think that businesses like that would have the basic at least in place like FAQ that you were talking about.
    Satrap recently posted…Online Surveys for MoneyMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand how they could go live without making sure first that everything was ready for the public and the FAQ’s are one of the first things that people check out.

      Still, at least they did everything they were supposed to do from supplying the links to paying me my money :thumbup_tb:

  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it’s really important to keep posting stuff like this because it helps others make decisions on what services to use or not use. Too often when we experience good or bad we don’t share it so others can’t benefit. Thanks again :-)

    1. No worries Matt, that’s what bloggers do, share their experiences with their readers.

  7. If Aussies such as Sire are sceptical you should take notice. If he now endorses it, it must be OK! Will take a look. Where do you put the link?

  8. Personally, I haven’t tried Adbeans, but now I take it into consideration. Thanks for your sharing your experience with us!

    1. Hey Roger, somehow I don’t think they will accept that particular blog.

  9. It seems like its a very promising site where blog owners can fully maximize the earning potential of their sites. Maybe we could try this one out and check how it goes with our sites.

    1. True, but only bloggers who satisfy their needs and at the moment it seems you need a travel or business blog.

      1. Yup! I would love to have both business and travel blog for myself. Cause I find these two topics very handy since I would like to travel so I could see more business opportunities while traveling.

  10. I have tried to set up an account with them, but I guess they require approval before activating an account, and I have never heard from them. I really wish they would respond because it sounds like a cool concept.

    1. Yeah, you need to be approved and I wish you luck with that Khleo.

  11. Hi that was nice article and that is very hopefully, That’s it really, appreciate that one thing your experience has really been a positive If they could resolve that and maybe improve their FAQ’s I’m sure they will improve people’s experience with their site. that’s true i appreciate your experience and great.

    I think, that now going to give him the benefit of all people i have some info.

    many people click own ads and get band, don’t be rush for click own ads and got banned. Someone went on my website and click bombed me. I am in the process of fighting it now. I hope it goes well. Thanks

    1. That is so true William and I am sorry that you were clicked bombed. I wish you luck with Google.

  12. I posted 2 links from Adbeans on my blog last November, asked for a withdrawal via Paypal on the 5th December and was told the process would take 30 days. It is now the 9th of January and I still have not received payment, my countless emails to them have went unanswered and I doubt I’ll ever be paid. Adbeans are at best unprofessional and hold their bloggers in disregard, and at worst a bunch of scammers. DON’T USE THEM!!!

    1. Ryan, how much were you paid for those two links? I was paid 16GBP per link and I know you won’t get a payout until you reach 50GBP. Have you reached that level yet?

  13. They pay me £55 per link, they owe me £110 for my 2 most recent links I’ve published. Yes they have paid me in the past but now they are a week late with payment and have not replied to ANY of my emails since the 5th of January. I don’t mind showing you a copy of my invoice so you know I’m genuine.

    1. I removed your invoice details Ryan as it wasn’t really necessary. £55 per link, that is pretty good, and you have been paid before so that is a positive.

      OK, so you expected to be paid on the 5th and now it’s the 9th so you’re 4 days overdue and let’s not forget the holidays. That alone may delay payment a little wouldn’t you say?

      I agree with you totally though that they are really slack when it comes to answering emails. I don’t know if it will do any good but I will contact my guy there and direct them to this post and your comment and we’ll see if that does any good.

  14. I guess I could cut them a little slack but it has been 35 days since I made my withdrawal request, and how hard is it for a company to reply to an email? Their public relations are shocking. If you could make your guy at Adbeans aware of my situation I’d be really grateful.

    Thanks Sire

  15. It’s odd. I keep hearing about these obscure sites. Well obscure to me. How do you stay abreast of all of the new sites coming out? Secondly, how do you find out if they are actually worth spending time visiting?

    1. Hey Matt, I either find them on one of my searches, they contact me or one of my readers tells me about them. How do you find out if they’re worth visiting, heck you just go and check them out :smile: you only know a products or services worth by actually testing it!

  16. Thank you for this review. The Adbeans website looks like a 5 dollar crap, but after seeing your payment proof I will try them

    1. Hey Albert, I hope your blog is one they will accept.

  17. I think Adbeans is scam.It’s been more than a month since my last withdrawal with ad beans and I still haven’t received any payment yet. I was expecting £96.00.I send emails but they never reply my messages.Can you help me to get my money?

    1. It’s definitely not a scam Reon. I’ve always been paid. You just have to be patient. Perhaps try a different email address?

  18. I still do not get my withdrawal 2months ago, they said there is changing in their intern company :(
    Is it also happen to you??

    1. I’ve just asked for a withdrawal today. I will let you know in thirty days time.

  19. Hey there, can you tell me on which exact date you put in the request to withdraw the money from adbeans? was it like 17 november? (since you got money on 14/17 december)

  20. Hi Sire, thanks for sharing this. I just got an email from Adbeans with the same proposal. Your advice is greatly appreciated :) Thank you.

  21. I remain skeptical or sceptical. Without any support for what makes an acceptible post or not yo you can spin your wheels for a long time figuring it out for yourself before they approve you for payment. Email requests are either not answered or answered abruptly with insufficient information. Keywords are often brand names leaving you little editorial leeway that in essence, has you writing mini sponsored posts for cut-rate prices. I’m still waiting to hear about the post I submitted two weeks ago. Now I read here how long it can take to get paid for it? Forget it.

    1. Trevor, yes it does take s little time to get paid but the important thing is that I have always been paid for my posts.

      One thing that I have recently learned though is that you have to be really careful how you write the post. Just placing their link in an unrelated post will get you Google slapped.

      The only issue I have with them is that tasks are few and far between.
      Sire recently posted…Is There An Alternative To ClickBank?My Profile

  22. There is one more issue with the Adbeans. The fee per post is one time fee. So you got 16 GBP for one post when your site has page rank 3 for example. After 5 years when your traffic is much more and page rank gone to 5, you ain’t getting no money from Adbeans. But Adbeans is still getting money from you because of your link juice will be used by them (dofollow is mandatory to all their links, right?). So this is not a fair deal in my opinion.

    1. Getting paid only once is the standard procedure when doing paid posts. Also Adbeans does not make any more money other than the one time fee they get from the advertiser.
      Sire recently posted…Are People Reading Your PostsMy Profile

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