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Update On Ez eSports Betting

It’s the third month since EZ eSports Betting 1st blog post. That post was Sports Betting, Why It’s So Popular. Anyway, I thought it was time to do an update.

Ez eSports Betting Update

I’m happy to say that the site is going really well. In just under three months I’ve actually signed up a couple of people who are finding the advantages of placing a bet online. I’m really exited because this is the quickest I’ve ever been able to actually earn something from a new niche.

Naturally it’s all to do with getting traffic to the site. Getting the traffic has required a fair amount of work. But it is well worth it. So, what am I doing to get that traffic.

Traffic Update

I wrote a post not too long ago about post frequency. For a time I was writing a post a day. I’m now averaging about 5 posts a week and in time I will throttle that back a little as well. It has proved that posting regularly has increased traffic to the blog.

Give People What They Want

Giving people what they want is an important part of getting traffic. I’ve learned over time that people love to be entertained. Friday Funnies has proved this to be true. That being the case I introduced a Sports Jokes category which is proving to be popular.

I’ve also introduced the Hot Sports Babes category. This one has turned out to be a real winner. The first Hot Sports Babes post has to date received over 3000 views. I thought with the next post I would be a little more daring by showing some naked body painted sports women. Whilst this post is doing well from the search engines it’s not being shared as much socially. It seems that people don’t want to show their mates that they love near naked women. Why the hell not?  :devil_tb:

That being the case I toned my next hot Sports Babe post back a little. It featured a collage of Anna Kournikova. That post didn’t go wild like the first one but it has gotten over 60 shares. Not bad as I only posted it a little over a week ago. If you were to search “anna kournikova hot sports babe” it actually comes out top on Google in both images and image searches.

update anna kournikova

As you can see from the image above I’ve used the Logo Creator to add some nice text to the bottom left of the image. Text that actually advertises my Sports betting blog.

Google Update

As Google hasn’t come up with an update yet the site hasn’t actually got a PR yet. I’m hoping this will change once an update eventuates. I’m sure the fact that I’m doing everything possible to make Google happy should help this to happen. You may remember my post on Rich Snippets. That site is now error free!

search traffic update

The above image shows how search traffic and click is slowly growing.

I’ve also included it in my Cool Blog Links site a couple of days ago. So far it’s standing at number 4. Not bad for a relatively new blog. It will be interesting to see its ranking at the next update.

Stay tuned for the next update which will have more interesting data, like does the extra video sitemap for my videos bring in more traffic. I wrote about how I’m able to produce that sitemap in this post.

Any questions? Just leave a comment.  :thumbup_ee:



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  1. Twitter:
    There is a Danish female tennis player now who is doing quite well. You will get a TON of website traffic and site visitors if you do a blog post about her. I do not remember her name at the moment though.

  2. Twitter:
    I looked her up for ya ’cause I am that kind of guy. The Danish tennis star I was talking about is Caroline Wozniacki.

    1. Twitter:
      Now there is a name that is hard to forget :laugh_tb:

      Thanks for that Troy, I’ll look her up, figuratively speaking that is :tongue_laugh_ee:

      Thanks for making the suggestion. In appreciation I would like to link to a blog of your choice from within the post
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