Have you ever worked somewhere and had to wear a uniform that made you feel like a complete dork? I’ve never been in that situation but I’ve seen some wearing uniforms that made me feel sorry for them. It sort of makes you wonder why employers make their employees wear them considering that they are the forefront of their business. You would think they would want their employees to look exceptional so that they would be proud to wear them rather than feel like they would rather be somewhere else or like burying their head in the sand.

The sad thing is that it needn’t be that way at all. If they’re not sure about which uniform to select they could always present several to their employees and let them decide which one they like best. Let’s consider nurse uniforms as an example. There are a lot of online sites, Dickies being just one of them, that I happen to come across, that are full of uniforms that employers can let their employees choose from.

Strangely enough, when I first landed on the Dickies home site I thought that they supplied work gear
more suited for heavy industrial workers but as I looked deeper into the site I discovered that they supplied uniforms suited for many work places from heavy industrial to sports uniforms. The only reason I decided on the nurse uniform was so that I could use that lovely photo of the sexy nurse in this post. Not that any hospital would let their nurses wear that which is a real shame because I’m sure most of the male patients would feel so much better if they were attended by sexy nurses in sexy uniforms. Sort of reminds me of the joke in one of my Friday Funnies series where certain men were getting certain treatment depending on their hospital cover :wink_ee:


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