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Uluwatu Temple Sunset

Beautiful Uluwatu Temple Sunset

On our first trip to Bali, the wife and I, we heard how beautiful the Uluwatu temple sunset was. Now wanting to miss out on nature’s spectacular displays we thought we may as well see for ourselves just how beautiful the Uluwatu temple sunset really was.

The Uluwatu temple itself was pretty cool being built on the edge of a 70metre high cliff that projects out into the sea. Something else that was pretty cool was the number of monkeys that lived around the temple. We heard that you had to be wary of these monkeys as they were known to pinch purses and such. Apparently, you can persuade the little thieves to give the item back by trading some fruit for it.

Apart from the Uluwatu Temple Sunset, the temple is also renowned for the Kecak Fire Dance. The fire dance went on for about an hour, which I thought was a bit much, so I produced a video of Highlights of Kecak Firedance.

As for the Uluwatu Temple Sunset, this was my favourite.

Uluwatu temple sunset

The video itself is getting quite a few views. Reckon I may have chosen the perfect keywords. It sure could do with a few more likes though, hint, hint. 😎

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