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The most important factor of any blog or website is traffic. Without traffic you’re like a ship in dead water. You just don’t get anywhere. That being the case, if you want to be more successful in 2014 you need to consolidate your traffic sources. Which ones are the most popular ones and which ones bring you the most traffic.

The best way to see what your best traffic sources are for your site is to check your stats. Take my first post of the year, DEA Friday Funnies #97 which just happened to go viral, and all because of one site. Check out the image below. I’ve never had a post that went crazy like that before. I’m writing this post in the morning and already I’ve had more traffic than any day in the past month!

traffic sources

My main traffic source for that blog post was StumbleUpon! In actual fact, StumbleUpon has always been my main source of traffic. The one thing that I love about them is they don’t mind you submitting your own posts.

Reddit can be another good traffic source but unlike StumbleUpon they frown upon over submitting your own posts. One or two is OK but do more than that and they will suspend you from submitting links for some time.

Then of course you have other favourites like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, GooglePlus and even Linkedin. Naturally you will get more people sharing your posts if you make it easy for them to do so. There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to do this.

What Makes a Post Go Viral?

Yeah, this is something that is everyone would love to know. What made my post go viral? Was it the joke, the funny image or the video. Go check the post out and them come back and give me your opinion.

The obvious answer is content. You have to have something in your content that people want to share. Take my Candy Crush Walkthrough video for example. It’s not the most popular video as far as likes go, getting 31 likes and 33 dislikes, probably from people who lack a sense of humor  :loser:  but it has a fair few comments, shares and more importantly views. This leads you to another important traffic source, Search Engines.

To get a lot of search engine traffic you need to do the right keyword research, for which I use Market Samurai, and post about things that you know people will look for. Candy Crush is extremely popular and I knew that video will get a lot of views.

Have you had a post go viral? If so what was special about that post that made it so popular?


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