KZ – DT3 interactive two-unit high-end mobile music enthusiast Q value headset ear headphones bass

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QKZ-X36M In Earphone Interactive With Microphone Two-Unit High-End Mobile Music Enthusiast Q Value Headset Ear Headphones Bass

1 Performance parameters: 8.2MM + N45 rating

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QKZ-X36M In Earphone Interactive With Microphone Two-Unit High-End Mobile Music Enthusiast Q Value Headset Ear Headphones Bass

1 Performance parameters: 8.2MM + N45 rating
2 Sound Drive Type: Dynamic Interactive double unit
3 coil structure: 46 silver multilayer composite
4 Impedance: 16Ω
5 diaphragm Specifications: P-type high polymer flexible diaphragm

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general earphones, voice earphones, hifi earphones





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