2015 hot Brand colorcross 3D glasses for 4~7″ Smartphones Plastics Google Cardboard Virtual reality VR Cardboard Oclus SDK rift

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What is it ?

1. This is plastic version Google cardboard (without magnet) , support your smart phone to watch SBS(side by side) 3D movies.


2. Use your smart phone work with this 3D  VR glass, can automatic virtual distance of 2-3 meters a piece of a wall-sized screen, like the scene in front of the film, have a amazing 3D movies effect.


3.Comes with headband design, you can even watch movies lying down, very convenient.


4.Suitable all 4.7-6 inch samrt phone (MAX under 16.3*8.3cm,if your smart phone is 4.7 inch below ,not buy) , i  os system search "VR" also have lots app for paly.


5.For Android and I os smart phone we will offer about 3.1GB 3D VR resource for fun.


6.Support Android and I  OS phone play SBS (side by side) format VR games.

(some games app need work with Bluetooth game controller, The Bluetooth remote control we send as free gift support Android play lots of SBS games app and support i os icade games app)


Your phone + 3D VR Glasses = ?


1. Adaptive 4.7-6 inch phone to see about a particular format 3D film source;


2. IPD, the focal length is adjustable design, both men and women, Asia, Europe, can be adjusted according to their size and the cell phone screen size


3. Immersive experience around the panoramic video and picture(must be left-right format)


4. VR is coming, you should have one as a fun of Oculus rift, this 3D VR Glasses just like High quality Plastic Google cardboard, with cheap price to experience Oculus rift effect…


Why choose us ?


1. Eshine International Trade Company sale goods directly from the original factory , This time ,Eshine cooperate with JCC Science and Technology Ltd. bring you a High qulity VR 3D Glasses,we can guaranteed authentic and original products for all our important customers.(This time ,Eshine take it serious! please choose a good service firm ,Eshine will be your best choice )


2. All our 3D glasses with retail orginal box, we wanna you get it as a gift not after long time shipping become a garbage(that’s why we own high good feedback ,because we emphasis on customer good use experience)


3. We offer totall 3.1GB resource VR games and movies demo for experience Oculus rift effect on-line(Not all saller do this service


4. Eshine  International Trade Company looking forward to do business with wholesale customer ,if you interested with our goods ,can offer you the best price and after-sale service


5. If you have your own business online ,we also do drop shipping business, welcome buy from us 


Send 1pcs Bluetooth remote control as free gift 



What’s more…?


if you are a creazy fun with VR products ,you can find out lots of new function with this cool item , some customer said they found way to use" TrinusGyreServer" software (include PC and Phone both side install software) to play some PC games in their smart phone , we trust you also can find out some software in your own country to achieve more fun function …






Additional information

Glasses Type

3D Glasses

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Eshine VR 3D Glasses



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Is that with Bluetooth game control

Yes Virtual reality

Suitble Brand

all smartphone under 16.3cm*8.3cm


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