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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet, That Is The Question?

There was a post that I wrote some time ago where told of my experience with Shakespeare and it culminated in a Shakespearean style piece which I called To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question? Although my poetry and other creative posts don’t always fare that well I persist with them because I find they push my creativity and I enjoy that immensely. Not only the challenge of coming up with something different from the norm but the immense satisfaction of sitting back and admiring my work after its completion.

Another reason for doing something a little different is because there are already so many posts out there covering this topic I thought it best to be a bit more creative.

Colorful Trees

To tweet or not to tweet, a question asked by many
Tom, Dick and Harry or even Mary, Kristi and Jenny
They may all be wondering whether to tweet or not
What they should be asking; Is it worth a shot?

Your Twitter rep is important, so keep it in mind
Do not tweet crap for fear of leaving it behind
Only tweet works, that you find are worth the tweet
For then your twitter rep, in time will become elite

What of self promotion, is that not a good excuse
To give a blog a tweet so that you also get some juice?
But that will only work if a great comment you’ll leave
A comment that adds value that readers will receive

Some will tweet to line their pockets with money
But if you do too many, others won’t think you funny
Your tweets must be interesting, that others will enjoy
Just keep in mind it’s a social tool and not a ruddy toy

To put it in a nut shell you should tweet posts but rather than just tweet and run off you should also take the time to leave a great comment, especially if you can leave one that stands out from the rest. Tweeting a great post which you have made better by leaving a great comment will give both you and the blogger exposure.


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  1. Tweeted!

    And commented ;)

    And first mover bonus for being a subscriber huzzah! Haha!

    Love the poetry Sire and a lot of truth about building a quality twitter rep!

  2. Shakespeare would be proud, Sire! OK, well… maybe not, but I found it enjoyable and relevant. I’ve been working on this concept of avoiding the tweet & run model. I agree with your conclusions, it’s worth the little bit of extra work.

  3. Enjoyed the post Sire. So, I’m leaving my comment and I’ll tweet it as soon as I’m finished… :-)

    Enjoyed this one my friend and you did good with the poetry! I’m impressed and like Allan said, Shakespeare would be proud!


  4. Nice poem! This is the first time I’ve been on your site and it was refreshing to see something different.

    It’s a good point you make about retweeting posts you’ve left an interesting comment on and to be honest it’s not a tactic I’ve used before…until now. :smile_wp:

    1. That’s what I’m all about Jamie, being different and supplying good informative content, and if it’s not informative I at least try to make it entertaining. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Tips On Tipping & Other Things When In The USAMy Profile

  5. Have tried it and read a few tweets even bought a book and read it and would happily give it a go again if I thought it was worth doing, but the bottom line is simply I just don’t get it. It just seems to me its a craze of saying something just for the sake of it and not for any particular purpose, then worrying if you are saying too much, too little or often enough. The way I see it is take away twitter and that’s one less worry in your life.
    khaled recently posted…What Are RhinestonesMy Profile

    1. khaled, you’re making it a lot more complicated than what it is. I never used to like Twitter and now I love it. Don’t worry about whether your tweet is too long, shit you only have 140 characters, :laugh_tb: or too short, as long as what you’re saying has some substance or meaning you don’t have a problem.
      Sire recently posted…Is It Ethical For Bloggers To Do Paid PostsMy Profile

  6. In my opinion is very important to tweet posts becasue in this way you can get lots of exposure.
    I really like the poem that you wrote. My favorite part is “Just keep in mind it’s a social tool and not a ruddy toy”.

  7. Hi Sire,

    I enjoyed the read. I know what you mean sometimes I can be looking over a single post for hours miticously trying to get the right creativity behind it. Love the site, so it’s bookmarked now.

    1. Rather than bookmarking it you should consider joining my list. :smile1_ee:

  8. Another great poem! :D You know, the subject matter of this post reminds me of an article of Wayne’s ( I read not too long ago. Was going to paste the link here, then saw you had already commented on it ;) In any case, you make a good point about the importance not only of high-quality tweeting and commenting, but also of adding even more juice to your backlinking efforts by tweeting a post that you’ve already commented on.
    Petra recently posted…PC Prima- Wichtige Daten sicher online speichernMy Profile

    1. Hi Petra, it seems that Wayne and I are on the same wave length, plus both he and I are struggling to understand why so many people fail to see the advantages of tweeting a post they’ve commented on. Naturally the amount of benefit all depends on the quality of the comment.
      Sire recently posted…Back From LA With A Tip For BloggersMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Well, obviously I was the inspiration for this post, not Shakespeare; you can thank me later. lol But we both know I fully agree with the sentiment in the poem. Folks shouldn’t be indiscriminately doing stuff “just because”. Have a reason, do it right, participate, and be responsible.

    That is all; now back to frivolity and fun. :drunk_tb:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Do You Comment On Blog Links You ShareMy Profile

    1. Sure will Pete, thanks mate.

  10. Great post I like the way you mix poetry with information I’ll be sure to take that twitter tip thanks.

  11. Cool post. I didn’t expect to see poetry and Twitter mentioned on the same page, but you know what? It works :-)

  12. I love going on Twitter to self promote but more importantly to engage in REAL conversations with folks. I always look to see who’s there and what they’re talking about so I can share my own thoughts. I think too many people are doing too much “pitching” instead of real communicating.

  13. Well, if you think you have something to say in the online world, by all means, tweet. No one but you should decide whether to tweet or not. Even if you tweet garbage, you will eventually ether lose all followers or not get any. Twitter has a way of cleaning itself that way.
    Mohammed recently posted…Common Symptoms of Mange in DogsMy Profile

  14. To tweet! Tweeting is the best way to get your content to your true fans quick i prefer to use twitter instead of rss who else?

  15. I think a lot of bloggers and internet marketers have problems adapting to twitter. It is a much different media form than most are used to. So it is easy to make mistakes. Before taking the plunge, take the time to read up on strategies and general tips. It does take a delicate balance to be able to promote on twitter and keep your followers happy.

    1. It’s true that some may find it a little difficult but for me, once I started using TweetDeck, I found it to be a breeze.

  16. That certainly was a refreshing approach to this topic :)
    Loved the poem. And it holds a lot of truth.
    Twitter is blocked here and I am happy I don’t have to ask myself this question. I don’t think I like where this whole technology thing is going.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. I don’t know Danny, I love technology. It’s not technology’s fault if people fail to use it properly.

  17. I love technology as well. But isn’t technology there to serve us? Its like I have a 12 year old son who likes to play soldier, so I give him a real gun and then he shoots somebody, is it really his fault? Or is it the fault of the person giving the gun to him?

    Twitter and facebook are not looking at what is really useful to us. They care about making their service better and getting more people to use it. That people become a-social b*st*rds who sit with their phone in their hands (Being social on facebook) while ignoring all the real social stuff around them, twitter and fb don’t care about that. But that is what is happening.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. I see your point Danny but it’s not Twitter’s or FB’s fault that there are so many morons around that have nothing better to do that while their time punching mindless words into their phone or keyboard. If they didn’t have this to amuse themselves many would find another mindless pastime to amuse themselves.

  18. Ha! Finally a real poem! As a poet myself, I value it highly. And hope for future cool poems) here is one from me)

    My life is full of pain and suffer,
    And every day is like a torture.
    I live in dreams.. It’s getting tougher,
    To realize who’s food, who’s vulture..

    1. Hey William, I’ve actually written a lot of poems. Use the Google search feature or simply click on the poetry category to find them.

      Loved your poem too :wink:
      Sire recently posted…A Plugin That Increases Click Through RatesMy Profile

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