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To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question

I can honestly say that I was never a great fan of Shakespeare. I was forced to read Romeo and Juliet, and while the sword fighting was cool, it was all a bit melodramatic. Then there was A Midsummer’s Night Dream, well that never really did it for me and whilst Macbeth wasn’t too bad, not one of them ever made a lasting impression. probably the only two lines that I can remember from any of his plays was ‘Alas poor Yorick, I knew him’ and ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’.

Strangely enough though I remember the phrases, it wasn’t till I did an Internet search that I found they were both from Hamlet, one of his works that I’ve never actually read. It got me to thinking, what if we changed those famous words to;

To Blog Or Not To Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question
Whether it is better to blow the mind of others
By filling them with absolute drivel
Or to provide content of such brilliance
That they subscribe so as to always be informed
Stringing words together to please the souls of others
Or grouping them so as to please the search engines
To write, perchance to inspire, some bloggers dare to dream
For there are some that aspire to reach great heights
To thrill others with their cleverly woven words
While others wish only to encourage those
Who read into clicking or buying their offerings.
To research, to provide titillating information
To inform and satisfy needs and curiosity
Or to confuse, to confound, to bombard
The poor surfer who happenstance drops in to read
But then shakes their head in forlorn disbelief
To wonder what cruel fate caused the post to appear
Forsooth, the question is not worthy of contemplation
For in truth the question is all screwed
For in essence, the question should truly be
To blog with honesty and the goodness of heart
Or to blog merely for reasons that are not so pure

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Peter Pelliccia

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  1. Nice adaptation of Shakespeare to blogging! I’m sure he would be proud if he were of the technological age.

    ~ Kristi
    .-= Kikolani´s last blog ..Benefits of Blogging – Enhance Learning & Strengthen Interests =-.

    1. Thanks Kristi, sure is nice of you to say that.

    2. Yes Kristi, he would be proud if he were here at this time.

    3. I think that Shakespeare will got Crazy if he meet us today :)
      .-= Hesham @Making Money Ideas´s last blog ..How to Stripe a Single Line of Advertising Message on your Blog =-.

  2. I don’t know, it seems to be missing a few “thou”s and “ye”‘s.

    1. Well Bob, I could have easily put those in but I wanted to modernize it a little. Heck, if I didn’t do that most of the young members of blog readers out there probably wouldn’t have understood it.

  3. I must admit, I have a much greater appreciation for Shakespeare than I did when I was first introduced to him in school. It took me a while, but I really enjoy his work now.

    On the topic of your post, you bring up some really good questions that most bloggers would do well to ask of themselves…
    .-= Robert@Wheelchair Guide´s last blog ..Considerations for Selecting the Right Wheelchair =-.

    1. Thanks Robert. It was a little difficult to frame the post in such a way that it would ask those questions and to still retain a Shakespearean feel about it. I hope that I pulled it off.

  4. I was forced to read Shakespeare too. Othello if I remember rightly. As Bob said, it seems to be just full of thous and ye’s – very difficult to understand. Your version however wins it for me!

    1. Thanks mate, after careful consideration I decided it was the logical way to go.

    1. Did you Peter?

  5. People say I come up with great posts but truthfully you got me beat my friend.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..Blog Comment System =-.

    1. Thanks Deneil, that was very kind of you.

  6. The ending of the short poem is very nice indeed:

    “To blog with honesty and the goodness of heart
    Or to blog merely for reasons that are not so pure”

    It’s all about being yourself and honest regardless the theme of your blog!
    .-= Hicham@Hicham Maged´s last blog ..Un Homme et Une Femme [part 1] =-.

    1. Honestly Hicham, honesty if a very important attribute for a blogger to have, especially if he is promoting affiliates and stuff. Thanks for the comment.

  7. I do enjoy unique posts, and that was definitely one! I was forced to read Shakespeare in school as well and did not care for it much back then… but he has grown on me over the years.
    .-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..What Do You Guys Think of Flippa? =-.

    1. Thanks Doug, you should explore my blog a little mate, I have a few posts that are out of the ordinary that you may enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  8. Nice twist up Sire, when I read the first parapgraph I thought… “Oh no!” I hate Shakespeare
    .-= Extreme John@Extreme John Blogs and Business´s last blog ..Bloggers No Twittley Button? Big Mistake! =-.

  9. Thanks John, I’m working on a way to post about some bodacious bounty without getting crucified for it. :devil_tb: Can’t see why you should be the only one having all the fun.

  10. Thanks Roshi.

  11. Twitter:
    Nicely written, Sire. Just like Bacon and Shakespeare, all at the same time. I actually liked Macbeth and As You Like It, but I’ve struggled with Hamlet for decades. Just can’t get past the first 5 minutes; I think it’s a mental block. :flush_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..June Statistics; The More Things Stay The Same =-.

    1. OK Mitch, when you’re referring to Bacon, you mean something other than that delectable stuff that you eat right?

      Did you notice I now have a button that allows you to Re-Tweet the post? :wink_ee:

      1. Twitter:
        Actually, I didn’t notice it. I just had to go looking for the button, and finally found it; oy!

        You have heard that some scholars speculate that Francis Bacon wrote some of Shakespeare’s works, right? That’s where I made the connection. :wallbash_tb:
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Marketing Vs. Promoting =-.

        1. Nope, I can honestly say I’ve never heard of Francis Bacon. Was he one of you guys? Oh, and I noticed you still didn’t hit the Tweet button :ponder_tb: :guns_tb: :nono_tb: :laugh_tb: Hows that for a display of emotions?

          1. Oh, so he was around the same time as Shakespeare, :doh_tb: silly of me for not seeing that. Naturally I wanted you to click it, why wouldn’t I :thumbup_tb:

          2. Twitter:
            Oh, I didn’t know you wanted me to hit the Tweet button; all you asked is if I had seen it.

            By “you guys”, are you asking if he was American? Uhhh, history, my man; there was no America at that time. :cool1_tb: :lol_tb:
            .-= Mitch´s last blog ..How Goes A Webinar =-.

          3. Twitter:
            I don’t know; just hadn’t thought about it.

            As for the other, don’t worry about it; you know I’m kind of a trivia guy.
            .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Go To Webinar =-.

  12. Twitter:
    By the way, I clicked the link, and it said I had to sign up for the service. So there; I’ll sign up when I’m ready. You know how I am. :tongue2_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Michael Jackson – The Follow Up =-.

    1. Sign up for what Mitch, you are already member of Twitter, or did you have to sign up for Twittley?

      1. Twitter:
        Yes, it said I had to sign up for Twittley.

        1. Yeah, I probably didn’t see that as I had already signed up for it.

  13. Nice point about the Shakespeare & for me it is really amazing to know about him & his romeo & Juliet by the way if Shakespeare would have been today then he would have thanked to you Sire!

  14. Twitter:
    By the way, I’ve been looking at your ads. It’s interesting how the ads under your FlexSqueeze ad and above “Add Your Link” alternate between a skyscraper ad and a smaller ad, 125×125. You’ve set it up to do that? And it seems you’ve been able to address the space issue in some fashion also. Wild. How come you haven’t gone with any 300×250 ads?
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Marketing Vs. Promoting =-.

    1. I designed it that way as I figured it would have more of an effect. I could easily use 300×250 ads, and have done so on other blogs, but in this situation they wouldn’t fit.

      1. Twitter:
        Ah, I see. Is that with Commission Junction?
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Gigaware USB Stereo Headset =-.

        1. Yep. Once I get the chance I think I may change them around a bit.

          1. Yep, and it’s not a plugin, it’s just a bit of code you place where you want the ad to appear.

  15. I didn’t think there was a question. In my business, not having a blog is business suicide!
    .-= Colleen@Kennewick Wa Homes´s last blog ..Good News, Tri Cities Wa Low New Home Building Permits =-.

    1. Not a real question Colleen, as usual I’m just having a bit of fun, but I do agree with your sentiment.

  16. I really enjoyed the adaptation Sire. I also think a business needs to have a blog in today’s marketplace to survive.
    .-= Jonalyn´s last blog ..Romantic Graphic =-.

  17. Thank you Jonalyn, I’m glad you liked it.

  18. Jezz sire I can’t even keep up with you anymore! You really have Engaged this blogging thing haven’t you! So what in total you own three blogs now?

    So far blogging has been okay with me! I’ve been really dedicated lately blogging everyday which is good for me.

    Glad to see you submitting over at blogengage again! I thought you abandon us for a while there!

    I would say the answer is to blog!
    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..How To Write A Landing Page That Converts Part 1 =-.

    1. Hey Brian, not abandoned mate, just too busy, especially as I have 8 blogs under my belt. I’ll keep dropping in when I get the chance. I even updated my profile on your forum today.

      1. This is the life we live! busy busy!

        8 other blog that’s insane! Seems to be a full time career!


        .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question =-.

        1. Nope, just 8 total, then of course there are those community blogs that I am a member of lol

  19. I can honestly say that I was never a great fan of Shakespeare too but I’m a great fan of Sirespeare.

    And I was not forced to read “To blog or not too blog”. Nice adaptation, Mr. Sirespeare.

    Do the Aussie call Shakespeare as Sirespeare? I wonder…


    1. Sirespeare….yeah I reckon it has a good ring to it :king_tb: I may have to change my name :laugh_tb:

  20. Drivel is right. How does one separate the literary from the pulp? I remember the response from director Billy Wilder when asked about the Hollywood 10 being censured by HUAC during the blacklist era of the 1950s because they refused to cooperate and name names: “Of the ten, two had talent, and the rest were just unfriendly.”

  21. I don’t know Rick, I suppose that depends on the individual; what one considers literary another may consider something suitable for the pulp mill.

  22. Nice lyrics! “Or to blog merely for reasons that are not so pure” I think this can be said for at least 80% of all bloggers but what the hell, the internet isn’t independent from the real world and the real world isn’t exactly perfect either. And we can also thank to some of the bloggers to help us see that.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Andrew. I know the world is not perfect, heck I reckon most people know that although many will not admit it. Now, about those lyrics, they’re just a way that I use to express how I feel about certain things. They probably won’t change anything, but perhaps they will get people to thing about certain things a little differently.

  23. Kinda funny work with making Shakespeare talking about blogging. I like that – it is just some open minded approach no only to blog issue but also to classic poet (which Shakespeare trully was).
    .-= pozycjonowanie poznań´s last blog ..Odsiwiacz =-.

    1. Thanks Pozy, I occasionally try something different with my posts, it sort of makes things more interesting.

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