Tips On Having A Photo Blog And How Photos Can Inspire A New Post

Even though I have an ‘About‘ Page I reckon there would be a fair few people who have never bothered to look at it and so they wouldn’t know that apart from some other blogs I also have two photo blogs, Scenic Adelaide and Photo2Blog as well as  Top Sexual Aids blog which is just starting to pick up steam. This post has nothing to do with SEX, I just thought I would give it a little plug, and all to do with the right things to do with a photo blog.

I’ve seen a fair few photo blogs that have some fantastic photos but very little traffic and there is a very good reason for this. All the blogger has done is paste the photo with little or no dialogue to support it. One thing you have to remember is that the Googlebots don’t have an eye for photos at all, so unless you write something about the photo they’re never going to find it.

Let’s take the following example;


It’s a nice enough photo but those damn Googlebots aren’t going to pick it up at all so it will never get indexed unless you write something about it. Googlebots aside you really should give your visitors some information about the photo as they more than likely want to know something about it.

That particular waterfall is known as First Falls and it can be found at Waterfall Gully which is a suburb of Burnside. The falls itself is part of the Cleland Conservation Park and is about 15-20 mins from where I live.


It really is a lovely spot, one where you can take long walks along the tracks or even stop in for a bite to eat at the Waterfall Gully Restaurant which is only metres away from the falls itself.


Unfortunately it’s not open all the time. Last I looked it’s open Thursday to Monday 11.00am – 5.30pm and Friday evenings but bookings on that night is essential.

Of the two Photo Blogs Scenic Adelaide gets a hell of a lot more search engine traffic and that’s probably because the subject matter involves places of interests rather than photos of flowers and stuff. As can be seen from Cool Blog Links it rates in the top 10 blogs.

Speaking of Cool Blog Links, Google has seen fit to give it a PR3 on the last PR update so if your the kind who’s interested in increasing your PR you may even consider joining and get some of that link juice.

Sorry about that, I got a little sidetracked with some self promotion :innocent1_tb: Let’s get back to the photos shall we. I know that there are some of you who are thinking that you’re wrotten photographers, well guess what, so am I. The thing is today’s digital point and shoot cameras are so good it’s not all that hard to take a good photo. That and the fact that you can take virtually hundreds of photos using different angles and perspectives means that your bound to get a few really good shots.

The fact that you can post it straight onto you blog means that there aren’t any development costs. Another thing to remember is that every photo can be a story unto itself and so they can make great filler posts when you’re stuck for something to write.

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  1. Twitter:
    I know you go to my friend Scott’s photo blog often enough, and you see how he weaves a story in there with his pictures. He gets very good traffic also; proud of him for that.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..BlogInterviewer.Com =-.

    1. He does some great shots Mitch. I reckon from the quality he uses more than a point and shoot camera. My aim is to get me a nice digital SLR one day with my blogging money. I’d have one by now but the wife and kids keep getting my to buy stuff for them. :annoyed_tb: :laugh_tb:

        1. Yes they do and seeing as how I can’t see her starting her own blog I reckon she’ll keep doing it too.

  2. I definitely like the first shot the best. I have a bit of a problem and this probably comes up for everyone that has a blog. I build up this following that is interested in one thing, then i go post, say, a really cool photo. Photography is not something i normally post and hesitate to do it because my readers might get confused or turned-off with it.. :(

    What do you suggest i do in that situation? I don’t know if i’m up for creating a seperate blog, just for photography, or gaming, fitness, ect.
    .-= Josiah @ Tumblr Themes´s last blog ..Altered Perspective =-.

    1. Josiah, it’s always harder when you have a nice blog, as you do. I reckon though you do have a way around it although it may mean being a little more selective about the photos you take.

      I would start a category just for photos. I would then select photos that you could easily turn into headers, which is what I have done for the majority of my blogs.

      Then you could explain to your readers how this was done and show them how to include that header into any particular them, thereby including a small tutorial into your post. Naturally you could also tell the about the photo. :thumbup_tb:

  3. Twitter:
    I wish there was a plugin or something that could take your posted/mailed-in photos and display one at a time in the sidebar, then when clicked on, it would take the reader to a page where it was possible to comment on it etc – within the wordpress comments framework.

    I’ve been thinking about posting photos every now and then but I don’t want to post them as regular posts and take up space on the frontpage and in the feed(s) :)
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Adobe Preparing a Lawsuit Against Apple? Screw You, Adobe! =-.

    1. Don’t need to make them a regular posts, and having one every now and again may actually give your readers something more to talk about.

  4. Why, thank you, Mitch! Though I would like more traffic, who wouldn’t? I was under the impression if you included not just a caption but alternate captions (WordPress allows for three: Title, Caption and Alternate Text), the bots would pick those up. Am I wrong?

    BTW, nice how you worked the word ‘sex’ into the post. You know that will be picked up. LOL
    .-= Scott Thomas Photography´s last blog ..Weeping Willow =-.

    1. Twitter:
      I know that Google will pick up on alt text, but I’m not sure if they pick up on title or caption or not. But using the terms and then having those same terms within our content can’t hurt.
      .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Customer Service / MS Excel Seminar & Webinar; Sticky Post =-.

    2. The title for sure Scott, not sure about the other two. Thing is you can input so much more in a post that benefits your reader which I feel is more important than the bots.

      As to the sex, well I do have a sex blog so I figure why not give it a plug. lol

      1. Huh? you have a sex blog? what’s the link, i don’t mind seeing what you are up to there?

        1. Even though the link’s in the post Karo, I don’t mind giving it another plug in the comments. lol It’s called Top Sexual Aids.

          1. Oh yeah, just checked it out. Your layout is quite impressive and i think it’s a cool site, educating people on ther sexual life is something i approve, alot of people just don’t want to talk about these things and they die in silence.

  5. Photos definitely are inspirational! I just love them! :D

  6. I think It would great if combine a photo with poetry. I will give strong inspiration.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Add Google AdSense Code Manually in Atahualpa 3.4.5 WordPress Theme =-.

    1. I think I’ve actually done a post or two where I have combined poetry a with a photo.

  7. You just gave me an idea for a new series. Noooooice! I figured out I have a small passion for taking pictures, but won’t have the time until my business is up and running without me. Then I can travel and take some sweet pictures.
    .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Things I’d Rather Do #2 =-.

    1. It’s nice to know that I’m not just a pretty face. :laugh_tb:

      1. Well, you’re right about that,just pretty doesn’t bring much following these days. You must be ready to offer more

        1. Karo, I am always ready to offer more, just ask the wife :devil_tb: :lol_tb:

  8. I have a photos based blog that is pretty successful, I do add some written text to the posts, and as you say Sire Google can’t read images, no SE can, that is why you have to use the ALT tags with the keywords describing the photo in the code for the SE’s.

    Overall, I agree with you that you still have to have some written words and not just photos.
    .-= JR @ Internet Marketing ´s last blog ..How To Secure WordPress Blogs & Prevent The Hacking of Your Blog =-.

    1. Of course you have to agree JR, that’s because I’m a bloke and everyone knows we’re always right. :devil_tb:

      So, where’s the link to your photo blog?

  9. Hey! My problem is I go to put in a photo, and figure 30 words will explain it and I’ll hit post. But, 4 photos and 700 words later i arise from my laptop in a stupor.

    Cool Blog Links — I got as far as the Banner URL, but got stuck. Do I make that in a page under my WordPress, or something, with a banner the same size as in peoples’ links I see??

    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..A Songwriter’s Wednesday =-.

    1. Jannie, that’s precisely why people love those posts so much, because you weave an intricate story around those photos.

      In regards to the banner url, I host mine in an images directory that I created with my host. In other words it’s in

  10. Sire, I deliberately want to stay off the topic on this post. The reason is I want to know the reason why you chose the picture of that waterfalls for this post? This is a tricky psychological experiment I am conducting. Please give me the reason or whatever matter provoked you to do so. Trust me you’ll be amazed by my reply.
    .-= Alex@Public Relations´s last blog ..Easy Mix Book Review =-.

    1. Wow, posting waterfalls pictures can tell something about the blogger? Was Sire some kind of water spirit in a past life?

      Seriously, Sire’s photography is cool and his pictures are as good as those taken by photographers whose life revolves around photography. That second waterfall picture is my favorite among the three. The play of contrasts and the gradations of the colors particularly of the greens at the sides of the waterfall almost looks like a painting by some gifted artist’s hand.
      .-= James M.´s last blog ..Cassette Tape Player: Have One? =-.

      1. Thanks for the compliment James, and maybe one day when I get a digital SLR I will be able to live up to that statement.

        I also prefer the second photo as it tends to direct the eyes to the waterfall.

        1. digital SLR“. I keep seeing this phrase. Presently, my only criteria of a good digital camera is a high megapixel value. Tells me I need to research more about digital cameras before I buy my first serious camera.
          .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Wired FM Modulator =-.

          1. Look at it this way James, if you had two cameras with the same megapixel value, one was a point and shoot and the other an SLR, the SLR will take the better picture.

          2. Cameras have advanced so much now where unless you are printing posters or something, then most will have enough megapixels. It can be a bit confusing, but for the most part – the higher the price the better it is. :)
            .-= Sara@Snuggie Pattern´s last blog ..Snuggie Pattern for Adults – SHOCKING Photos =-.

    2. Quite simple really, it was the last photos I took. So, what does that tell you? :smile2_ee:

  11. Excellent advice Sire. Most folks only think of the SE’s, so they may just use the title and alt, and what not…completely forgetting visitors who might want some background info to the photo as well.
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..YES it is Time for ME to TWEET! What’s my username? Part 1 =-.

    1. Yep, as far as I’m concerned the reader has to always come first, and then if you’re that way inclined, the search engines.

  12. Sweet, I was wondering who was behind Top Sexual Aids, I usually go look around there after I leave this blog. Congrats on your PR upgrade!

    Regarding that blog, and mentions/reference/links to it… I had heard a rumor that even properly done blogs like that one, due to their word content can often not only get google frowning at them, but also frowning at who/whatever links to them. Even though I have a background in reproductive physiology/oncology, I’ve stepped incredibly clear of talking about adult topics for that very reason. What are your thoughts on this?

    .-= Kimberly Castleberry@social media´s last blog ..What Is Affiliate Marketing? =-.

    1. The only background I have is personal experience Kimberly so, I’m hoping that’s enough to get me through. :laugh_tb:

      In regards to Google; I used to have adsense on the blog but I removed them because they were only ever displaying public ads. It seems that I must have missed one because I got an email from them telling me how such sites were against their TOS and for that reason they disabled all ads to it but assured me my other sites were fine. I emailed them back saying how I must have missed an ad and all is fine.

      They also don’t like swear words which is why my they took away my What Load Of Bullshit’ PR and it’s been sitting on 0 ever since. They don’t mind displaying the ads on that blog though. :cheese1_ee:

  13. Ace!! I bet that will work. Oh boy!! That’ll really catapult me far — knowing a simple trick on images like that. I totally totally feel on the inner blogging circle now with a tidbit like that about the banner in my bag of tricks.

    Too tired tonight to go back and restart the registering with the Cool Blog Links — but will tomorrow.

    Um… as to your latest comment at my site, I think I like to ramble on in writing more than talking, easier on the vocal chords! :)



    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..A Songwriter’s Wednesday =-.

    1. Glad to be of some help Jannie and as to that comment, I reckon that makes your hubby very happy. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

  14. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    I don’t actually consider my site to be a “photoblog”. However, back on January first, I started doing project365 on flickr; where I take and upload a new picture every day. I decided that in addition to the picture, I’d also try to do a blog post to go with it. It’s really helped my blogging a lot … I always have something to write about now. Some days I know what I want to write about, and try to get a picture that will compliment it. And then other days, I choose my 365 picture first, and write an article to go with it. Either way, it’s increased both traffic and subcribers to my blog over the past couple of months. I’d highly recommend it to anybody who like to blog and take pictures. :-)
    .-= Todd Morris´s last blog ..Potty Training 18 Month Old Jaiden =-.

    1. Yep, I’ve said the same thing to Mitch but he insists that he is a rotten photographer. Man, it’s not like he has to paint the picture or anything.

      Mitch, if you’re reading this I want you to go out there and take some photos and blog about it just so I can judge for myself whether you’re as bad as you say you are. :tongue_wink_ee:

      Todd, that picture of Jaiden was a real gem!

  15. I’m beginning to enjoy photos and relaxing music more and more as I get older. I can remember when the only thing playing was rap. What was I thinking. I like how you can make a joke in one post and then post a nice looking picture. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything other than a nature picture as my computers background. The waterfall one look so peaceful. It would be nice to blog around that with some wine!

    1. Thanks Aaron. I actually use some of my photos as my wallpaper. I’ve even got a program that changes it ever 15 mins so I don’t get bored with it.

      As to the blog, I love to entertain my readers so I try to keep them on their toes so they don’t know what to expect.

  16. Nice article, the pictures especially the first is very beautiful and inspiring, i always loved waterfalls. <3

    1. Thanks Sushie

  17. Dear Sire,
    That is definetly the beauty of capture and the essence of what you see in a photograph.
    So many things can be inspired and learnt through a simple photograph.
    Good to be back on your blog! :)

    1. Yep, I sure have missed you, it’s not a good thing having to go without my Ana fix. Nice to have you back.

  18. My classmate has also a blog with full of memorable photos from her trip to different countries. She’s always updates us if she had posted new ones. What I like with the pictures are it seems that you are also on the place where in the fact you are just looking on her precious shots taken from his SLR camera. But there’s more even though photos can only be seen there are lots of comments.

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