I don’t have many guest posters, one because not many ask and two a lot of those who do just don’t submit a post that I think is worth of my readers. Today however I’m more than happy to present to you this guest post by Charles Mburugu who more than fulfilled all the requirements for submitting a guest post. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy his tips for choosing the best business website builder.

Many business owners don’t have the time to look through the many website building programs to identify the one which is appropriate for their style of business. Even for business owners with technological know-how, this can be a very confusing and complicated area of technology. The vital thing to remember when you are looking for the best business website builder is to be aware of what you expect your website to accomplish.

Financial Impact

This is a vital detail that should be studied when beginning your program research. The budget for small business websites is usually low, while more established companies may pay more to have glamorous websites. Whatever the case, the internet offers several programs at no cost. Though such free software may not be rich in features, you can still use them to build a decent, comprehensive site.

Knowledge of User

After looking at the financial aspect, you need to consider how hard or easy the program will be to use. There are a wide range of business site builder programs available which cater to various levels of technical competency. Do not overestimate your technological know-how. Find a program which fits your present skill level and operate within the limits of your knowledge.


Many companies pay for the hosting of their websites in the World Wide Web. However, it is vital to ensure that the site you are building is compatible with the program being used to build that site. You do not want to find yourself starting from scratch later because your website can’t be integrated into your host’s server. Some research of the different programs will enable you to run a check to ensure that equipment being used is compatible with the program being utilized.


“How many and what type of features does the program offer?” is a question that many people ask when looking for website building software. If you are putting up an online store, you will want a program which will allow you to integrate a shopping cart in the website. A site which deals with the current/news events will probably need a blogging section. Photographers who want to showcase their work on their site will need access to a photo gallery. The availability of such features will play a vital role in determining which software package you will end up choosing.

When you are considering which business site builder is right for you, think through these different aspects. A little research when starting the project can potentially save you many headaches once the finished product is launched into cyberspace.

Try Before You Buy

With every software company claiming that their site builders have the best features and are easy to use, it is vital to download the free evaluation copy. This will enable you to test different software and see the pros and cons of each.

Technical Support

Customer service is very vital for the ‘pre-sale’ and ‘after-sale’ stages. When browsing the website offering the site builder, check to see if the company offers email support, telephone helpline or live chat. Explain an imaginary problem and see if they can provide professional and timely support. If you experience a problem with the software, lacking support can make the site a real nightmare.


Author Bio

Charles Mburugu is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing. Unfortunately I had to remove the links in his Bio as explained in this post.

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