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Times When Only A Professional Video Production Will Do

I’ve done a fair view videos, some of which I’ve edited and titled to offer a complete package for family and friends. While I reckon they come out pretty well I know my limitations. There is no way in hell that I would attempt to put something together for anything as important as a business presentation or a Corporate Video. That would be sheer lunacy, and while I may be known as a bit of a joker I am no fool.

No matter how good I think a particular project may turn out I just haven’t got the expertise to produce something of a professional quality. It’s not just the expertise that makes a good presentation, it also has a lot to do with the software and equipment that’s used for the editing, titling and special effects if needed.

Outsourcing projects such as trade shows, promotional videos or even marketing and training aids is best left to those who know what they are doing. I remember awhile ago how we had to hire a guy to present a safety course to our drivers, something that set as back quite a bit at the time. Thinking about it now, we would have been a lot better off having a training video made. The obvious reason for this, something we didn’t think of at the time, is that we can’t afford to hire someone for a presentation every time we employ a new driver, therefore a training tape would have make so much more sense.

I don’t really know why we didn’t think of it at the time, it just never came to us. Perhaps we just thought it was all too involved and didn’t know where to start. I know we were pretty stressed at the time, maybe that was it. I reckon I will know better next time.

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  1. I tried wedding video’s some time ago and it was not that bad. I stopped doing it as the video’s took me hours and hours to edit and create a DVD and the money I was getting paid was not equivalent to the hours spent editing.

    I agree that you have to have the correct setup to create the videos namely, software, PC, camera and of course loads of time.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Best posts ending 28 June 2009 =-.

    1. Yep, the software and stuff is only part of the mix required to put together a professional production as you also need expertise and talent. I may have a bit of blogging talent, but I’m not sure I can stretch it as far as to produce a top quality video.

  2. Yeah Stratos, quicker and better. At least that’s what you would hope for. I think you should always look at some of the stuff they have already produced to make sure that they are capable of doing the job required of them. I’ve heard some pretty bad stories of people who said they were pros when they really weren’t.

    As to those drivers, they’re the guys who drive the trucks in our wholesale business.

  3. My biggest problem with professional production is that it’s so hard to find someone who will do it for relatively inexpensive…or who will do it on-time. I had a bunch of contractors who I talked to about production who were unwilling to work with me on the day I needed them too, and of the few who did, they wanted to charge me the budget for a major motion picture for their work.
    .-= Bob@Free Online Speed Reading´s last blog ..Contact Us =-.

    1. If you don’t mind my asking Bob, how did you find them, was it online, word of mouth or the phone book? Also, how much time did you give them for the project? I’m only asking because I can understand their not being able to do it on the day if you gave them little notice.

      As I said in the post, I’ve never actually had one done professionally, other than my wedding video, so I am now sure of the costs involved in having one done these days.

  4. I have seen pro’s do the job and they don’t need as much time. I guess doing it in less time is achieved with experience and, of course, equipment.

    By the way, what drivers are you talking about? ;)
    .-= stratosg´s last blog ..Lines from “Whose Line” =-.

  5. I recently hired Brighthouse to not only edit but produce the videos I needed for our Limousine business because my video editing skills would not even come close.

    After seeing the difference between a professional video vs what I would have put out, it’s clear why they are the professionals.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Blog Party Time =-.

    1. It’s good that you found someone that did the right job for you. It does pay to do some research before a selecting a video production company as there are charlatans out there who are less than professional that would love to take your money. Always ask to see some of their previous work, and perhaps contact some of their clients to get some feedback.

  6. You’re that it’s the equipment that makes the biggest difference. A good camera and good editing software will make a video look so much more professional.

    1. True but while the right equipment isn’t much good if you don;t know what to do with it.

  7. Fully agree. Nowadays technology becomes more important than human being using it. That’s no secret and proper tools are also making us better artists,producers/businessmen. Proper tools always were the clue.
    .-= pozycjonowanie poznań´s last blog ..Odsiwiacz =-.

  8. yes, proper tools can make all the difference, but tools are only as good as the person using them. Anyone can use a brush, but only an artist can use it to make a work of art.

  9. I have a friend that does videos for a lot of occasions. They keep their work to lower stress events. That way they can focus on being creative and fun. They stay miles away from weddings because of the expectations, time, and energy that goes into it.
    .-= paul@hd camcorders´s last blog ..Sony HDR-XR520V HD Camcorder =-.

  10. A friend of mine is a good video editor but yes I agree with pozycjonowanie poznań it doesn’t matter how good you are it does matter also with your tools and equipment.

    1. I’m not sure I agree. It’s not all about the tools at all. It’s all about the person using the tools. A professional and an amateur using the same tools will give you different results.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..A Poem For Halloween The Night Of Frights =-.

  11. Hi Sire
    So glad I found this article.
    I blog on Public Speaking and I’ve been asked recently by a group of amateur public speakers if they should produce a video for their website.

    My reply was a polite NO.
    Leave videos to professionals, you can spend a lot of money and actually do more harm than good.

    Professionals make it look so easy, we think we can do the same ourselves.
    .-= Keith Davis@public speaking´s last blog ..A helping hand… =-.

  12. I agree, As a professional Video Producer myself I see a lot of videos out where “they just decided to do it themselves” but you do think to yourself that they should have “bit the bullet” and hired a pro… sometimes they don’t really see anything wrong with it and they think it’s great. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for people having a go but there are “times when only professional video production will do”

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