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Time Is Running Out On CommentLuv Premium

Last week I told you about getting the most out of CommentLuv Premium, a post that came complete with a how to video. Apart from showing you how the premium version could increase your traffic, not to mention your brand name, it also explained how joining JVZoo would let you promote it without having to actually own it.

I also mentioned that Andy was running a dime sale and how the price of the plugin would increase every time a set amount of sales was reached. When I wrote that post the plugin was worth $21 and now it’s reached $23.22. Considering the plugin usually sells for $97 that is still a great bargain. But what makes it really attractive is that for this extremely low price you will be getting the unlimited license which means you can use it on as many blogs you own.   :drunk_tb:

Unlimited Licence 1st Year Anniversary

commentluv Premium Dime Sale

As you can see, since my last post the plugin has gone up a whole $2.22, which isn’t all that much, but why pay more when you don’t have to, right? The thing to remember is that there is only 7 days left of the sale. Check out this link now to see how much the plugin is worth now and how much time you have left before the sale runs out.

Although the price alone should be enough to convince you to get hold of CommentLuv Premium Andy is being really generous by offering a whole lot of bonuses.

Check Out These Free Bonuses

15 Ways To Generate Traffic: An exclusive eBook written by the top blog authors of 2012 with the best tips on generating traffic!

WP Dealpon Plugin: This is version 2 of the original plugin which allows you to offer groupon type deals on your blog, complete with countdown timer.

WP Mail Ads (with PLR):  Private Label Rights to the awesome plugin that ads your own ad to the end of every email that your blog sends out.
Dashboard Widget (with lonely comments): Show lonely comments in your dashboard so you can reply straight away and keep your readers happy. This is the guest blogger version.

WP Auto Links: This plugin automatically converts your chosen keywords into affiliate links. Once you set the keywords it places an affiliate link every time that keyword appears throughout your whole blog. [highlight]This plugin alone may be the turning point where you will finally start making money with your blog[/highlight].

Premium Headers Pack: This pack contains an awesome collection of  PSD files as well as a video that shows you to change the premium headers that you’ll find within the pack to anything that you want.

That’s right, you will get all those extra products for free. If you were kicking yourself for

 Be a blogging ninja! Get CommentLuv Premium and start reaping all the benefits!

missing out on the last promotion you definitely won’t want to miss out on this one. There’s no telling when and if Andy will ever run such a promotion again.

You may not know this but I’m actually making money with Andy’s plugin. How you may ask? Because people who buy from me see that I am actually using it and that alone is a great sales booster. That’s not why I bought it though, that is just a sweet bonus. I bought it because of all of the benefits I get from it. Benefits that leave the standard version for dead!

OK, I’ve told you why you should get it. Here’s a challenge for you. Can anyone tell me, apart from the fact that you have to open your wallet  :innocent1_tb: why you shouldn’t get it?

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  1. Nice post. CommentLuv is a great system.Thanks for this update.
    ~Steven Papas

    1. Commentluv is a great plugin which is now surpassed by the premium version. I don’t think you will find one person who’s purchased CommentLuv Premium who is not happy with it.

      1. Yes Peter everybody who own it is happy to have it.Commentluv provides great features to work upon easily.

        1. True, and every one who owns the Premium version is even happier.

  2. I’ve not made the jump to the premium service, but I do really like how the commentluv system works. It’s great to see things like this becoming more streamlined, legitimate, and beneficial. I might just have to take advantage of this offer. Hopefully many others do as well, and we can start to weed out those commenters who are just spamming, not adding anything to the discussion.

    1. Don’t wait too long Paul, because like I said in the post time is running out and who knows if Andy will ever run this sort of special again.

  3. Twitter:
    Until when they will keep this bargain? I will launch my new pet blog soon and i want to implement comment luv.

    1. Clicking on the link in the post will tell you how long you have left as well as how much it’s gone up to.

  4. I have CommentLuv Premium on my WordPress blog, but not on my main blog. Sadly, my main blog is on a different platform that does not support the CommentLuv plugin. I will say the CommentLuv premium plugin is an excellent investment for your blog. Do not miss out on this deal!

    1. That’s why you should get one now, because it’s the unlimited license version which means you can use it on as many blogs as you like.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this news. I have not subscribed for it so far. Will look into this asap. CommentLuv is the best. I love it.


    1. Don’t leave it too long. I know I keep saying that but then again I know how many people missed out last time because they waited too long.

  6. I’ve read about Andy’s dime sale on the official CommentLuv site. I have to admit, Andy knows how to make an offer that nobody can refuse.

    1. I would like to think that is true Cristian, but I can tell you that although most of the commentators are telling me what a great plugin it is not many of them are actually even taking the time to check it out by clicking on the link.

      1. I see your point, Sire, but there are lots of bloggers using this plugin, Andy has a special search engine for them. You’re not the only blogger talking about the benefits of CommentLuv, so I doubt it’s news to anyone.

        1. I may not be the only blogger talking about it but as far as this post is concerned I am the only one using it. :innocent1_tb:

  7. CommentLuv is totally worth it. Hope anyone who has looked around and noticed how many legitimate bloggers have paid for CommentLuv Premium will get in while the price is low. It’s all over soon!
    Corky Swanson recently posted…Neodymium Magnet in Copper PipeMy Profile

    1. Hey Corky, looks like you were one of the smart ones :thumbup_ee:

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